musiCozy Bluetooth Headband User Manual

What’s in the package?

  • 1*Exquisite Outer Box
  • 1*Bluetooth Eye Mask
  • 1*Portable Carrying Bag
  • 1*User Instructions
  • 1*Charging Cable
  • 1*Service Card
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Play/Pause/Music control buttons

Charging Instructions

  • Two charging methods: You can plug in the charging cable from the bottom opening or push out the Bluetooth module and then plug the cable in.
  • No cords hurting your face anymore: Other bluetooth sleep masks on the market have a clunky charging design that the masks have built-in a thick cord that can make your face uncomfortable.
  • The red led light flashes when the battery is low. The red led light is on when charging, and the red led light is off after charging is completed. There will be no low battery beep will wake you up.
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Charging and washing methods

Easy to wash – IPX6 Waterproof Headphones

Hand washable with simpler cleaning procedures, no longer need to take out the headphones. Just need to use a matching wrench (included) to pull out the two plugs on the Bluetooth module and take out the module. The headphones & cords are IPX6 waterproof.

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How to Connect Your Bluetooth Device

  1. Turn off all bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Long press “ON/OFF” button in the bluetooth eye mask until the red/blue light flash.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, find the Bluetooth named “musiCozy”, then connect.
  4. After pairing the bluetooth sleep headphones with your phone, you can directly listen to music or answer calls via the sleep headphones.

Notes: The bluetooth sleep mask should be disconnected from the charger before connecting Bluetooth. Only connect the Bluetooth in one device, disconnect with the previous device when connect it into a new device.

Safety Information :

1. Please fullly recharge the battery before the first time of use or else the bluetooth paring may fail.

2. Don’t use the product when charging.

3. Please remove the earphones and electronic control panel before washing the faric headband.

The MusiCosy logo is trademarked by Shenzhen Heye Fiber Network Co LTD


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  1. I could not get the musi cozy to charge. After an overnight charge there were no lights indicating its charged. And, after following the blue tooth connection instructions, that didn’t work.

    1. I was just as frustrated. I had the same issues until I took the unit out of the mask. Then you can actually see the lights. Its easier to connect to Bluetooth and it charges and works fine.

      1. Yes, I did exactly that and could easily see the lights and was able to connect to my phone. Thanks for laying it out!

  2. The sleep band is cutting out, it will work one night I charge it and then it doesn’t work again for a couple of days it can also come on but doesn’t pair, and doesn’t tell me when its powered off! I have followed the manual to the letter and it is still not working!

  3. My MusiCozy left a terrible red, angry, very sore spot on my forehead on the first night I used it. I’m worried about using it now. Now what?

    1. Your brick of a phone is too old. It does not comprehend something so ancient. Get a proper smartphone and it will pair up just fine.
      It will also connect up fine to tablet devices.

  4. I have the same problem. Why should I try another usb? The one that came with the unit should work. If it doesn’t work straight out of the box this is worrisome for use of the mask.
    No charge!

    Beth Krewedl
    December 27, 2020 at 11:46 pm
    I could not get the musi cozy to charge. After an overnight charge there were no lights indicating its charged. And, after following the blue tooth connection instructions, that didn’t work.

  5. hello, all mine has to walk that one night does not hold the charge bad sound …. etc I use it more I do not recommend it
    bonjour, tous le mien a marcher qu’une nuit tien pas la charge mauvais son….etc je m en sert plus je le recommande pas

  6. Just for what it’s worth, I plugged my one in & was confused as to why there was no light active, & why holding down the power button wasn’t pairing with my phone.
    You need to unplug the charge cord first, then hold the power button. I didn’t find this step obvious, & it’s not mentioned in the booklet.

    1. It’s not mentioned in the booklet because
      1. it’s assumed that you’re going to unplug it first, and…
      2. it specifically says not to use it while plugged in.
      It probably has a blocking switch to STOP people from doing that, and will not work until it is.
      I think you will find that this is a simple user error.
      Mine works fine, and I’m rough with it!

  7. My headband isn’t charging and there’s no led lights that come on to let you know it’s charging or charged. I had the older version from last year and had no problems with it charging or thr led lights. I’ve tried charging it from the wall and my computer. One day they worked in each location but I never had the led light come on. Now it’s not charging and no lights. I’m extremely disappointed and upset. It’s very frustrating.

