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mxion MZSpro 8A Digital Zentrale User Manual

mxion MZSpro 8A Digital Zentrale

Dear customer, we strongly recommend that you read these manuals and the warning notes thouroughly before installing and operating your device. The device is not a toy (15+).

NOTE: Make sure that the outputs are set to appropriate value before hooking up any other device. We can’t be responsible For any damage if this is disregarded.

General information

We recommend studying this manual thoroughly before installing and operating your new device.

NOTE: Some funktions are only available with the latest firmware. Please make sure that your device is programmed with the latest firmware.

  • All locos are set to 28 speep steps. This can be changed with the hand controller and is stored in the central station unit.
  • Switch off the station for at least 30 seconds. Also note, Z21 WLANMAUS must switched on at least 10 sec. after power on the central station.

Summary of Funktions

  • Booster for all protocolls
  • 100 % DCC NMRA and LGB® compatible Analog mode for analoge trains
  • Operating voltage 14 – 24 V
  • 8 A traction current on the track
  • Parallel function output
  • 14, 28, 128 speed steps (adjust. each loco) Switch position memory with feedback
  • F0-F68, 10239 locos, 2048 switches control 68 function keys controllable
  • Operational control led
  • Feedback possible, PC automatic controlling
  • Activity check led with light patterns
  • 3x connection for control units (XpressNet)
  • 1x connection for booster (B-BUS)
  • 1A control bus (31 input and control devices)
  • WLAN Option for wireless function
  • Programming (CVs read/write) possible
  • POM programming
  • Temperature-controlled fan
  • Internal temperature and current monitor
  • External power supply with each DC
  • power supply with an voltage up to 24 V
  • Usable for all tracks with matching power
  • Sturdy screw terminals
  • Wifi Port: 21105

PC-Control software

  • Rocrail (same like z21®)
  • iTrain®
  • Train Controller
  • all software with z21® support

Mit unserem WLAN Funk-Adapter (Art. Nr. 6003) ist es möglich, WLAN und Funk einzubinden. Dieser Adapter wird in der Zentrale eingesteckt. Damit sind die Z21 WLANMAUS und Handy mit App nutzbar. In der App sind alle Messdaten und Steuerungen abrufbar. Die App finden Sie im App- und Playstore („Z21®“).

Passwort: MDELEC1207
Großschreibung beachten (WLANMAUS Shift-Drücken  Pfeil wird angezeigt. Zahlen  Pfeil weg Nachdem verbunden  IP umstellen (WLAN -> Z21 IP-Adresse -> ändern auf
With our WLAN radio adapter (item no. 6003) it is possible to integrate WLAN and radio. This adapter is plugged into the control panel. Thus the Z21 WLANMAUS as well as Handy with App can be used. In the app, all measurement data and controls are available. You can find the app for a fee in the App and Playstore (“Z21®”).

Password: MDELEC1207
Note capitalization (WLANMAUS Shift-Press arrow is displayed. Numbers arrow away
After connected  change IP (WLAN -> Z21 IP address -> change to

Scope of supply

  • Manual
  • mXion MZSpro digital central unit

Install your device in compliance with the connecting diagrams in this manual. The device is protected against shorts and excessive loads. However, in case of a connection error e.g. a short this safety feature can’t work and the device will be destroyed subsequently.
Make sure that there is no short circuit caused by the mounting screws or metal.


Make sure you have sufficiently large cross section depending on the power output. Pay attention to the separation, if you have several operate booster or central or booster/central mixture.
The plus pole is next to the LED states. SPONGE DESTROYS THE CENTRAL!

Product description

The mXion MZSpro is our most compact
and smallest digital controlling unit with an output of 8 Amps. for the tracks. Equipped with 3 connections for control and 1 connection for boosters (B-BUS),
a state LED and track LED. The red LED indicates if there is tension on the track is applied. The greed LED indicates the current status. The head office offers modern scope with up to 68 function keys, 2048 points addresses and 10239 loco addresses. Moreover, for every locomotive separately adjustable, whether with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps is operated. Up to 100 locos can be addressed simultaneously and be stored. The current or last position of points are saved and also displayed live on the hand controller. Likewise, live function keys and transfer functions on the hand controller shown.

About our MZSpro wireless adapter can be convenient (pluggable in the central station) WLAN and retrofit radio so that the components (Z21 WLANMAUS and App)
are used can.


  • slow flashing (1 sek.) stop
  • middle flashing (0.5 sek.) over temperature slow flashing (0.2 sek.)  short circuit
  • CV-Programming (read/write) and POM with feedback is also possible.


To enable a PC based control system it is possible to use our feedback and occupancy detectors (Art-700x) to be able to connect to the central office. This works either via cable (XpressNet) or wireless.
The feedback data will also be send over
wifi to your PC. The displaying for feedback done graphically. Within a PC program (e.g. iTrain®) of course. Below is a picture recording the app with display of track segment 2 which is shown occupied. Especially interesting is this type of occupancy and feedback for shadow stations or unreasonable tracks, so this also without PC and control directly in the track plan the app are shown whether they are occupied or not. Important here: Each car must have one have consumers. We recommend on every bogie 4k7 resistor.

