Monster S110 wireless Bluetooth speaker

Product specification

Product number  –  Monster S110
Drive unit  –  2″*1 5W 4Ohms
Bluetooth version  –  4.2
Waterproof coefficient  –  IPX5
Audio decoding  –  SBC, AAC
Charging voltage  –  DC 5.0V
Endurance  –  6.5 hours (100% volume)/28 hours (50% volume)
battery capacity  –    1500mAh
Charging time  –  3.5 hours
weight  –  366g


  • Bluetooth pairing
    1. Turn on the horn, the indicator light flashes blue quickly
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the device to be connected and connect to “Monster S110”
    3. If the connection is successful, you will hear the “connected” prompt (the blue indicator light is always on)
    4. If you have connected a Bluetooth device, press and hold the multi-function button for two seconds to disconnect from other devices
  • Reset method
    1. Please delete the Bluetooth connection record on the phone first
    2. Open the horn dust plug, use the needle to press the right reset button
  • Instructions
    1. Switch on and off: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, you can hear the power-on prompt
    2. Adjust the volume: short press the volume adjustment ▲ or ▼ button to increase or decrease the volume
    3. Switch tracks: In the music playback mode, press and hold the volume adjustment ▲ or ▼ for 2 seconds to adjust the next track or the previous track. a
    4. Play/pause, answer/hang up: short press the multi-function button, you can play/pause music, answer/hang up
    5. Voice assistant (not during music playback): Short press the multi-function button twice (only support SIRI)
    6. Reject the call: press and hold the multi-function button for 2 seconds to reject the call
    7. SD card playback: plug in the SD card when power on, the SD card will give priority to playback, if you need to use Bluetooth Play, you can short press the M key to switch the audio source
    8. Stereo mode (two speakers, limited to the same style): Turn on two speakers, and when there is no connection, in them
    Short press the multi-function button twice on one speaker and hear the prompt sound, the speaker will automatically connect to the other speaker.
    After successful connection, you will hear Left channel and Right channel voice prompts

Monster S110 User Manual – Download [optimized]
Monster S110 User Manual – Download

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  1. USB port is impossible to open and can’t connect 2 speakers according to what the Manuel says. Can’t find anywhere on how to open the USP port?

  2. I had to use a tiny flat-head screwdriver from my server set to pry it open, even then, it still took some effort.

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