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Quick Guide
MBOT 500



1. Important Instructions

warning icon Warning You may be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow this instruction.
caution icon Cation You may be injured or your appliance may be damaged if you do not follow this instruction.
note icon Note Important information, definitions, general rules and notes are explained.

warning icon Warning: Please read and follow the instructions in the manual to ensure your safety and the safe use of your robot cleaner. In case of disregard, there is no liability for personal injury and property damage. Warranty is valid only if you follow the instructions.
warning iconKeep away from abysses and do not use on elevated objects such as tables, etc.. To prevent your device from falling, place an obstacle in front of the abyss.
warning iconWhen using the device, ensure that you are within reach of the device, so that you can intervene and relocate the device.
warning iconThis robot cleaner is not intended for use by children or by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the robot cleaner by a person responsible for their safety.
caution iconIf the dust bin is full, the cleaning performance will be reduced. Empty the dust bin after each use (see page 15 – 16).
caution iconPlease clean the cliff sensors and wheels regulary (see page 15 & 18).
note iconBe careful not to break the robot cleaner when you pull it out of the box.
note iconInstall the side brushes.
note iconThe device must be fully charged before first use.
note iconRemove any obstacles on the floor before you start cleaning mode.
note iconThe robot cleaner can not climb thresholds higher than 10mm.
note iconAfter charging is complete, keep the robot cleaner docked to the charging station. The robot will turn off automatically.
note iconInstall the charging station in a location that can be easily accessed by the robot cleaner (1m distance to each side).

2. Package Content

Package Content

3 Product Description

Product Description

  1. Top Cover
  2. Dust Bin
  3. Dust Bin Button
  4. Control Button
  5. Signal Window
  6. Bumper

3 Product Description

product parts

  1. Side Brush
  2. Front Wheel
  3. Main Brush
  4. Battery Cover
  5. Wheel


4 Charging Station

charging station

5 Cleaning


6 Remote Control


remote control

  1. Manual Control
  2. Start/Stop Cleaning
  3. Suction Power
  4. Corner Cleaning
  5. 30 min. Single Room Cleaning
  6. Time Setting
  7. Recharge
  8. Scheduling

7 Recharge

remote presspress icon

If the battery gets empty during cleaning mode, the robot will return to charger automatically.

8 Maintenance

Battery setup Battery

Charging Contacts Charging Contacts

press button Press!

remove case Remove Dust Bin

08 Maintenance

Clean Dust BinClean Dust Bin

release coverbrush bin

clean by water  drying cover

8 Maintenance

Install Filter
Install Filter

Install Filter bin

8 Maintenance

Cleaning Main Brush
cleaning main brush icon
Cleaning Main Brush


Cleaning Side Brushes  Cleaning Side Brushes

Cleaning WheelsCleaning Wheels

IR Sensor IR-Sensor
Cleaning Sensors

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MONEUAL MBOT 500 [pdf] User Guide
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