Mpow M12

True Wireless Earbuds
Mpow M12, BH463A






  1. The earphones automatically turn on(with blue LED light flashing) and start pairing when you open the charging case.
  2. In the shutdown status and when the earphones are not in the charging case simultaneously press and hold the MFB of both earbuds for 2 seconds to Power on ( with the blue LED light flashing}


  1. Put the earphones back in the charging case and close the case
    to turn them off.
  2. If the earphones are not in the charging case, just press and hold the MFB of both earbuds for 5 seconds to power them off. (Mode 2 cannot be conducted during music playing or calling.)


  1. Open the charging case. they will automatically enter the pairing mode in which the LED light Rashes blue and red alternately, and then select “Mpow M1 2”.

Note: The earbud will reconnect to the paired device cy priority. If you want to pair to the second smartphone. please disconnect Bluetooth on the paired smartphone.







Volume Up/Down
1101uma +, press and hold the MFB button of Right earbud to tum up the volume increasingly.
1101uma-: press and hold the MFB button ofle1tearbud to turn dCM’n
the ‘-“>volume decreasingly_

Next/ Previous Track
Next Track: double tap the MFB of Right earbud
Previous track: double tap the MFB of Left earbud

Play/ Pause
Tap the MFB of either ear bud once-

Anll’W’III’ / Hang Up
Doubletapthe MFBofeltherearbud.

Press and hold the MFBof eitherearbud for2seconds.

Activate Siri
Triple-tap the MFB of either earbud.



  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned off in your device.
  2. When both earbuds are in the charging case, simultaneously press and
    hold both earbuds for 5 seconds to clear paired d811ices.
  3. The earbuds light will flash red and blue simultaneously. which means
    successful resetting.
  4. The LED will go out l second later, Mpow M12 will automatically enter back into pairing mode.



Note: Wireless Charger is Sold separately.

Do not put


( Waste Electrical& Electronic Equipment)
A This Marking shown on the product or its literature indicate that it should not be disposed with other household wastes at the end of its working life.

To prevent possible harm to the e environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal. please separate this from other types of wastes and recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. Household user should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product or their local government office. for details of w here and how they can take this item for environmentally safe recycling.

Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase contact_ This product should not be mixed with other commercial l wastes For disposal.


Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could avoid the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

This device complies with part l 5 of the FCC Rules Operation is subject to
the following two conditions, 1) This device may not cause harmful interfaces and (2) This device must be accept any interference received including interfaces that may cause undesired operation

FCC Radiation Exposure Statement:

This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an
controlled environment.


Q1: How to make both earbuds connected when one is disconnected and only another works?
Solution: Please put them in the charging case, press and hold both earbuds for 5 seconds to reset.Then both earbuds will connect your devide. Notice: Make sure the Bluetooth function in the device is turned off.

Q2: How long is the charging time of wireless charging and USB-C charging ? And the Playtime?
Answer: For USB-C charging, it takes 2 hr. to fully charge the earbuds and case. Support charging for 10 min and listening for 1 hr. For wireless charging, it takes 3 hr. to fully charge the case. Up to 25 hr. battery life in total after fully charged. (5 hr. for each earbud and 20 hr. for charging case) The charging case can fully charge the earbuds 4 times.

Q3: Can I adjust the volume by using the Mpow M12 wireless earbuds?
Answer: Yes, you can adjust volume by touching and holding the L/R earbuds to decrease/increase volume.

How do I switch to twin mode?

  1. Unpair / turn off Bluetooth on your device.
  2. Put the earbuds in the case and close for 5 seconds or so.
  3. Open the case. While both are flashing blue/red, tap both at the same time 4 times while still in the case.
  4. They should reset / pair with each other and only the right should continue flashing.

Q: One disconnect from the other how do I pair it back together?
Disconnect the earpods from your phone , place them back into the case close the case then reopen it.
Then open the case and while the pods are inside the case press down on the touchpad area of both earpods holding down for about 10 seconds . — You are basically doing a reset.

Q: Earbuds stuck in mono mode, when i try to connect I can only connect to one side and not the other. How do I get them both to connect?

