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SUNFORCE 80033 Solar String Lights with Remote Control

SUNFORCE 80033 Solar String Lights with Remote Control

Prior to hanging the bulbs, make sure they do not rest upon any hot surface or where they could become damaged. If you are charging the batteries without attaching the bulbs, keep the bulbs in the retail box or safely store them indoors to prevent any potential damage.

TANDREMO: Fampahafantarana momba ny fiarovana

  • Your solar string lights are not a toy. Keep them out of reach of small children.
  • Your solar string lights and solar panel are both fully weather-resistant.
  • The solar panel must be mounted outdoors to maximize sun exposure.
  • Prior to installation, lay out all components and check against the parts list section of this manual.
  • Never look directly into the solar string lights.
  • Do not hang any other objects on the solar string lights.
  • Do not cut the wire or make any wiring changes to the solar string lights.


  • Vidio foana ny habeny sy ny haavon'ny bateria mety indrindra amin'ny fampiasana azy.
  • Ovao hatrany hatrany ny andiana batery iray manontolo amin'ny fotoana iray, mitandrema mba tsy hampifangaro ireo taloha sy vaovao, na batery misy karazany samy hafa.
  • Diovy ny fifandraisana amin'ny bateria ary koa ny an'ny fitaovana alohan'ny fametrahana ny bateria.
  • Ensure the batteries are installed correctly with regard to polarity(+ and -).
  • Esory ny bateria amin'ny fitaovana izay tsy azo ampiasaina mandritra ny fotoana maharitra.
  • Esory avy hatrany ny bateria misy simba na 'maty' ary soloy.
    Ho an'ny fanodinana sy fanariana bateria mba hiarovana ny tontolo iainana, azafady jereo ny Internet na ny lahatahiry finday eo an-toerana ho an'ny foibe fanodinana eo an-toerana sy/na araho ny fitsipiky ny governemanta eo an-toerana.


  • divaytage looking Edison LED light bulbs (E26 base)
  • Integrated mounting loops
  • Solar battery charging
  • Ny fanaraha-maso lavitra dia tafiditra
  • 10.67 m / 35 ft total cable length
  • 3V, 0.3W LED replaceable bulbs

FIDERANA mialoha

  1. The solar string lights are shipped with the batteries pre-installed. Before starting any installation, test the bulbs for illumination.
    Fametrahana mialoha 01
    • Connect the solar panel to the connector on the string lights.
    • Select ON on the back of the solar panel.
    • The bulbs should now illuminate.
      Once the bulbs are all illuminated, turn the switch to OFF and continue with the installation.
  2. Ensure your solar panel is placed so that its exposure to sunlight is optimized. Be aware of objects such as trees or property overhangs that may impede the panel’s ability to generate a charge.
    Fametrahana mialoha 02
  3. Prior to using your solar string lights, the solar panel needs sunlight for a period of three days. This initial charge should be done without the string lights connected or with the solar panel in the OFF position. After the third day, your included batteries will be fully charged.

Fanamarihana: The solar panel should be mounted in a place where the ON/OFF switch is easily accessible.


  1. If required use the two wall plugs (H) along with the two large screws (G). Install the screws utilizing the two outer holes of the mounting bracket to secure the bracket to the chosen surface.
    Fametrahana bracket 01
  2. Insert the mounting base (D) onto the back of the solar panel (B). Use the included small screw (F) to tighten the connection.
    Fametrahana bracket 02
  3. Slide the solar panel down onto the mounting bracket (E) until you feel and hear the connection click into place.
    Fametrahana bracket 03
  4. Adjust the solar panel to the desired angle to optimize sun exposure.
    Fametrahana bracket 04
  5. The angle of the solar panel can be adjusted to maximize sun exposure by loosening, adjusting and then re-tightening the side screw located on the solar panel’s protruding arm.
    Fametrahana bracket 05

Fanamarihana: To disconnect the solar panel from the mounting bracket, press down on the release tab on the bottom of the mounting bracket. With the tab firmly pressed, slide the solar panel upwards and free of the bracket. Some force may be required to remove the panel from the bracket.

Disconnect Solar Panel


To utilize the ground stake (C), connect the two parts of the stake together.
The grooved section then fits into the protruding arm of the solar panel.
The stake can then be used to mount the panel into the ground.

Tsatòka ambanin'ny tany


The solar string lights have a variety of possible ways to be mounted. The following are examples of the most common ways:

  1. Temporary mounting: Using standard S hooks (not included) or screw hooks (not included) the solar string lights can be mounted utilizing the integrated mounting loops.
    Installation String Lights 01
  2. Permanent mounting: Using cable tie wraps or ‘zip ties’ (not included) or using nails or screws into a surface, the solar string lights can be mounted more permanently.
    Installation String Lights 02
  3. Guide wire installation: Using S hooks (not included) attach the string lights to a pre-installed guide wire (not included).
    Installation String Lights 03
  4. Structural installation: To create a draping effect for the solar string lights attach the first bulb to a structure, then only mount every 3-4th bulb to create the desired effect. Complete the effect by mounting the last bulb to a structure.
    Installation String Lights 04
  5. The final step of installation is to connect the solar panel to the string lights. Simply insert the plug located after the final bulb into the wire coming from the solar panel. Tighten the plug by screwing the seal over the connection point.
    Installation String Lights 05
    Fanamarihana: The solar string lights will illuminate for 4-5 hours depending on the charge level of the batteries.


