morepro H86 Smart Sport Watch Instruction Manual
morepro H86 Smart Sport Watch

Thank you for choosing our product. Please read the operating instructions carefully before use.

Quick Start

Quick Start


  • Power button Short press the power button
    1. Power On
    2. Power Off
  • Power button Press and hold the power button
    1. Power On
    2. Power Off


  • Sliding Instructions    Slide up the interface
    1. Messages interface
  • Sliding Instructions Slide down the interface
    1. Control interface
  • Sliding Instructions Slide left the interface
    1. Shortcut interface
  • Sliding Instructions Slide right interface
    1. Main Menu

App download

  1. You can search and download the “FitCloudPro” App in App Store, Google Play, Myapp, Baidu Assistant, etc.
  2. Open the watch APP downloading interface, scan to download or scan the QR-code to download.
    QR Code

Note: After successful downloading and installation, please register and log in as guided on the interface, so as to better experience and use the product.


Pair with your watch with the “FitCloudPro” APP on your mobile phone.
How to connect: open APP » “Device” » “Add Device” » “Search” » Select the model and connect, and wait a moment to complete the pairing.

  1. To successfully pair your watch and mobile phone, you need to turn on Bluetooth of your mobile phone for connection to the device.
  2. If you are using Android mobile APP, you must give location permission and enable the mobile phone system’s location function, otherwise you may not be able to find the device.

Firmware Upgrade

The APP will prompt for a new firmware version, and users can choose to upgrade firmware in the APP device interface.

Important Notice for Upgrade:

  1. Upgrade can only be conducted when the battery level of watch is 60% or more.
  2. During the upgrade process, the progress bar will be prompted. Please do not operate anything on the bracelet until the mobile phone prompts the upgrade is successful and the bracelet is automatically restarted.

Descriptions of waterproofing

Waterproof rating: IP68
This product is not permanently waterproof and may be weakened over time. It supports short-time use such as hand washing and raining, but does not support using in hot shower, scuba diving, diving, surfing and so on. The watch is not waterproof against the erosive liquids such as seawater, acidic or alkaline solutions, chemical reagents, etc.
Note: It is not recommended to wear the watch while taking a hot shower. Water vapor will be produced when you are taking a hot shower. The small molecule is easy to seep through the gap in the watch case. When the temperature goes down, it will gradually condense into water droplets, thus damaging the circuit board and further damaging the watch.


With ultra-long battery life, this product is a lightweight smart sports watch. Integrated with multiple functions such as multi-sport, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, daily exercise record, instant message, incoming call reminder, etc., it is suitable for daily health testing and wearing during exercise. After pairing and connecting with your mobile phone, you can experience a series of functions of your smart watch.
Smart watch supports: main interface switching, message notification, step count data, sleep detection, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, sports mode, messages, weather, ladies’ space, music, etc.

Basic Parameters

  • Dimension
  • Product Weight
    Product Weight
  • Screen size
    1.57 inches
    Screen Size
  • Battery capacity
    Battery Capacity
  • Screen resolution
    200*320 pixels
    Screen Resolution
  • Sensor
    Tri-Axial sensor

Care And Maintenance

It is recommended to wear and care your smart watch based on the following 3 points:

  1. Keep the product clean.
  2. keep the product dry.
  3. Please wear the product correctly.
    For stains that are not easy to remove, it is recommended to scrub with alcohol.

Safety Instructions

  1. 1. Although the smart watch can be used to measure the real-time heart rate, it cannot be used for any medical purpose.
  2. Do not place the device and its accessories in areas where the temperature is too high or too low, otherwise it may lead to device failure, catching fire or explosion.
  3. Avoid strong impact or vibration on the product, so as not to damage the device and its accessories or cause any device failure.
  4. Please do not disassemble or modify the device and accessories without permission, and contact the after-sales service in case of any device breakdown.
  5. If the device is not used for a long period of time, make sure to charge it once every three months.


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