MIXX CHARGE Qi10 Built-in 4 Cables Power Bank


What’s in the box?


A MIXX Integrated 10 Powerbank

  1. Power Button
  2. Micro USB Input Port
  3. Lightning USB Output cable
  4. USB C Output cable
  5. Micro USB Output cable
  6. USB A Input cable
  7. USB A Output Port
  8. LED Charge Indicators


Press the Power Button [1] to turn your MIXX Integrated 10 Powerbank on.MIXX-CHARGE-Qi10-Built-in-4-Cables-Power-Bank-fig-2

Check the battery status

  • Each of the 4 LED lights [8] on the Integrated 10 Powerbank represents 25% charge (from left to right).
  • Each LED light [8] will turn off as the battery level falls below that percentage of charge. After each of the LED lights have gone out and only the first is left on, the Powerbank is down to 25% charge.
  • This first LED light will flash WHITE when the battery is lower than 25% charge and turn off once the battery is depleted.
  • When all 4 LED Charge Indicators have switched off, it is time to recharge the Integrated 10.


  • Connect the Powerbank to a suitable USB wall charger or a computer USB port using the built-in USB A power cable [6] and your Integrated 10 will start charging.
  • Alternatively, you can use a Micro USB cable (available separately) and plug into the Micro USB Port [2] to power the Integrated 10.
  • If there is no phone or device detected to charge, the Powerbank will turn off automatically after 30 seconds.
  • When all 4 LED lights [8] are solid WHITE the Powerbank is fully charged.



Using the built-in cables 

You can charge your mobile devices and accessories using the built-in Micro [5] , USB C [4] and Lightning [3] Output cables.


Simply plug your device into the Powerbank using the cable with the correct connector, your device will start to charge and you should see your devices usual battery screen or icon as confirmation. If it does not begin to charge, press the power button [1] to turn on the Powerbank. You can use all three Output cables to charge three different devices at the same time if required.


Common solutions 

If you are experiencing problems with your Powerbank:

  • Switch on the Powerbank (see page 3)
  • Check if the Powerbank is charged (see page 4).


  • Q. How long will it take to charge the MIXX Integrated 10 Powerbank?
    A. The charge time will vary depending on the power output of your charger. For a 10,000mAh capacity power it will take up to 6 hours.
  • Q. My device is not fast charging with the Powerbank?
    • Make sure you are using the correct cable connector for your device.
    • Unplug your device from the Powerbank and wait for the Powerbank to turn off after 30 seconds before trying again.


Feedback is welcome simply email us on [email protected] or visit mixxcharge.com for more information.


  • Micro USB input: 5V, 2.1A
  • USB Cable Input: 5V, 2.1A
  • Cable Output: 5V, 2.1A
  • USB A Output: 5V, 2.1A
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh / 37Wh
  • Weight: 232g
  • Dimensions: 145 x 67 x 20mm

Suitable for most smartphones, accessories and other devices via Micro, USB C and Lightning power connectors.


It’s important that you read this section completely, especially the ‘Warning, Caution and Safe Usage’ instructions.

For your protection 

  • Before charging digital devices using the MIXX Integrated 10 Powerbank please ensure the device is correctly connected, using the manufacturer’s original specification cables that came with the device.
  • Please keep the product out of reach from children and animals.
  • Do not drop, short circuit, disassemble or continue to use this product or charging cable if damaged.
  • Keep at least 20cm away from implantable medical devices (such as pacemakers and cochlear implants) to prevent potential magnetic interference.

NOTE:  If your product has become damaged in any way, does not operate normally or has been dropped, please refer to a qualified person to have the product checked before continuing to use it.


  • The operating temperature range for this product is 5º – 40º Celsius.
  • If the battery is ballooning, discharged or faulty, please stop using it immediately
  • Please refer to the information on the safety labels on the product or its power supply before installing or operating the device.
  • The Powerbank and cable connectors are not water resistant and should not be exposed to rain, moisture, any splashing or liquid spills.
  • This may cause excessive heat and may lead to fire damage or personal injury.
    CAUTION: This product contains a Lithium battery. Incorrect disposal of this battery may result in an explosion.


This product can be recycled.

  • Products bearing this symbol must NOT be thrown away with normal household waste.
  • Take the product to a collection point designated for recycling of electronic devices. Find out more about return and collection points through your local authority

Documents / Resources

MIXX CHARGE Qi10 Built-in 4 Cables Power Bank [pdf] User Guide
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