MOBELI Mobile Grab Handles with Vacuum
Safety Indicator Instruction Manual

MOBELI Mobile Grab Handles with Vacuum Safety Indicator Instruction Manual

2-Hand Grab handle

It is essential that you read the operating information before using the device and that you pay special attention to the notes regarding your safety on page 3. Keep these operating instructions and pass them on to other users!


  • The mobile grab handles are intended to support the natural movement, e.g. as assistance for getting up. They are not designed to carry the full body weight, unless the whole weight is lower than the nominal load.
  • Before each use of the portable grab bar the vacuum safety indicator must be examined and handled in accordance with the directions on pages 4ff.
  • As far as legally admissible, any liability on our part is excluded if the user has not followed the safety rules. Since these safety rules cannot take into account the particular circumstances in each and every individual application, it is the user’s responsibility to check before each intended use that the mobile grab handle is suitable for that specific purpose. We do not guarantee features that are not mentioned in our catalogue, leaflet, or this instruction manual. Insofar, warranty and liability claims are excluded.
  • In order to avoid any damage or injuries due to incorrect use and to ensure optimum use of the product, please read the following instructions and hints carefully before using the device. Please retain the instruction manual and ensure that it is at the disposal of all other or subsequent users. If you have additional questions or problems, please contact your supplier.

We wish you trouble-free use and an easier everyday life with our portable grab bars.

Declaration of Conformity

ROTH GmbH declares hereby as manufacturer at its sole responsibility that the MOBELI Mobile Grab handles correspond to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC for class I medical products.


This product is only to support your natural motion. It is not allowed to place your total body weight, unless the whole weight is lower than the nominal load. . Clean and dry the area where the mobile grab handle is to be mounted. Read the operating instructions, that you know the limitations of the mobile grab handle, before using it. Test the mobile grab handle before using it.

Liability Warning!

Before using, know your own limitations and the limitations of the wall and the mobile grab handle. Activities involving motion or height create the possibility of accidental injury. You the user assumes all risk of injury due to use. The mobile grab handle is sold under this condition.

The mobile grab handle must be assembled in such a way, that the warning print can be read during use.

Designated use

As grab handle for largely independent use of shower, bath tub, toilet, and washbasin. The mobile grab handles are intended to support the natural movement, e.g. as assistance for getting up. They are not designed to carry the full body weight, unless this is lower than the nominal load.

  • Mobile grab handles with vacuum safety indication indicate the current vacuum state. They may be used as long as the vacuum remains constant, i.e., as long as the safety rocker has not extended (see page 10).

Scope of application
For the vacuum suction generated by the rubber pads to be effective, the grab handle can only be attached to smooth and nonporous rigid surfaces that are pore- and steam-tight, clean, dry, and free of oils and grease. On rough or porous surfaces, the vacuum hold will be diminished or does not exist at all. Please bear in mind that tiles are not necessarily always smooth and steam tight (i.e., suitable for vacuum generation); test your tiles and the wall prior to use (possibly with the help of another person). Since the MOBELI vacuum suction pads are made from strongly adhesive and flexible natural rubber, they can usually adapt to slightly textured tiles (attention, reduced holding time! Observe safety indicator). The mobile grab handle is ideally suited for short-term use at home where there are no permanently fixed rails, e.g. after a stay in hospital or for testing of a new accommodation. The mobile grab handle can also be used where it is not possible to install permanent rails, e.g. in glass shower cubicles or in bathtubs. It can also be used when it is prohibited or impossible to drill holes in the walls (e.g. in rented accommodation, where there are water pipes or electrical cables behind the wall), when on visits to the doctor’s surgery, public authorities, or when travelling etc. In addition, the mobile grab handle can be used to determine the optimum position and height for installing fixed rails, i.e., before commencing any drilling and bolting work.

For your information
In hotels and public establishments in Europe, tiles must be non-porous and steam-tight (as per DIN/EN 159 & 176). According to the tile adhesives material standard DIN 12004 (prior to 2001: DIN 18156), tile adhesives must have a minimum adhesive force of 0.5 N/mm2. E.g., for two tiles with a tile size of 147 mm x 147 mm x 0.5 N/mm2, this would result in an adhesive force of approx. 2,160 kg. Even with an effective adhesive surface of only 1/3 of the tile surface (due, e.g., to a rough serrated trowel) and not filled-in tile joints, there would still be an adhesive force of approx. 720 kg, corresponding to ten times the nominal load of the grab handle. Unfortunately, though, one cannot always rely on this assumption; therefore it is absolutely indispensable to test the adhesive force of the respective tiles or other surface materials on the wall. Furthermore, due to material aging or in prefabricated construction there might be a reduction of the adhesive power, therefore testing is essential (e.g., by abrupt application of force).

