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Phaetus aeGlass™ UltraPA-GF


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Phaetus is dedicated to the design of the nozzle system for high-end 30 printers and the research and development of materials and printing processes. We also provide customers with software and hardware integrated system solutions for materials, printing heads and printing processes based on applications.
Through continuous product innovation, we try to solve customers’ pain points, and for global 30 printer users, providing high-end product designs and solutions is the direction and goal of our efforts. Focusing on the market of core parts of middle and high-end 30 printing equipment, we insist that R&D and innovation of products and technologies are the core driving forces on the road of development. To this end, Phaetus has built a strong R&D and marketing team, developed a number of global best-selling products, obtained dozens of patents, established sales channels in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has high visibility and influence among 30 printing enthusiasts and communities. Deep research in the 30 printing industry, become a leader in the 30 printing subdivision field I In the future, we will continue to work hard and innovate constantly!

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aeGlass™ UltraPA-GF

High-temperature polyamide based with 15% chopped glass fiber reinforced FDM filament. Phaetus-aeGlass™-UltraPA-GF-fig-1

Бүтээгдэхүүний танилцуулга

aeGlass™ UltraPA-GF is specially developed for the FDM 3D printing process, and its substrate material is high-temperature nylon, which has low density, low moisture absorption, high strength, high abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance and high heat resistance. It also has good dimensional stability, no warpage, and no shrinkage during the printing process, and can be used with aeSupport™S-Purple Quick-Remove support material to solve the problem of poor molding effect on the support surface of complex models.

Бүтээгдэхүүний Advantages

  • Smart Fiber Reinforced Technology
    Phaeton controls the dispersion and distribution of chopped carbon fibers within the material matrix during the extrusion process, the fibers form a mesh skeleton structure within the material and bear most of the load transferred by the material matrix. Smart Fiber Reinforced Technology greatly improves the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the material, and releases the internal stress during the printing process through the fiber mesh structure, resulting in good dimensional stability of the printed part and no warpage.
  • Low Moisture Sensitivity
    aeFocre™ UltraPA-GF is based on modified high-temperature nylon, whose saturated moisture absorption rate is only one-tenth of ordinary PA6, completely solving the defects of the mechani­cal properties and dimensional stability of nylon materials that change greatly after absorbed moisture.
  • Super Abrasive Resistance
    aeGlass™ UltraPA-GF has a low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating properties, and excellent wear resistance, which can easily meet all kinds of high-strength gears or industrial applications with high wear requirements.

Боломжит Phaetus-aeGlass™-UltraPA-GF-fig-2

Материалын шинж чанар


Specimens printed under the following conditions: Nozzle size 0.4mm, nozzle temp 300°C, bed temp 80°C, print speed 45mm/s, infill 100%, infill angle ±45°
Дараах боловсруулалт: 100°C Annealing 8 hours

Recommended printing conditions


Additional Suggestions

  1. Nylon material is very easy to absorb moisture within the environment, and printing after absorbing moisture will result in oozing, extruding with bubbles, and a rough surface appearance, thus reducing print quality. It is recommended that put the filament into a dry box (humidity below 15%) immediately after opening the aeGlass™ UltraPA-GF vacuum foil bag for printing. Please put the unused filament back into the original aluminum foil bag for sealed storage.
  2. After the material is damp, there will be more printing oozing, bubbles extruded, and a rough printing surface. Please dry the filament in an oven at 80-100°C for 4-6h to restore the printing quality of aeGlass™ UltraPA-GF.
  3. It is recommended to use hardened steel and above-grade nozzles made by Phaetus, which can effectively improve the print quality. Besides, it is recommended that the thickness of the heat block is longer than 12mm.
  4. After the printing is completed, the printed part can be annealed to further improve the strength. Annealing conditions: leave printed parts in an oven at 80-100°C for 4 to 8 hours and cool to room temperature naturally.

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