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Luci Solar
String Lights
Instruction manual
If your light does have a USB at the end of the string, please refer to ‘String Instruction Manual_v1’

Getting to know Luci

  1. MPOWERD 145185 Luci Solar String LightsPower button
  2. Battery level indicator
    • 1 light = 0-20%
    • 2 lights = 21-40%
    • 3 lights = 41-60%
    • 4 lights = 61-100%
  3. Battery level indicator button
  4. Nylon-braided cord
  5. Nodes
  6. External flashlight
  7. Solar panel
  8. Built-in USB port
  9. Hook clip


Charge via solar

• With solar panel side up, place in direct sunlight for up to 14 hours for a full charge.
• Press the battery level indicator button at any time to check the battery level. See the illustration above for more info.

Charge via USB
• Insert the micro-USB cord provided into the port on the unit and then insert the other end into a USB outlet for 2-3 hours.
• Ensure the cord is firmly in position and check that the Battery Level Indicator lights are flashing – this means it’s charging. Charging devices
• Simply insert your charging cable at the USB-A end into the USB port on the light, and then plug the other end of the cable into your device. Power up!

How to use


  • Holding the top and bottom of the unit with each hand, twist to open and reveal string lights.

Unravel and string up

  • Locate the USB at the end of the string and unravel to the desired length.
  • Once unraveled, thread string through the opening notch, and close unit.
  • To string up, simply wrap the end of the string around something and affix the hook clip to secure.

String up and shine

  • Press the power button to turn the unit on.
  • 1 click for external flashlight, 2 clicks for low mode, 3 clicks for medium, 4 clicks for high, 5 clicks to turn off, or hold for 2 seconds at any time to turn off.

USB Port

A. Lift cap to reveal ports
B. USB-A port to charge other devices
C. Micro-USB to charge Solar String Lights

MPOWERD 145185 Luci Solar String Lights - USB Port

Frequently asked questions

What is direct sunlight?
Direct sunlight means that the sun’s light is directly hitting the solar panel. For example, if you were standing outside under the sun with nothing obstructing you and the sun, then you would be in direct sunlight. If you were standing inside, you would be getting indirect sunlight but no direct
rays from the sun. Solar panels always need direct sunlight to charge. If in doubt, think of it this way; if you were Luci and you were able to directly see the sun, then you would be in direct sunlight!
It’s cloudy, will my light still charge?
Yes, but it will charge at a slower rate than on a bright, clear day. As your Luci charges via the red and violet frequencies of visible light, the charge times will vary based on the UV index or overcast skies. Generally speaking, the higher the UV index, the faster the charge.
Will my light charge under indoor lighting?
The sun generates significant red and violet frequencies (which charge your Luci), whereas your ordinary indoor lights emit a tiny fraction of that UV.
We recommend you go straight to the source and put your Luci directly in the sunlight from a windowsill or, for the best results, outside! Luci is durable and completely waterproof.
Can I charge your products from my car dashboard?
We advise against charging on a car dashboard. On a hot summer day, your car dashboard can reach temperatures of up to 160ºF (71°C) which exceeds the temperature limit of our products – 122°F (50°C).
What’s the difference between charging the light via USB or the solar panel?
Speed! Charging via USB is ~6x faster than via solar due to the input power. Whether charging via solar or USB however, the outcome remains the same – a full battery charge. Our advice is to charge via solar for a natural source of power, but if you’re in a pinch, charge via USB.
Can my light be left outside in the rain?
Yes! It can be left out in the rain but we wouldn’t recommend leaving it out in strong rainstorms for extended periods or submerging it in water.
Can I charge a device and use my light simultaneously?
Yes, we love multi-taskers! You should be aware though, that as you’re charging your device, you are depleting the battery in the light. We recommend
checking the battery level of the light frequently to make sure that you have enough charge to last throughout your activity.
Are the bulbs shatterproof?
Yes, the bulbs are super durable. This product was built to live outside and take knocks, accidental stomps, or even the occasional cooler drop.
We’re here for you. For the full list of FAQs and troubleshooting, go to

Documents / Resources

MPOWERD 145185 Luci Solar String Lights [pdf] Instruction Manual
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