TOGUARD CE18A Dash Camera User Manual
TOGUARD CE18A Dash Camera

Чухал мэдэгдэл

  • This product is intended for using in motor vehicles only. Do NOT install the camera where it might block the driver’s view of road (including the mirrors) or the deployment of the airbag.
  • Before using this device, please insert the memory card first, and need to format micro SD card to FAT32 format on PC firstly, then format the memory card in camera menu.
  • This camera records video at high resolution. Be sure to use high speed Micro SD card (Class 10 or above). 16 GB or 32 GB Micro SD card is recommended.
  • safety reasons, this camera has a small built-in battery, which is used to save the video file after external power supply cuts off (car turns off).
  • Be sure the camera lens is clean and there is nothing blocking the lens.
  • DO NOT leave the camera in direct sunlight for a long period of time or where the temperature could go above 140°F(60°C).

Интерфэйс ба товчлуурын функц

Интерфэйс ба товчлуурын функц
Интерфэйс ба товчлуурын функц

Товчлуурын функц

  • Power
    • When the camera is off, press and hold power button to turn on the camera.
    • Under any mode, press and hold power button to turn off the camera.
    • When the camera is on, short press to turn on/off screen display.
  • цэс
    • In Video / Photo / Playback mode, short press to enter setup menu for that particular mode, short press again to access System Setup Menu.
    • During video recording, short press to manually lock/ unlock current video.
    • In Standby, press and hold to switch working mode.
  • Up
    • During video recording, short press to turn ON/OFF audio recording.
    • In setup menu, short press to select options and adjust values.
    • In Playback, short press to select files.
  • Урьдчилгаа
    • In setup menu, short press to select options and adjust values.
    • In Playback, short press to select files.
    • In the recording state, short press the down button to switch the recording screen.
  • OK
    • In Video Mode. short press to start/stop recording.
    • In Photo Mode. short press to take a photo.
    • In Setup Menu, short press to confirm selection and changes.
    • In Playback Mode. short press to play a video file.
  • Дахин
    • Short press to reset the camera to factory default status.

Set up and Installation

Set up and Installation

  1. Before installation, please check the camera’s normal function, and make sure you are using a high speed Micro SD card (speed Class 10 or above),and format the card in the camera menu before recording.
  2. Use the suction cup mount to install the CE18A dash cam on the windshield. The recommended place is near the rearview mirror facing front, adjust the lens angle for best coverage
  3. .Adjust the lens angle of the camera, make sure you get the best coverage over the hood and the road ahead, so you can record what happens.
  4. Connect the power to the camera and the cigarette lighter, hide the rest of the cable in the gap of the interior trim board.

Үйлдлийн горим

The CE18A operates in 3 modes: Video Recording Mode, Photo Mode and Playback Mode. These modes also have menu to help you configure recording and taking photos. Press and hold “Menu” to switch between different modes and access to the mode you want. Watch the icon on top left corner of the screen for each mode.

Видео бичлэг хийх горим

The camera will automatically enter Video Recording Mode and start recording when connected to a car charger and power on. A Red dot flashing on the top left corner indicates recording is in progress. Press the OK to stop recording, or start recording again.

In all 3 operating mode, you can press the Menu button once to access the menu settings for that particular mode, and press twice to display System Setting Menu. The System Setting Menu is common to all modes.

Press UP and DOWN to scroll through the various setting options and press OK to select and confirm selection, Press MENU again to exit the setting menu.

Видео бичлэг хийх горим

  1. Видео горимын дүрс
  2. Дугуйн бичлэг хийх байдал
  3. Motion Detection
  4. Бичлэгийн үзүүлэлт
  5. Video Lock Status
  6. WDR Status
  7. G-Sensor Status
  8.  Бичлэгийн урт
  9. Видео шийдвэр
  10. Rear screen
  11. Зогсоолын хяналтын байдал
  12. Санах ойн картны байдал
  13. Эрчим хүчний байдал
  14. Машины хавтан дугаар
  15. Аудио бичлэг хийх байдал
  16. Он сар өдөр цаг

Video Recording Menu

Video Recording Menu

дугаар тогтоол: Adjust recording video resolution, 1080P/ 720P/ VGA available. When connected to the rear camera, recording video resolution: 1080P+720P/720P+720P/VGA+VGA Loop Recording: This function allows you to set video length to 1/3/5minutes, select a value to activate loop recording, so when storage is full, it will automatically loop back to the earliest file and record over it.
WDR: Wide Dynamic Range: turn on to optimize video quality with wider light range and image details.
Кино илрүүлэх: Turn ON/OFF motion detection function. In the video mode, in the standby state, when the front camera screen changes, the driving recorder will automatically record for 11 seconds .

Video Recording Menu
Аудио бичлэг:
Turn ON/OFF audio recording in video. Date Stamp : Enable/Disable the date and time marks in video files.
G-Sensor: G-sensor will detect significant or sudden shock and movement, then automatically locks current file from loop recording. Low/Medium/High sensitivity available.
Машины зогсоолын хяналт: It’s used to protect your car after parking. With this function on, after you stop the car and the camera turns off, it stays standby. When camera detects collision, it will automatically turn on and take a short video, then shut down automatically.
Car Number: Turn on to stamp your car plate number in video.

Photo Taking Mode

The CE18A camera can operate in Photo Taking Mode, and take HD photo up to 12 Mega pixels.

Зураг авах:

Simply power on the CE18A camera. Press Mode to select Photo Mode, and press OK to take photo.
Like the Video Recording Mode, you can press the menu button once to access the setting menu for Photo Mode, press menu twice to enter system setting menu.