    1. Mine did the same now it’s just garbage can’t be used thanks for ripping me off Amazon and musicozy! Shame on you for victimizing a disabled person who can’t stand up for herself guess you guys are predators. I can’t believe that you would rip off someone that is so sick and disabled for life! There is no way I can afford to replace it! You are bad people that take advantage of good people!

  8. Mine works mostly fine, but once the music has finished, it seems to disconnect and then automatically reconnect, along with a very loud “CONNECTED” announcement, just as I’m getting to sleep. Or else it turns itself off after a period of silence, with a very loud “POWER OFF” announcement.

    Any ideas how to remove these announcements? Or at least make them significantly quiter?


  9. My headband shows a red light for a few seconds when charging, and then the light switches off – yet it is supposed to stay on when charging?

  10. Mine won’t charge. It pairs up but doesn’t charge.! Loved it until then. Now I’m completely disappointed and won’t recommend this to the rest of my people that wanted one! I will have to tell them that I got ripped off so sad because I could have sold like 50 of these to my people and they would have brought more people to buy but they are all waiting for my review and now I have to tell them that you guys are a rip off!! Sorry to have done business with you.! Hope I never make the same mistake again. I will tell everyone I know what a ripp off this was!!! I’m so disappointed and sad this was a birthday gift for me and it doesn’t work y’all are frauds

  11. Worst purchase ever! Won’t charge and have no money to replace it! I’m disabled and on a fixed income I can’t be getting scammed like this! Grr I’m so angry and disappointed!!

  12. What is with the blinking light? How did someone decide it was a good idea to have a blinking light for those who are trying to sleep?

  13. WAS working perfectly for the first week or so but now the Bluetooth refuses to pair up with device. A bit disappointed

  14. So far I have seen a plethora of bad reviews. However, I have had nothing but a good experience… so far. We’ll see if it keeps on holding strong, but for now I have zero complaints. Super comfortable to wear, connected straight out of the box, and I slept like a baby last night listening to my sleep audio of choice.

    The only “problem” I’ve had is that my 6 year old spilled milk on my headband and now I have to figure out the washing process so I don’t walk around smelling like sour milk. *blech* The washing instructions say to use the included wrench (there wasn’t one) to remove the two plugs on the Bluetooth module. Hmmm… we’ll see if we can figure this out.

  15. Mine works perfectly and I’ve used it nightly for a year. Holds a charge great. No I’m not a paid person or a bot.
    Make sure the connection is pushed in all the way in the mask- sometimes the fabric can get in the way. Make sure you see either a blue or red light.
    To pair, go to settings and choose Music Cosy. Then push the middle button and hold it down for a couple of seconds. Music Cosy CANNOT be charging when you do this or it won’t pair. If you plug it back in, it will unpair. It should run at least 8-10 hours on a full charge. I couldn’t survive without this thing. I have misophonia really badly and migraines. It’s a godsend.

  16. Excited to receive this but disappointed with the whole charging and pairing thing. Thanks to the person in comments that says you have to pull the card out of the fabric to see that red light – but pulling it out can easily tear the fabric. Didn’t have any idea whether it comes fully charged or not. Needs better instructions.

  17. Had them for a week and now they’re bringing up a “exceeded safe amount of time for wearing headphones” prompt on my phone and they’re jumping the songs around. Wtf? I need them to sleep and they’ve stopped working. They were great every night before this. Anyone else have this issue?

  18. I just received it… .no light… couples to my phone and it cuts all the time… shit !!!!

    Je viens de le recevoir….pas de lumière…se couple à mon téléphone et ca coupe tout le temps…de la merde!!!!

  19. I purchased one of your cozies from Amazon in April 2021 and one of the buttons is no longer working. Do your products come with a warranty. I told everybody much how much I love it especially for sleeping. Since I wear hearing aids, I can’t wear ear buds. Please let me know. Thank you. Elizabeth Pocock

  20. Mine is paired for calls only. I cannot turn audio toggle on. Any help or is it broken? Day 2. Worked fine yesterday.

  21. My music cozy announces the incoming calls in Chinese. How can change that to English? [Btw the first one I had was in English]

  22. I’ve been using my muzicosy for the last couple of months and have just hand washed it for the first time. The volume of the left hand speaker is now low. Anything I can do before returning it?