Nominal carrying load of the ROTH mobile grab handles

  • The mobile grab handles (14002 24SU; 14002 28SU; 14002 29SU) have a permissible nominal load of 60 kg / 132 lbs under optimal conditions.
  • The mobile grab handles (14002 21SU; 14002 22SU; 14002 23SU) have a permissible nominal load of 65 kg / 143 lbs under optimal conditions.
  • The mobile grab handles (14002 26SU/SCLU; 14002 27SU/SCLU) have a permissible nominal load of 70 kg / 154 lbs under optimal conditions.
  • The mobile grab handle (14002 25SU) has a permissible nominal load of 75 kg / 165 lbs under optimal conditions.
  • The mobile grab handle (14002 20SU) has a permissible nominal load of 80 kg / 176 lbs under optimal conditions.

Cf. also table on page 5 or labelling on the grip bar of your mobile grab handle.

Prerequisite: Please note the “Hints for your safety”.

Hints for your safety

  • Even on fully impermeable, flush tiles it can never be determined when the vacuum will decrease “e.g. hairline cracks), therefore always observe the vacuum safety indicator (see page 10).
  • Use the mobile grab handle only when you have experience in handling it or while you are under supervision of a person who has experience in handling it.
  • Before each new attachment to the wall, make sure of the functionality of the mobile grab handle. Pay particular attention to the rubber suction pads; they must be clean and intact and must not have any tears or scoring. Never use mobile grab handles with damaged rubber pads and/or with reduced retaining strength.
  • Bear in mind that the suckers only adhere as well as the base; therefore before using check the adhesion of the base on a new spot (e.g. of the tile on the wall).
  • Before and during use of the mobile grab handles with safety indication, the safety indication on the vacuum tilting lever must be observed!
  • After shifting the vacuum tilting levers, the sucking retaining strength created by the vacuum can be entirely or partly absent, in particular with unglazed tiles, natural stone, wood, as well as ceramic coating that has been textured/grinded or given a rough grain to provide a non-slip finish. With MOBELI grab bars with vacuum safety indicator this becomes visible by the raising of the flip up tab.
  • The mobile grab handle must not be used as a seat.
  • If the mobile grab handle is used as an aid for getting up, its suction power can be lost abruptly due to adverse circumstances (e.g. damaged or brittle rubber pads).
  • Please bear in mind that the suction power of the rubber pads is dependent on the surface they are to be adhered to. Therefore please ensure that you check the stability of the surface (e.g. of the tiles on the wall) before use.
  • Attention! Usage under water reduces the suction power.
  • The suction power stated earlier refers to normal room temperature (10 ­ 30 °C); at very high temperatures, e.g. in a sauna, the suction power will be reduced.
  • The indicated suction power is calculated at about 300 m above sea level. At higher altitudes, the suction power diminishes (by approx. 10 % per every additional 1000 m of altitude).
  • Never expose the rubber pads to UV radiation (sunlight) for any prolonged periods; otherwise they will quickly lose their elasticity. For this reason, never attach the grab handles to any surface (e.g. window) that will be illuminated from the outside (UV radiation and heat generation).
  • Do not place anything underneath the grab handle that could be damaged by the rail suddenly releasing and dropping on it, or remove the grab handle after use.
  • The detachable mobile grab handles must only be used with the tilting levers perfectly engaged (i.e., vacuum tilting levers level with the surface).
  • Do not attach the mobile grab handles to vehicle metal panels, thin tiles, foils, or glass panes because the vacuum created by the suction pad might deform and damage these materials.
  • If the mobile grab handle remains attached over prolonged periods of time, there is the risk that the underground (e.g. bath tub) gets permanently stained by the rubber pad.

Attaching the mobile grab handles: (see page 8 and 9)