Try putting them back in the case then unpair from your device. Open the lid and both of them should start flashing blue/red. Without taking them off the case tap at the same time 4 times. It should reset and now only the right one should be flashing.


1.Free Warranty Extension: In addition to our regular 12-month warranty, Amazon buyers can extend the warranty on their MPOW products to 24 months.

2.Submit your Amazon order ID to your MPOW account to get warranty extended. You can view warranty status of all your products in your account – My Product.

3.If you bought your product from the MPOW website, you are already granted a 24-month warranty; no extension is needed. Note: Warranty extension is not valid for used goods


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  1. Buds removed from charged case. They say “power on” and about 3 seconds later the left one says “power off”. Why??

  2. Excuse me if a hearing aid does not charge, which is the right one and suddenly turns off due to the battery, what could I do to make it work?
    disculpe si un audifono no carga que es el derecho y derrepente se apaga por la bateria que podria hacer para que funcione?

  3. I’ve bought two pairs of earbuds, different models, and had nothing but problems with both. Earbuds lost pairing to each other and now won’t re-enter twin mode. This appears to be a common issue with this model. I’ve requested a replacement and if they have issues also I will seek a refund and choose a different manufacturer, because this is ridiculous – I’ve only had these for a week!

  4. I cannot get these to return to Twin Mode. I’ve reset them, reset my tablet, paired and unpaired, tried a different device, reset again, tried pairing again, nothing works. The earbuds will not pair with one another.

  5. Every once in awhile they want to pair separately and exit “twin” mode. After trying different things found on forums (where none of them worked exactly as stated) I found the following seems to work for me (although sometimes it takes a couple tries)
    1. Turn Bluetooth off on my phone
    2. In case, long press both ear buds to reset. Wait a ~10 seconds.
    3. Take out of the case, wait ~10 seconds and long press to turn off.
    4. Long press to turn back on.
    5. Turn Bluetooth back on, and they seem to pair back in twin mode.

  6. I tried Matt’s solution, and even that did not work for me. I found the answer from “Deborah” in an Amazon community discussion. Put earbuds back in the case, then unpair from your device. Open the lid and both of them should start flashing blue/red. Without taking them out of the case, tap at the same time 4 times. It should reset and now only the right one should be flashing. “Scan” on your phone’s bluetooth, and pair with the ONE MPow12 that now appears by itself on the “Available Devices” list. Both earbuds should now be in sync, and pair together as one set.

    1. this is the solution for it…however my left earbud keeps powering off and restarting the same problem again. I am not sure if this is a defective part. Has anyone else run into this same issue?

  7. Please follow the below steps to use the twin mode: 1. Please delete the Bluetooth record on your phone device. 2. Take one of the earbuds out of the charging case, the earbud will enter into pairing mode, the red light and blue light flashes alternately, then please long press the MFB of the earbud, the red light and blue light flashes at the same time. 3. Please take another earbud out of the case, the earbud will enter into pairing mode as well. 4. Please make two earbuds close together, after 3-5 seconds, the light of the earbuds will stop, then the Blue light will on for about 3 seconds then stop. The light of the earbud also stops and another one will flash Blue and Red. 5. After the above steps, please connect the earbuds to your phone device via Bluetooth, two earbuds will connect to your device. Hope this will help and have a nice day.

    1. Finally I tried everything and the 4 together taps didn’t do anything, when I did more than 4 taps they both stayed with their lights permanently on as purple (red and blue) and still nothing.

      Just wanted to add that, I tried this by removing the right one first, and it didn’t work, it only worked by following your steps with removing left from the case, *closing the case*, long press to reset, taking the right one from the case and with only the right one blinking connect it

  8. I regret that non of the above worked for me. Still wondering what to do with them. I have tried throwing them in trashcan and but recovered again in despair that they might work this way, after trying all other above options. 🙁

    1. They also unpaired me and now only one sounds likewise I tried restarting them and nothing was not fixed.
      También se me desemparejaron y ahora solo suena uno igualmente intenté reiniciandolos y nada no se arregló.

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