    I’ve been using my muzicosy for the last couple of months and have just hand washed it for the first time. The volume of the left hand speaker is now low. Anything I can do before returning it?

  23. Just a question—I can connect bluetooth to my cell phone–not a problem—but will it connect to an mp3 player that has bluetooth as well—otherwise this is a very well made soft to the touch great for meditation or lulling to sleep with the sound of gentle waves or crickets—Love it—just wish I could connect the bluetooth to my mp3 player—and ideas?

  24. Got mine last Christmas and it’s worked perfectly til now. I tried charging it. Then hit the power button and it says ‘power on then immediately ‘power off flashing red. If I connect to charger and try to turn on it flashes blue and announces ‘power over and over. Any tips or is it shot?

  25. I rather suspect that quite a few of the complaints are actually user errors. Mine works perfectly and only needs charging once a week or less. There’s one thing I don’t get,, however. After pressing the power button, it announces “POWER ON” and a couple of seconds later says something else which I can’t make out. Can anyone tell me what it is? After I turn on Bluetooth on my tablet, Musicozy announces “CONNECTED” and all is well.

  26. Worked perfectly for the first month or two. Now everytime I try to charge it it keeps trying to connect to a device repeatedly, saying “power on” over and over. I turned my Bluetooth off on my phone, but it was still trying to pair. It also doesn’t let me turn it off whilst it’s trying to pair while charging. Frustrating but it was cheap so what should I expect.

  27. Can NOT find way to talk with this company! Don’t need or want “amazon product support”!
    I need and want to talk directly with the musicozy company about mi e that I received!! How??!!
    ( not phone call…..want chat or email link!).

  28. No joke, my dog chewed my charging cord and wonder if any charging cord will be ok to use? I love my musicozy and just ordered another one for my camper.
    Thank you in advance!

  29. I love this product. Mine is Lc-dolida, but the Bluetooth still says musicozy though. It’s been working great, until one speaker stopped working, and now when I turn it on, red and blue lights flash and it won’t work. It’s fully charged, it’s been plugged in all night, but it’s still flashing red and blue. When I hold the power after the red & blue flash, it flashes only red, then turns off completely. I don’t know what happened, it was working I just fine a few days ago, but then it stopped 🙁 help!

  30. I was disappointed not to receive the carrying case mentioned, it was not in the box. I have tried it for sleep stories at night and it seems to work fine. The lights are not easy to see but it seems to be ok. It doesn’t say what sort of charger to use either.

  31. I was disappointed not to receive the carrying case mentioned, it was not in the box. I have tried it for sleep stories at night and it seems to work fine. The lights are not easy to see but it seems to be ok. It doesn’t say what sort of charger to use either.

    Have not posted this yet

    1. It uses a standard USB charging cable, USB A at one end and micro USB at the other. Same as you use for most Android phones.

  32. I have these since March 2021 they have stopped working they randomly just stop working which wakes me up then I have to resync with my phone then second time they only work for 20 minutes, what am I doing wrong please help they are meant to help me sleep with my husbands snoring

  33. Have had it 5 months and after 8 hrs it shuts off…battery life was much better when I first bought it 5 months is not very long…now I need to buy another one ….disappointed

  34. Had mine 6 months now and I use them when working in the garden but bought them to kick back with an audio book in the hot tub. I think from the comments quality control is an issue as some seem a bit hit and miss but mine are still working fine. They won’t win awards for sound quality but I didn’t spend hundreds of pounds. I am ordering another one for a family member.

  35. Same story as others….worked perfectly for 5 or 6 weeks, now they wont pair with my ipad. No way to contact the company on Amazon and it’s now more than 30 days so I can’t return it. I’m very dissatisfied.

  36. How do I remove other people who accidentally pair on my musiccozy headphones? Its really annoying my music is interrupted by tgeir obnoxious crap and I have no idea which neighbor it is. ANd why is it so easy for someone rando to just pair MY headphones

  37. This seems to be the place for complaints but I have had nothing but a good experience for over a year now. This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Only one thing: no one has answerd my question about what the thing says after powering on. After turning it on, it says, quite clearly: “POWER ON” but after a few seconds it says something else and I can’t make out what it is. Does no one know?

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