Installation String Lights 06

After an initial 3 day charge in the OFF position the solar string lights are ready to use.
Pull out the included plastic tab to activate the remote control’s (J) battery.

When the solar panel is in the ON position the bulbs should illuminate. Simply press the button on the remote control to turn the bulbs off. Likewise when the bulbs are off press the button on the remote control to illuminate the bulbs. It is advisable to leave the solar panel in the ON position for regular usage. Turning the solar panel to the OFF position disengages the remote control and can be used when storing or for long periods of intended inactivity.

NOTE: Using the solar string light during daylight hours will have a negative effect on the length of time the lights will illuminate in the evening. When not required always use the remote control to turn the bulbs off to help conserve the battery charge.

Installation String Lights 07

The solar string light’s batteries (I) are installed on the rear of the solar panel. Always open the battery compartment with the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position. Unscrew the back of the battery compartment and remove the backing piece. Inside you will see the batteries.
When replacing the batteries, observe the correct polarity and match the battery specifications with the batteries you have removed.
Mampiasà bateria azo averina ihany.
For this product use two rechargeable 18650 3.7V lithium-ion batteries.
Replace the back of the battery compartment and continue to use the solar string lights as required.

Ity fitaovana ity dia mifanaraka amin'ny fizarana 15 amin'ny lalàna FCC.
Ireto misy fepetra roa manaraka:
(1) ity fitaovana ity dia mety tsy hiteraka fanelingelenana manimba ary (2) ity fitaovana ity dia tsy maintsy manaiky ny fanelingelenana voaray, ao anatin'izany ny fanelingelenana mety hiteraka fiasa tsy tiana.
Ny fanovana na fanovana tsy neken'ny antoko tompon'andraikitra amin'ny fanarahan-dalàna dia afaka manafoana ny fahefan'ny mpampiasa hampiasana ny fitaovana.
FANAMARIHANA: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class 8 digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

  • Reorient na afindra ilay antena mandray.
  • Ampitomboy ny fisarahana eo amin'ny fitaovana sy ny mpandray.
  • Ampifandraiso amina outlet ny fitaovana amin'ny faritra tsy mitovy amin'izay ampifandraisin'ny mpandray.
  • Mangataha fanampiana amin'ny mpivarotra na amin'ny teknisiana radio / TV efa za-draharaha.

Ny fitaovana dia nohamarinina mba hahafeno ny fepetra takian'ny RF amin'ny ankapobeny. Ny fitaovana dia azo ampiasaina amin'ny fiparitahan'ny finday tsy misy fetra.

WARNING: This product contains a button battery. If swallowed, it could cause severe injury or death in just 2 hours. Seek medical attention immediately.


Should you need to replace the included battery in the remote control, locate the battery compartment on the edge of the remote control.
Push the tab to the right (1) and slide out the battery compartment (2).
Replace the battery ensuring the right polarity is observed and ensure the replacement battery has the same characteristics as the one that has been removed.

  2. Ny fitelemana dia mety miteraka ratra mafy na dia adiny 2 na fahafatesana aza, vokatry ny fandoroana simika sy ny fihenan'ny esophagus.
  3. Raha miahiahy ianao fa nitelina na nametaka bateria bokotra ny zanakao, dia mitadiava fanampiana avy hatrany maika.
  4. Diniho ny fitaovana ary alao antoka fa voaharo tsara ny efitry ny bateria, ohatra hoe mihidy ny visy na ny fehikibo mekanika hafa. Aza ampiasaina raha tsy azo antoka ny efitrano.
  5. Atsipazo avy hatrany sy soa aman-tsara ireo bateria bokotra efa niasa. Mbola mety hampidi-doza ny bateria fisaka.
  6. Lazao amin'ny hafa ny loza mety hitranga amin'ny batterie bokotra sy ny fomba hitazonana ny zanany tsy hanana ahiahy.

Ireto misy fepetra roa manaraka:
(1) Ity fitaovana ity dia mety tsy hiteraka fitsabahana, ary (2) Ity fitaovana ity dia tsy maintsy manaiky ny fanelingelenana, ao anatin'izany ny fanelingelenana mety hiteraka fiasa tsy ilaina amin'ny fitaovana.
The digital apparatus complies with Canadian CAN ICES-005 (8) / NM8-005 (8).
This radio transmitter (ISED certification number: 26663-101015) has been approved by Industry Canada to operate with the antenna types listed with the maximum permissible gain indicated. Antenna types not included in this list, having a gain greater than the maximum gain indicated for that type, are strictly prohibited for use with this device.

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  1. The remote won’t turn off the bulbs, even after putting a new battery in.
    Any clue?
    The bulbs were left outdoors for the winter but the solar panel was taken indoors.

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