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ansult 013674 Solar LED Charger

anslut 013674 Solar LED Charger


  • The solar panel generates voltage when exposed to light. Follow all the relevant electrical safety regulations.
  • The product must only be installed and maintained by suitably qualified persons.
  • Pay attention to high voltages when connecting solar panels.
  • Avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the back of the panel.
  • Protect the product from dust and dirt for best functionality.
  • Use and store the product in a dry and well ventilated place.
  • Do not use in flammable and/or explosive environments.
  • Stop using immediately if any wires are loose or electrical components are exposed.

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The product converts sunlight to direct voltage. The product is intended for charging 12 V batteries.

  1. Solar panel 50 W
  2. Charging regulator 7 A/12 V
  3. Cable for battery clipsanslut 013674 Solar LED Charger 1



  • Do not stand or walk on the solar panel.
  • Do not lift the panel with the solar cells.
  • Grip the slot between the solar cells as shown in the diagram.


  1. Iftaħ il-pannell solari.
  2. Place the unfolded solar panel at a direct angle to the sun, so that it absorbs as much solar energy as possible. Support the panel if necessary so that it stands firm and at the correct angle to the sun.
    • For best output, make sure that no shadow falls on the solar cells. A= Best, B = Acceptable, C = Wrong
  3. Connect the solar panel to the charging regulator and connect the battery clip leads to the battery. anslut 013674 Solar LED Charger 4
  • Tota I output
  •  iċċarġjar kurrenti
  • Charging regulator


  • The above data refers to ideal conditions and strong sunlight.
  • The product generates electricity in proportion to the amount of sunlight that hits the solar panels. Clear sunshine, when the panels are correctly angled to the sun generates the most. Clouds, seasonal variations in the height of
  • the sun, dust/dirt on the solar panel, wrong angle and shadow result in reduced performance.
  • The output is also affected by transfer losses in cables and clips, and by the efficiency of the charging regulator and rectifier.

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