  1. Examine the vacuum suction pads and the surface they are to be attached to.
  2. Clean the surface thoroughly (fig. 1) so that it is clean (e.g. from etched lime sludge) and grease-free.
    Likewise the surface of the suction disc must be clean.
  3. Firmly press the mobile grab handles onto the surface where they should be sucked on (figs. 3, 4, 5).
    • The tilting vacuum levers must be loose at this point.
    • It must be taken care that both rubber pads are always positioned with their full suction area on the tiles or other surfaces so that no grouting line or tile joint (fig. 8 +9) lies under a rubber pad and the pads are attached at least 10 mm above the lower edge of a joint (fig. 2). With the telescopic grip (order nos. 14002- 21SU,-22SU,-23SU,-24SU), you can adjust the length of the grip to achieve this (fig. 6 +7).
  4. While pressing the bar against the surface to be adhered to and also pressing on the rocker, turn over the 1st rocker and then the 2nd rocker (Fig. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7).
  5. A flip up safety tab continuously monitors the current vacuum state of the sucker with the vacuum safety indicator. After the rocker is pressed and turned the red-coloured safety tab must be completely recessed flush with the surface in the rocker! (Page 10, Fig. 13)
    • If the red highlighted side edge of the safety tab can be seen the bar must be reattached! (Fig. 14)
    • The clearer the red side edge of the tab can be seen the lower is the actual holding force! (Fig.14, 15, 16)
  6. Before use check the vacuum safety indicator. If this is not retracted (as just described), reattach the bar. If the indicator tab is still raised after the rocker has been turned and also is still sticking out after the tab has been pressed, the bar must be repaved. If this has not been achieved, do not use the bar under any circumstances!
  7. Rapid rising of the indicator tab (shorter than approx. 60 minutes) shows that the tiles are not impermeable or are damaged. If possible try the bar out on other tiles. If the indicator tab also comes out quickly there, the tiles cannot build up a vacuum and the tiles are not suitable for a vacuum grab bar. In this case, if a portable grab bar is to be used, self-adhesive stainless steel plates (order no. 1461414) could be stuck on to the tiles. Contact your specialist dealer.


1. Put a finger under the vacuum tilting lever in order to raise it; at the same time set your thumb on the structured recess of the vacuum tilting lever to prevent recoil effect. Caution! With wrong operation there exists danger of squeezing.

2. Wait a little while! The rubber pads will relax after approx. 30­60 seconds and return to their original shape, and then the suction device can be removed from the wall. Should the rubber pads keep adhering longer, you can additionally raise the pads at a side with a finger so that air can penetrate underneath.

3. Do not try to loosen the rubber pads with sharp edged items or tools; you would damage them.

4. When not in use, store the mobile grab handle with the rubber pads relaxed (i.e., with vacuum tilting levers disengaged), flat and plane. Protect your mobile grab handle (e.g. in the box) from UV rays.

Disassembling and assembling (see page 9)

Disassembling: Push the snap pins in (fig. 10) and while holding the suction housing, pull the telescopic bar out of it (fig. 11).

Assembling: Push the snap pins in on both sides of the telescopic bar (fig. 11) and insert the bar into the suction pad housing until the snap pins lock into place in the corresponding hole (clicking sound).

  • Test the secure hold of the snap pins by trying to pull the components apart!
  • The grab handle must not be used if not all snap pins on both sides are securely locked!


  • The grab bar is resistant to the active agents in the hand and surface disinfectants certified by the DGHM (Disinfection Commission of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) with the exception of Phenolether, pyridine derivative and thiocyanate.
  • Keep the rubber pad always free from oil, dust, and dirt.
  • Clean the rubber pads with standard household cleaning agents like soap and water solution. A basic cleaning with acetone (available at pharmacies, e.g. as nail polish remover) likewise increases the suction force and is recommended in larger time intervals (dependent on the frequency and conditions of use, e.g. after use of bath salts containing oil, or after contamination).
  • Never expose the rubber pads to UV radiation (sunlight) for any longer periods; otherwise they will quickly lose their elasticity.
  • Examine the rubber pads for possible functional deterioration because of decreased elasticity due to age, wear, exposure to the sun, uneven storage, scoring etc. If the rubber pads are damaged and therefore the holding force is limited, the complete suction heads are to be replaced or the rubber pads must be exchanged by trained specialist staff. (Test on a glass pane, e.g. on a mirror.) We recommend having all vacuum suction heads examined/tested or replaced by a specialist shop after approx. 2 years (spare part no. 14002-S, see page 9 fig. 12).
  • Keep the indicator always free from dirt! Occasionally examine the indicator for functionality, e.g. by wedging a thumb-sized paper strip between wall and rubber pad (this simulates within a short time the vacuum loss usually occurring over a much longer period).
  • Never combine MOBELI products or parts of them with parts from other manufacturers. This will invalidate any warranty or liability. Risk of accident!!


The product packaging should be recycled. The metal parts can be recycled as scrap metal. Disposal must be carried out according to the respective national statutory regulations. Please ask your local or communal authority about local disposal facilities.

MOBELI Mobile Grab Handles with Vacuum Safety Indicator - Technical dataSubject to technical modification.

For higher load requirements we recommend our QUATTRO PLUS!

MOBELI Mobile Grab Handles with Vacuum Safety Indicator - QUATTRO PLUS

Further accessories are available from your specialist retailer.

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