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USE OF SoundPods™
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  1.  Bokotra multi-function
  2. Indikator LED Earbud
  3. Volume & Track Control
  4. Bokotra fiampangana
  5.  Charging Dock Indicators LED

Fampahalalana manan-danja

  • Both earbuds will automatically pair to each other when turned on. When Successfully paired, one of the two earbuds will flash red and blue while another will slowly flash blue.
  • The earbuds will power off if they don’t connect to any device within 5 minutes.

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Mampifanaraka ny sofinao

  1. Alefaso ny Bluetooth amin'ny fitaovanao.
  2. Long press the multi-function button for 3 seconds to power SoundPods on. When the Earbud LED Indicators flash red and blue, they are ready to be paired.
  3. Choose “SoundPods’ on your list to connect.
  4. When the Earbud LED Indicators slowly flash blue, they are successfully paired.

Fampiasana Bluetooth:

1 . Making phone calls: Be sure the earbuds are connected with your mobile phone. Once connected you can make phone calls. When making calls both earbuds will be working.

  • To answer a call(, short press the earbud Multi-function button one time.
  • To end a call short press the earbud Multi-function button one time.
  • To reject calls long-press the earbud Multi-function button.
  • You can dial the last number by quick pressing the earbud Multi-function button twice.

2. Mihaino mozika: Be sure the earbuds are connected with your mobile phone.

  • To pante/resume music, short press the earbud Multi-function button one time.
  • To play next track, short press the earbud volume +” button.
  • To play the previous track short press the earbud volume –” button.
  • To increase the volume long-press the earbud volume “+” button.
  • To decrease the volume long-press the earbud volume ‘-” button.

3. Tapaka ny heriny Long press the earbud Multi-function button for 5 seconds to power off the earbud. The Earbud LED indicator will flash red 3 times indicating that the earbud has been powered off.
The earbuds will power off if they don’t connect to any device within 5 minutes.

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Fiampangana ny fitaovanao

1. Charging your earbud(s):

  • There will be a tone sound to Indicate the earbuds need to be charged.
  • Place earbuds onto charging dock and press the charging button to begin a charge.
  • The earbud(s) LED Indicator will turn red while charging and will turn off when fully charged.

1. Charging your dock:

  • While charging the dock, the LED Indicators will flash red and will change to a solid red when fully charged.

fepetra arahana:

Bluetooth version: V5.0 Earbud Battery Capacity: 60mah each Charging Dock Battery Capacity: 400mah Play Time: Up to 21hrs


  • Auto Connect Technology
  • Microphone naorina
  • Hatramin'ny 21 ora filalaovana sy fotoana fiampangana
  • Mampifandray an-tariby amin'ny fitaovana iOS & Android
  • Famolavolana ergonomika mba hamehezana tsara ny sofinao

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  1. Handle with care. Do not throw, sit on, or store the SoundPods under heavy objects. Keep away from high temperatures and environments with high humidity. Store in an environment with a temperature between -10°C – 60°C.
  2. Keep away from high-frequency transmitting equipment such as WIFI routers which may cause sound interference or disconnection.
  3. This product is compatible with both JOS° and Android” devices.

Fanambarana FCC:

Ity fitaovana ity dia notsapaina ary hita fa mifanaraka amin'ny fetran'ny fitaovana nomerika Class B, mifanaraka amin'ny ampahan'ny 15 amin'ny FCC Rules. Ireo fetra ireo dia natao hanomezana fiarovana azo antoka amin'ny fanelingelenana manimba amin'ny fametrahana trano fonenana. Io fitaovana io dia miteraka, mampiasa ary afaka mamelatra angovo matetika amin'ny radio ary, raha tsy apetraka sy ampiasaina mifanaraka amin'ny torolàlana, dia mety hiteraka fanelingelenana manimba ny fifandraisana amin'ny radio. Na izany aza, tsy misy antoka azo antoka fa tsy hitranga ny fanelingelenana amin'ny fametrahana azy manokana. Raha miteraka fanelingelenana manimba ny fandraisana radio na fahitalavitra ity fitaovana ity, izay azo hamaritana amin'ny alàlan'ny famonoana sy ny fandefasana ireo fitaovana, amporisihina ny mpampiasa hiezaka ny hanitsy ny fanelingelenana amin'ny iray amin'ireto fepetra manaraka ireto:

  • Reorient na afindra ilay antena mandray.
  • mampitombo ny fisarahana eo amin'ny fitaovana sy ny mpandray.
  • Ampifandraiso amin'ny fivoahana ny fitaovana a

faribolana hafa noho izay ampifandraisin'ny mpandray.

  • Mangataha fanampiana amin'ny mpivarotra na amin'ny teknisiana radio / TV efa za-draharaha.

Tandremo: Any changes or modifications to this device not explicitly approved by the manufacturer could void your authority to operate this equipment. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirements. The device can be used in portable exposure conditions without restriction.

© 2020 Zelkos, Inc. Hip is a trademark of Zeikos, Inc., Pod, (Phone and Pad are trademarks of Apple Inc. The “Android* name, the Android logo, and other trademarks are property of Google LLC. , Registered In the U.S. and other countries. The illustrated product and specifications may differ slightly from that supplied. All other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. The United States and international patent pending. All Rights Reserved. For ages 12+up. This is not a toy. Designed by iHip, Manufactured in China. The Bluetooth0 word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by ‘Hip’ is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
Limited One Time Warranty. To activate your product warranty go to our webtoerana. www.iHip.com & misoratra anarana ity vokatra ity.

iHip SoundPods-Logo

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