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mxion DMSA 4 Axes Position Display User Manual

DMSA User manual


Dear customer, we strongly recommend that you read these manuals and the warning notes thouroughly before installing and operating your device. The device is not a toy (15+).
NOTE: Make sure that the outputs are set to appropriate value before hooking up any other device. We can’t be responsible For any damage if this is disregarded.

General information

We recommend studying this manual thoroughly before installing and operating your new device.
Place the decoder in a protected location.
The unit must not be exposed to moisture.
NOTE: Some funktions are only available with the latest firmware.
Please make sure that your device is programmed with the latest firmware.

Summary of Funktions

Connecting measurements each way
Connecting via Micro-USB cables
Connecting via solder pads
Directy connecting e.g. WABECO® 4 devices can displayed mm and inches
1V5 supply for battery-less powering
2 fonts available for displaying all letters
For each axes configurable
– Double the axes value (e.g. bank)
– Half the axes value
– Quarter the axes value
Math functions for axle pairs configurable
– Axes adding (e.g. X+Y)
– Axes subtract (e.g. X-Y)
– Axes divide (e.g. X/Y)
– Axes multiply (e.g. X*Y)
Possible protocolls
– Wabeco®
– 1×24 Bit
– 2×24 Bit
– Mitutoyo
– Digitrax
– BCD/7×4
– 6×4
USB powered
Big, contrast display
Contrast configurable
Bluetooth® (Pin = 1207)
All displays/settings also via App/PC
Free App and PC terminal for displaying
Reset over switchtes OnBoard and App/PC Updatable

Scope of supply

mXion DMSA
USB cable B-Type
USB power supply

Install your device in compliance with the connecting diagrams in this manual.
The device is protected against shorts and excessive loads. However, in case of a connection error e.g. a short this safety feature can’t work and the device will be destroyed subsequently.
Make sure that there is no short circuit caused by the mounting screws or metal.


Product description

The mXion DMSA is a universal DRO display module. It supports everyone common measuring instruments with RB-5 interface (e.g. WABECO®). By the big, high contrast display can displayed all values be displayed legibly. Also owns the mXion DMSA equals 4 interfaces, so 4 gauges are displayed simultaneously.
It is optionally possible to use commercially available USB cable or the standard USB-RB5 cable with the RJ10 plug (socket type with order specify!). With the 4 built-in switches can display any ad on the big screen be automatically reset. The ad supports both the representation in mm as also in inches with 3 decimals places.
The mXion DMSA can by ist integrated Bluetooth® interface ist data either to the App DMSA or to send and display the PC with the SmartTerm. Not only the values can be shown here, but also settings are made.
These include besides the setting of the protocol also math functions for each axis as well as axis pairs. The solder pads make it possible in addition, connect further measuring devices without socket to be able to.
The set function is also shown in the display (d = double, etc).
With the mXion DMSA you can use your workshop with a readable, graphic equip the display for your calipers. The handling is very simple, the possible equipment was on maximum extended to everyone to have comfort.
The device also turns off about 3 minutes in the stand-by if no measuring instruments are connected. Then the display brightness is powered down.
The following picture shows 2 devices connected to the DMSA. One in mm unit and one in Inches.
You can for each axes via Bluetooth double or half the values. Or other maths.
This will be shown in the display like the next picture. The d at the z axes shown the double value

Technical data

Power supply: USB (5.5V, 0.3 A max.)
Current: 20mA (with out functions)
Temperature range: -20 up to 80°C
Dimensions L*B*H (cm): 10*8*6
NOTE: In case you intend to utilize this device below freezing temperatures, make sure it was stored in a heated environment before operation to prevent the generation of condensed water. During operation is sufficient to prevent condensed water.
In terms of the NTC (temperature resistor) you should to the temperature range of the NTC otherwise no proper function can be guaranteed.

Warranty, Service, Support

micron-dynamics warrants this product against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase. Other countries might have different legal warranty situations. Normal wear and tear, consumer modifications as well as improper use or installation are not covered.
Peripheral component damage is not covered by this warranty. Valid warrants claims will be serviced without charge within the warranty period. For warranty service please return the product to the manufacturer. Return shipping charges are not covered by micron-dynamics. Please include your proof of purchase with the returned good. Please check our website for up to date brochures, product information, documentation and software updates. Software updates you can do with our updater or you can send us the product, we update for you free.
Errors and changes excepted.

For technical support and schematics for application examples contact:

Documents / Resources

mxion DMSA 4 Axes Position Display [pdf] User Manual
DMSA 4 Axes Position Display, DMSA, DMSA Display, 4 Axes Position Display, 4 Axes Display, Display


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