AGUNTO AGU-BA1 Outdoor Security Camera


उत्पादन श्रेणी


  • Video bit: Adaptive
  • Accu: 5000mAh (total)
  • WiFi: 2.4GHz 802.11.n/g/n

तांत्रिक परिमाणक

  • ठराव: 1920 × 1080
  • Viewकोन: 135
  • Audio: Built-in speaker & microphone
  • Motion detection: PIR Sensor
  • Recording method: SD max. 128GB / Cloud storage
  • Power consumption: Standby 200uA, Working 260mA

अॅप डाउनलोड आणि इन्स्टॉलेशन

Quick download APP by scanning QR code as following  Or search for ‘TuyaSmart’ app in Apple App store or Google Play store, or scan the above QR code to download.

कॅमेरा फक्त 2.4GHz WiFi ला सपोर्ट करतो, 5GHz WiFi राउटरला सपोर्ट करत नाही. राउटर 2.4GHz कनेक्शन असल्याची खात्री करा. तुमचा प्रदाता तुमच्यासाठी हे सहजपणे बदलू शकतो

नोंदणी करा आणि लॉग इन करा 

Open the APP, if you haven’t account, click on the ‘Sign Up’. (figure 1) enter the registration screen, enter a phone number registered account. Registration is completed, then login APP. After login the APP, can be directly select ‘add device’ or choose to create family after add device, create family methods: APP at the bottom right corner click on ‘my’ choose ‘family management, ‘my home’ fill in the information and save (figure 2).

डिव्हाइस जोडा

In the APP home page, click on ‘Add device’. select ‘Security & Video Surveillance-Smart Camera (Wi-Fi) (figure 3). to add device. Select ‘Smart Camera (Wi-Fi).AGUNTO-AGU-BA1-Outdoor-Security-Camera-FIG-2

Please reset the device first, then make sure you heard a prompt tone or make sure the indicator is flashing rapidly. (depends on device). (figure 4). If you heard a prompt tone or saw a flashing red light, choose ‘Make sure the indicator is flashing quickly or a prompt tone is heard’. Click ‘Next’. Enter the WiFi password (figure 5), and click ‘Next’.AGUNTO-AGU-BA1-Outdoor-Security-Camera-FIG-3

Now you will see a QR code, aim the QR code on camera lens about 15cm to 20cm (figure 7). When hearing a sound/prompt, click on ‘I heard a prompt’. Tap on ‘Next’. The device will connect to your WiFi-network, please wait until complete. (Figure 8). Appear (figure 8) page, that device has been added succesfully. Here you can choose a name for this device.AGUNTO-AGU-BA1-Outdoor-Security-Camera-FIG-4


Click on the device you just added. This screen is the control panel of the camera (see: Figure 9). Below you will see features such as screenshot, voice, recording, alarm settings and so on. If you click on the ‘pencil’ at the top right, you will go to the settings screen. (See: Figure 10). Here you can find all the settings of the device such as: Sensitivity of the motion sensor, battery life, storage management and so on.AGUNTO-AGU-BA1-Outdoor-Security-Camera-FIG-5


  • Q: How to share the device?
    A: In real time video-screen, click the top right corner device button to enter settings. Click on “share equipment”, then click ‘add device’ sharing by enter phone number or email address and click on ‘finish’.
  • Q: How to check camera abnormal offline?
    A: 1. Check the power supply and the network is working normal
    2. Reset the device (with reset-pin).
    3. Check if you are on 2.4GHz frequency (Router settings).
  • Q: How to switch the router to 2.4GHz WiFi?
    A: Your respective provider can easily switch this for you, ask them to set the WiFi network to a 2.4 frequency.
  • Q: can I view on multiple devices?
    A: Yes, the other user must log in to the agunto app with the same account, the camera is already linked to the account. Or you can make a family and add your family members with their account.
  • Q: I still have questions, where can I ask them?
    A: E-mail your question with order number to [ईमेल संरक्षित], We will respond within 3 working days

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