mestic MTEC-28 AC/DC Cool Box 
Thermo-Electric User Manual

mestic MTEC-28 AC DC Cool Box Thermo-Electric User Manual



mestic MTEC-28 AC DC Cool Box Thermo-Electric - Mestic



Cooler box


General Safety Instructions

Read the manual before using the device.

  • If the conditions are not complied with, the manufacturer is not liable for damage or injury resulting from the use of this device.
  • Save the manual, the warranty certificate and the sales receipt.
  • The use of this device is not permitted for young children.
  • Children with the age of 8 years or older may only use the appliance if they are supervised by an adult.
  • The appliance must always be on a flat, stable and dry surface.
  • Never use the appliance if there are damage or breaks in the cable.
  • Never attempt repairs yourself in the event of damage to the appliance, the cord or the plug. Always have this done by the manufacturer or a qualified technician.
  • The device is not suitable for commercial use.
  • Always use and store the appliance in a dry place.
  • Check whether the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the mains connection.
  • Never use accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Never use the cord to remove the plug from the power supply.
  • Always remove the plug from the socket when the appliance is not in use or if you do not have a view of the appliance.
  • Always remove the power plug of the appliance if it is to be maintained or cleaned.
  • Never use the appliance in the vicinity of hot or warm objects.
  • Prevent the device from coming into contact with rain.
  • Do not place other electrical appliances in the appliance
  • Do not place chemical or explosive agents in the device.
  • This appliance is only suitable for household use and for the purpose for which it is intended.
  • When using AC power, use a grounded wall socket.
  • Only use the DC 12V or the 230V connection cable. ATTENTION: never use both energy sources at the same time.
  • Defrost the appliance regularly in order for the appliance to function optimally.
  • Remove the products from the appliance before cleaning and remove the plug from the power supply. Clean only with a slightly damp cloth, if necessary a non-aggressive cleaning agent can be used. After cleaning, always dry all wet surfaces with a dry cloth.
  • Never use sharp or abrasive products to clean the appliance
  • Beware! keep the vent free. When these are blocked this may cause overheating.

For use

  • Remove all packing materials from the device.
  • Place the device on a flat and stable surface with at least 10 cm free space on each side.
  • Check the Terms of use before using the device.
  • Wipe the inside of the appliance with a warm and slightly moist cloth and dry it afterwards
  • Make sure that the power supply is equipped with an earth leakage switch when using a boat.


  • To open the Cooler box, pull the handle more open than needed.
  • Leave the lid no longer than necessary. This has influance to the operation of the device.
  • The time of cooling or heating is also dependent on the ambient temperature.
  • The appliance must not be used for permanent use.
  • The device is on and off by using the ECO – OFF – MAX an OFF – COLD – HOT buttons.
  • The indicator lights stand for cooling Green- cooling RED- heating.
  • Do not switch directly from one to the other modes. if you want to switch, turn off the unit wait 30 minutes turn and put the device in the other modes again.


  • Set the switch to position COLD
  • Keep your food & drinks cold for several hours.
  • For best results, we recommend placing cooled food / drinks in the cooler. This prevents the decline in temperature

Recycling iconRecycling icon

This product bears the selective sorting symbol for waste electrical and electronic equipment This means that this product must be handled pursuant to European Directive (2012/19/EU) in order to be recycled or dismantled to minimize its impact on the environment. For further information, please contact your local or regional authorities. Electronic products not included in the selective sorting process are potentially dangerous for the environment and human heath due to the presence of hazardous substances.

Declaration of conformity

Hereby Gimeg Nederland B.V. declares that the device MTEC-28, applies all basic requirements and other relevant regulations listed in the European directive for electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30/EU) and low voltage directive (2014/35/EU). If you require a full declaration of conformity, you can contact the address listed on the backside of this manual



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