RUNOLIM WH201A वायरलेस हेडफोन वापरकर्ता मॅन्युअल

Learn how to use the WH201A Wireless Headphones with these product information and usage instructions. The headphones feature Bluetooth technology, a built-in microphone, and music playback control. Find step-by-step pairing instructions and learn about their volume and music control. Charge the headphones using the included USB cable. Perfect for music lovers and hands-free phone calls.

hama 00184113 Spirit Athletics Bluetooth Headphones Instruction Manual

Learn how to use the Spirit Athletics Bluetooth Headphones (model numbers 00184113 and 00184115) with these product usage instructions. Features include USB-C charging, Bluetooth connectivity, Siri and Google compatibility, and easy-to-use controls. Follow the steps to connect to your device and enjoy high-quality sound for your workouts or daily activities.

OPENEAR AS18 X2 Bone Conduction Headphones User Manual

Learn how to use the AS18 X2 bone conduction headphones with this comprehensive user manual. Featuring a wireless connection up to 10m, 8-hour playtime, and easy-to-use controls, these headphones provide a comfortable and convenient audio experience. Read on for detailed instructions on how to wear, power on/off, connect to Bluetooth, transfer data, control music, answer calls, activate voice command, and charge the headphones.

Ankbit RT5008 Wireless Headphones User Manual

The RT5008 Wireless Headphones user manual provides detailed instructions for operating your RT5008 headphones. Learn how to use features like Ankbit and AKB3518E600G with ease. Download the PDF now.

JBL B0BQPNMXQV Vibe बीम ट्रू वायरलेस हेडफोन वापरकर्ता मार्गदर्शक

या सर्वसमावेशक वापरकर्ता मॅन्युअलसह B0BQPNMXQV Vibe बीम ट्रू वायरलेस हेडफोन कसे वापरायचे ते शिका. Android 6.0+ डिव्हाइसेसशी सुसंगत, हे JBL हेडफोन तीन वेगवेगळ्या आकारात येतात आणि चार्जिंग केस समाविष्ट करतात. अखंड ऐकण्याच्या अनुभवासाठी सूचनांचे अनुसरण करा.

SVEN AP-U1001MV Gaming Stereo Headphones User Guide

This user manual contains detailed instructions for the AP-U1001MV Gaming Stereo Headphones with Microphone, manufactured by SVEN PTE. LTD. Learn how to use the USB connector, adjust volume, and speak into the microphone. Store the headphones in a safe place when not in use. Find the date of manufacture on the packaging.

PHILIPS TAT2206 2000 मालिका हेडफोन वापरकर्ता मार्गदर्शक

वापरकर्ता मॅन्युअलसह TAT2206 2000 मालिका हेडफोन कसे वापरायचे ते शिका. Philips कडून इअरबड आणि हेडफोन दोन्हीसाठी सूचना शोधा. PDF येथे डाउनलोड करा.