Wireless Receiver

Wireless Receiver
Mpow BH298A




  1. AUX Output
  2. MIC
  3. Multifunction Button: Pause/ Play; Answer/ Hang up a call
  4. Ring LED Indicator
  5. USB Charging Port
  6. Volume Up/ Next Track
  7. Volume Down / Previous Track
  8. ON / OFF Switch

1 .Specifications

Product Name : BH298
Connection Technology : Bluetooth
Frequency Range : 2.402 GHz-2.480GHz
Bluetooth Protocol : HFP/ HSP/ A2DP/ AVRCP
Usage Temperature : 0-4S’C I 32- 113 ‘F
Battery Capacity : Li-Po170mAh
Working Current : =1SmA
Charge Voltage : DC 5.0V

2. Power On / Power Off

Power On : Turn the ON-OFF switch to “ON”, and BH298 will power on with the indicator light flashing quickly.
Power Off: Turn the ON-OFF switch to “OFF”, and BH298 will power off with the indicator light off.

3. Receiver Mode

Connect BH298 to a non-Bluetooth car stereo, speaker or headphone etc. via a 3.5 mm audio cable. Then, pair BH298 to a Bluetooth-enable smartphone etc. via Bluetooth. The music from your smartphone will be transmitted to a non-Bluetooth car stereo, speaker or headphone etc.

3.1 Pairing to One Smartphone

Receiver Mode
  1. Connect BH298 to a non-Bluetooth car stereo, speaker or headphone etc. via a 3.5 mm audio cable.
  2. Turn on BH298, it will enter pairing mode directly with the indicator light flashing quickly.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, search the Bluetooth device “BH298 .. and click it to connect.
  4. Enter the password “0000” if needed.
  5. When BH298 completes pairing, the indicator light will stay on and go off after 5 s to save power.

3.2 Pairing to Two Smartphones

3.2 Pairing to Two Smartphones
  1. After you’ve paired BH298 to the first smartphone, enable Bluetooth on the second smartphone. Search the Bluetooth device “BH298” and click it to connect.
  2. After the pairing to the second smartphone is complete, the indicator light stays on and goes off after 5 s to save power.
  3. BH298 can connect to two smartphones simultaneously.

3.3 Bluetooth Hands-free Call

Bluetooth Hands-free Call

3.4 Playing Music

Playing Music

3.5 Voice Assistant

4. Bluetooth Automatic Reconnection

When the distance is within the Bluetooth range again or BH298 powers on again, BH298 enters reconnection status with indicator light flashing quickly. BH298 will reconnect to the last connected smartphone with Bluetooth enabled. If the reconnection fails in 30 s, BH298 will enter pairing mode automatically. During the reconnection status, you can start to pair via your smartphone by manual.

5. Clear Bluetooth Pairing List

In power-on state, long press the” + ” and • – • buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds until the red indicator light stays on for 2s. Then, BH298 will clear the pairing list paired before and enter pairing mode (The pairing list can’t be cleared in power-off state).

Note: Please clear pairing information of BH298 on your smartphone simultaneously to reconnect quickly.

6. Disconnect the Current Connection

Long press the •I>II • button for 3 seconds to disconnect the current devices. Then, BH298 enters pairing mode with the indicator flashing quickly.

7. Low Power Prompt

When BH298’s battery is below 3.2v, it will automatically power off with red indicator flashing 5 times.

8. Charging

When BH298 is in low power or can’t power on, you can charge it via a DC 5 V USB charging cable. The red indicator light stays on during the charging process and goes off when the charging is complete. BH298 can keep working during charging.

9. Voltage Protection Function

BH298 is only allowed to charge with SV. When using a non-standard charger, BH298 is automatically protected with the indicator light OFF. When the charger is correct, BH29B will automatically resume charging with the red indicator light steady on.

10. Automatic Power-saving Function

  1. After BH298 is connected successfully, the indicator light will go off after S s to save power; Short press any button to activate indicator light
  2. If BH298 is in power-on state without Bluetooth device connected for 10 minutes, it will power off automatically with the indicator light going off.

NOTE : For the next use, you should tum the ON / OFF switch to OFF” before turning it on.

11. Considerations

  1. If BH298 cannot be paired with Bluetooth devices, please reboot BH298 and try pairing again.
  2. To complete the Bluetooth pairing, it’s recommended to use BH298 in the place where there are few obstructions or other Bluetooth devices working.
  3. If the pairing fails:
    A: Please clear the pairing list on BH298 and smartphones etc. and try pairing again.
    B: Meanwhile, please check whether BH298 is in Bluetooth pairing mode.
    C: Also, you’d better turn off other Bluetooth devices nearby.

12. Warning

The product contains battery. During the operation, please pay attention to the following information:

  1. Acceptable operating temperature range: 0-45°C / 32- 113 °F.
  2. Please avoid using or charging it in high temperature, low temperature or static environment (such as cars exposed to direct sunshine in hot weather, fire, surface with high temperature or extreme cold environment). Otherwise, it may influence the performance or lifespan of the battery.
  3. Charge it via a STANDARD 5 V charger.

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