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mXion WHZ Universal Turnout Heater User Manual

mXion WHZ Universal Turnout Heater


Dear customer, we strongly recommend that you read these manuals and the warning notes thouroughly before installing and operating your device. The device is not a toy (15+).
NOTE: Make sure that the outputs are set to appropriate value before hooking up any other
device. We can’t be responsible For any damage if this is disregarded.

General information

We recommend studying this manual thoroughly before installing and operating your new device.
Place the decoder in a protected location. The unit must not be exposed to moisture.
NOTE: Some funktions are only available with the latest firmware. Please make sure that your device is programmed with the latest firmware.

Summary of Funktions

DC/AC/DCC operation
Analog & digital
Compatible NMRA-DCC module Switchpoint heating for all turnout brands Control systems for controlled heat   Temperatures adjustable also manual trigg Potted electronics for year round all weather PID controlling system

Reset function for all CV values
Easy function mapping  14, 28, 128 speed steps (automaticly) Multiple programming options
(Bitwise, CV, POM) Needs no programming load

Scope of supply

  • Manual
  • mXion WHZ


Install your device in compliance with the connecting diagrams in this manual. The device is protected against shorts and excessive loads. However, in case of a connection error e.g. a short this safety feature can’t work and the device will be destroyed subsequently.
Make sure that there is no short circuit caused by the mounting screws or metal.

Please note the CV basic settings in the delivery state.


Product description

The mXion WHZ is a intelligent switch heater. It is possible, this analog (any voltage) or digital to operate. The electronics are shed and year round weatherproof. The WHZ can thanks to the ideal size under the moving parts of the points (switch point) are called  and is called if necessary the tongues, so  that ice and snow come off. Is a set  temperature reached (adjustable via CV), switches off the electronics. Becomes a lower  temperature falls below (by CV adjustable), the system is turned on and it says.
If necessary, the heating can be switched on in the digital mode and the upper temperature is maintained. In addition various settings are available.

Programming lock

To prevent accidental programming to prevent CV 15/16 one programming lock. Only if CV 15 = CV 16 is a programming possible. Changing CV 16 changes automatically also CV 15.
With CV 7 = 16 can the programming lock reset.

Programming options

This decoder supports the following programming types: bitwise, POM and CV read & write and register-mode.
There will be no extra load for programming.
In POM (programming on maintrack) the programming lock is also supported. The decoder can also be on the main track programmed without the other decoder to be influenced. Thus, when programming the decoder can not be removed.
NOTE: To use POM without others decoder must affect your digital center POM to specific decoder adresses

Programming binary values

Some CV’s (e.g. 29) consist of so-called binary values. The means that several settings in a value. Each function has a bit position and a value. For programming such a CV must have all the significances can be added. A disabled function has always the value 0.

: You want 28 drive steps and long loco address. To do this, you must set the value in CV 29 2 + 32 = 34 programmed.

Reset functions
The decoder can be reset via CV 7. Various areas can be used for this purpose. Write with the following values:

  • 11 (basic functions)
  • 16 (programming lock CV 15/16)
  • 33 (function outputs)


S = Default, A = Analog operation usable

CV Description S A Range Note
7 Software version read only (10 = 1.0)
7 Decoder reset functions

3 ranges available




basic settings (CV 1-49) programming lock (CV 15/16)

function outputs (CV 120-125)

8 Manufacturer ID 160 read only
7+8 Register programming mode

Reg8 = CV-Address Reg7 = CV-Value

CV 7/8 don’t changes his real value

CV 8 write first with cv-number, then CV 7 write with value or read

(e.g.: CV 49 should have 3)

è CV 8 = 49, CV 7 = 3 writing

15 Programming lock (key) 125 0 – 255 to lock only change this value
16 Programming lock (lock) 125 0 – 255 changes in CV 16 will change CV 15
48 Switch address calculation 0 0/1 0 = Switch adress like norm

1 = Switch adress like Roco, Fleischmann

49 mXion configuration 1 bitwise programming
Bit Value OFF (Value 0) ON
0 1 Automatisches system off Automatisches system on
1 2 Manual Adr. normal Manual Adr. invers
2 4 Automatic Adr. normal Automatic Adr. invers
120 Manual heat Adr. high 0 1 – 2048 Address for manually keeping the temperature in CV125
121 Manual heat Adr. low 0
122 Automatic Adr. high 0 1 – 2048 Switches the automatic system on / off manually (CV49)
123 Automatic Adr. low 0
124 Switch on temperature 0 0 – 70 in degrees (switches on when this temperature is reached)
125 Switch off temperature 25 0 – 70 in degrees (turns off when this temperature is reached)
126 Deadtimer 0 0 – 255 time base 1min/Value. 0 è deactive.

Switch off the heater if manually switched on with (CV120/121)

Technical data

  • Power supply: 7-27V DC/DCC 5-18V AC
  • Current:  10mA (with out functions)
  • Maximum current: 1,5 Amps.
  • Temperature range: -20 up to 65°C
  • Dimensions L*B*H (cm): 22*7*0.5

NOTE: In case you intend to utilize this device below freezing temperatures, make sure it was stored in a heated environment before operation to prevent the generation of condensed water. During operation is sufficient to prevent condensed water.

Warranty, Service, Support

micron-dynamics warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase. Other countries might have different legal warranty situations. Normal wear and tear, consumer modifications as well as improper use or installation are not covered. Peripheral component damage is not covered by this warranty. Valid warrants claims will be serviced without charge within the warranty period. For warranty service please return the product to the manufacturer. Return shipping charges are not covered by micron-dynamics. Please include your proof of purchase with the returned good. Please check our website for up to date brochures, product information, documentation and software updates. Software updates you can do with our updater or you can send us the product, we update for you free. Errors and changes excepted.

For technical support and schematics for application examples contact:  micron-dynamics

Documents / Resources

mXion WHZ Universal Turnout Heater [pdf] User Manual
WHZ Universal Turnout Heater, WHZ, Universal Turnout Heater, Turnout Heater, Heater


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