Z21 app with occupied track 2

The feedback of our occupancy detectors is on the part the app and PC programs such as iTrain® as LocoNet® feedback treated (if via XpressNet connected). The set address corresponds to the contact address, so choose in the app/iTrain® „Blücher GBM16XL“ because ours feedback is compatible to you choose „Uhlenbrock 63320 LocoNet®“ from.

NOTE: To enable feedback in Rocrail a so-called flag must be activated. To do this, put in the configuration for the „z21 interface“ the following day. Note the „host“ is the IP of your MZSpro. The change must be in the „rocrail.ini“ occur.

NOTE: To use feedback in the Train Controller (TC) to activate certain so-called flags must be activated become. To do this, set in the configuration RailRoad.ini the following entries in the section [Connections] to add:

LNEnableInterrogate=1 oder / or
LNEnableInterrogate2=1 (falls das LocoNet Interface das zweite Digitalsystem ist) LNEnableInterrogate3=1 (falls das LocoNet Interface das dritte Digitalsystem ist) LNEnableInterrogate4=1 (falls das LocoNet Interface das vierte Digitalsystem ist)


To integrate a PC for automated processes or controllers will necessarily be our wireless adapter Art-6003 needed. The center can then per direct connection or in client mode (central is connected to the house wifi) installed become. As a control software, everything can be done with Z21® support can be used (e.g. iTrain®). The integration is identical, if necessary, the IP must be different be set (see web server of the MZSpro radio adapter). In addition our DCC-TOOL works too

Range for radio option
The range of the WLAN is strongly dependent on the textures of the environment. In the direct circuit this is at about 100m on free field. An advantage here is the integration into your own house wifi. This increases the range by that of your wifi, besides, the range can be slightly reinforced with commercial repeaters. Also walls are no longer a problem. That’s the advantage of WLAN technology as opposed to classic 2.4 Ghz radio system.

PC Controlling
It will be for this function the MZSpro wireless adapter required with article number Art-6003!
In addition to automated control via the PC with iTrain® for example there is a simple alternative from us. With our mXionTool you can (to find on our website in the download area). In addition to updates as well you control the central station. That does not include only the driving of locomotives but also that confortable reading and writing of CVs CV lists and much more likewise this software continously expanded to include smaller ones automation tasks and much more with it too take care of. Below you will find from current status (06/2020) pictures of this software. The involvement of programming templates is at this time implemented yet.
The area SUSI is not available for the centra station but refers to our CV Programmer the article number 0024. The software fits automatically to the respective hardware.
Depending on the connection option (client or access point) with the wireless adapter the IP must be adjusted and (with access point) the PC with the central
WLAN get connected. Here then the IP must be changed. Then press click on the „Connect WLAN” button.
Via the tab „CV“ you can read and write CVs edit addresses and create lists.

The following pictures show the template management. These templates are available for each of our decoders and can be loaded directly. In this example, this is for DRIVE-S.

Analog mode for analog trains

This mode can be activated if you have analog want to control locomotives on your digital layout. This is ideal for testing or when you are on your favorite locomotive do not want to do without as long as they are not digitized is. The control takes place permanently with the address 9999. Deactivate when using this function the analog mode in the decoders of your locomotives in the locomotive decoder with CV29 bit 2 = 0.

Programming mode 

The control panel supports CV programming as well read and write CV. For this it is very important that you connect a short piece of track to the control center not connected to the layout (stub track). No consumers or other decoders can be connected, only the one you want to program! Likewise you may no roller test benches for programming either use the contact resistances of it can lead errors. The center switches at reprogram the track output. Alternatively you can also program using POM – that runs directly on the main track on the layout during ongoing operation. Here you can but do not read and send any values the programming values only on suspicion.

Technical data

  • Power supply:
    14 – 24 V DC
    Only use DC-Trafos!
  • Current:
    50 mA, switched off booster
  • Maximum current:
    10 Amps. for short time
    8 Amps all time
  • Temperature range:
    -40 up to 60 °C
  • Dimensions L*B*H (cm):

NOTE: In case you intend to utilize this device below freezing temperatures, make sure it was stored in a heated environment before operation to prevent the generation of condensed water. During operation is sufficient to prevent condensed water.

Warranty, Service, Support

micron-dynamics warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase. Other countries might have different legal warranty situations. Normal wear and tear, consumer modifications as well as improper use or installation are not covered. Peripheral component damage is not covered by this warranty. Valid warrants claims will be serviced without charge within the warranty period. For warranty service please return the product to the manufacturer. Return shipping charges are not covered by micron-dynamics. Please include your proof of purchase with the returned good. Please check our website for up to date brochures, product information, documentation and software updates. Software updates you can do with our updater or you can send us the product, we update for you free.
Errors and changes excepted.

For technical support and schematics for application examples contact: micron-dynamics

Documents / Resources

mxion MZSpro 8A Digital Zentrale [pdf] User Manual
MZSpro 8A Digital Zentrale, MZSpro, MZSpro Digital Zentrale, 8A Digital Zentrale, Digital Zentrale


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