MOZA Mini MX Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer User Guide
MOZA Mini MX Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

Mini MX Overview


Note: Please activate MOZA Mini MX with MOZA Genie App before the first use. Otherwise, normal working functions may be limited.


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Mounting and Balancing

Mounting Induction

Button function (MOZA Genie App Control)

Fn button

Button function

  • Long press: on/off
  • Power on and enter standby mode
  • (phone not clipped/unlocked)
  • Single press: shutter; record / stop
  • Wake up (gimbal in standby mode)
  • Double press: switch to video mode/photo mode
  • Triple press: Horizontal and vertical mode switching


Button function

  • Move upwards: phone camera goes up
  • Move downwards: phone camera goes down
  • Move leftwards: phone camera goes left
  • Move rightwards: phone camera goes right
  • Inception mode: Move leftwards, roll axis
  • rotates counterclockwise
  • Move rightwards, roll axis rotates clockwise

Zoom +

Button function

  • Click and hold: Zoom in
  • Single press: Pan-tilt follow
  • Double click: Automatically zoom in to maximum

Zoom –

Button function

  • Press and hold: Zoom out
  • Single press: FPV Mode
  • Double click: Automatically zoom out to minimum
  • Inception Mode: Push the joystick left and
  • right in FPV mode to control the rotation direction

Smart Trigger

Button function

  • Click and hold: All Lock Mode
  • Double click and hold: Sport Gear Mode
  • Click: Follow the center of the shot intelligently
  • Double click: Re-center and exit the current mode
  • Triple Click: Switch between the rear and


Documents / Resources

MOZA Mini MX Smartphone Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer [pdf] User Guide
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