Photo Taking Mode

  1. Зургийн горим
  2. Сэгсрэх эсрэг
  3. Фото зургийн тогтоол
  4. Photo Counts
  5. Санах ойн картны байдал
  6. Эрчим хүчний байдал
  7. Date& Time

Photo Mode Menu

тогтоол: Set the photo resolution, Up to 12MP available.
Сэгсрэх эсрэг: Turn on to stabilize photo, reduce shaking.
Огноо St.amp: Enable/Disable the date and time stamp in photo.

Тоглуулах горим

Энэ горим нь танд бичигдсэн видеог тоглуулах эсвэл view гэрэл зураг.

  1. Stop video recording, press and hold Menu button twice to switch to Playback Mode.
  2. Дээд ба Доош товчийг ашиглан бичлэгийг гүйлгэнэ үү files/ photos гэж дараад OK дарна уу view бичлэг хийсэн видео.

Тоглуулах цэс

After choosing a recorded video or photo, press the Menu button once to access the setting menu for Playback Mode.

Тоглуулах цэс

Устгах Одоогийн хүчийг устгана уу file displayed or delete all files.
Хамгаалах: Lock/Unlock the current file displayed or Lock/ Unlock all files.
Слайд үзүүлэх: Select a time gap to activate this function, and all recorded file will be displayed in slide show.

Системийн тохиргооны цэс

Press MENU button twice to access System Setting Menu in any mode. The TOOL icon is highlighted in the upper left corner.

Системийн тохиргооны цэс

Дэлгэц амраагч: LCD дэлгэцийг ямар ч ажиллуулалгүйгээр автоматаар унтрааж байх хугацааг тохируулна уу.
Автоматаар унтраадаг: Set the time for the camera to automatically power off to save energy. After the camera is idle for set time, it will power off.
Давтамж: Set light frequency to 50Hz or 60Hz, and press OK. Beep Sound: Turn on/off sounds when you press any buttons.

Системийн тохиргооны цэс
Chinese/English/Japanese/Deutsh/French/ Italian/Spanish
Он сар өдөр цаг: Change the time and date by using the UP and DOWN button, then press OK to confirm.
формат: Format the Micro SD card.
Үндсэн тохиргоо: Reset all settings back to factory default.
хувилбар: Програм хангамжийн хувилбарыг шалгана уу.


загвар Toguard  CE18A
Зургийн мэдрэгч Өндөр нарийвчлалтай CMOS мэдрэгч
дэлгэц 2.45 инчийн LCD дэлгэц
Линзний 170°  High-Resolution Wide Angle Lens
Video  Resolution 1920*1080P+1280*720P/
640 * 480P + 640 * 480P
Видео формат MOV
Видео кодчилол H.264
Picture  Format JPG
Photo  Resolution 12MP / 10MP / 8MP / 5MP /3MP/2MP/


Loop Бичлэгийн Дэмжигдсэн
Power on recording Дэмжигдсэн
WDR Дэмжигдсэн
G мэдрэгчийн түгжээ Дэмжигдсэн
хэл Chinese/English/Japanese/Deutsh/ French/Italian/Spanish
Аудио бичлэг Баригдсан микрофон, асаах / унтраах сонголттой
Хадгалалт Micro SD карт (32 ГБ хүртэл)
USB интерфэйс Мини USB
үйлдлийн систем Windows 7/10 эсвэл MAC
Дотоод хүч Баригдсан Ли-ион батерей
Гадаад цахилгаан хангамж DC 5V / 1.5А
Storage  temperature -4 ° F ~ 140 ° F (-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C)
үйлдлийн температур 14°F~122°F(-10°C~50°C)

Нийтлэг бэрхшээл ба шийдэл

  • Q: Even though set the screen saver, but the screen will randomly.
    A: The power supply might not be stable, please change another car charger to try.
  • Q: Why dash cam drain car battery?
    A: Please check whether the cigarette lighter still be on after you turn off car engine.
  • Q: The camera keeps starting and off?
    A: That could be the parking monitor function being triggered, check the setup menu.
  • The dash cam will stop automatically while recording.
    1. A: Check whether the memory card is full.
    2. Check whether the Micro SD card is high-speed above C10.
    3. Санах ойн картыг шалгаарай, цоожтой видео хэтэрхий олон байж магадгүй тул циклийн бичлэг зөв ажиллахгүй болно.
    4. Check the car charger connection status, if the connection is loose, the power supply is not stable, the camera will automatically turn off.
  • If the video played on the computer is somehow not fluent or jammed.
    • A: Try to play the video with other video players, like : Pot player or VLC player.
    • Микро SD картаа камераар форматлана уу.
    • Run speed test on the memory card to make sure the memory card fits the requirement: Write Speed is over 10MB/S.
  • Q: There are stripes interference in the image. There should be wrong light frequency.
    A: According to the local main frequency, make the appropriate settings 50HZ or 60HZ.
  • Suction mount cannot attach on windshield well?
    1. A: Please clean the windscreen where attaching with a glass cleaning wipe. Removed the protective film, If it does not work, warming your windscreen then try it again.
    2. Please soak suction mount to warm water for a moment.
    3. If it is still not working, we are glad to send a new suction mount to you, please contact us ([имэйлээр хамгаалагдсан]) to get a replacement.
  • Q: Without external power supply, the camera only lasts very short time, or it just can’t turn on.
    A: The built-in battery is very small for safety reasons, not designed to work alone, so please keep it connected to external power supply.
  • Q: When connect the camera with PC by USB cable, it will show “Mass Storage” and “PC Camera”, I болноnot do any thing.
    A: In this situation, you can directly playback video on PC. If you want to operate camera, please connect it with cigarette lighter by car charger we provided.

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