Mercia Garden Cabin Shed Instructions

Mercia Garden Cabin Shed

Overall Dimensions:
Length = 1843mm
Width = 2257mm
Height = 2205mm

Base Dimensions:
Length = 1448mm
Width = 2082mm

Before assembly please make sure you have a suitable base ready to erect your building



  • Check the pack and make sure you have all the parts listed.
  • When you are ready to start, make sure you have the right tools at hand (not supplied) including a Phillips screwdriver, Stanley knife, wood saw, step ladder and drill with 2mm bit.
  • Ensure there is plenty of space and a clean dry area for assembly.


As with all natural materials, timber can be affected during various weather conditions. For the duration of heavy or extended periods of rain, swelling of the wood panels may occur. Warping of the wood may also occur during excessive dry spells due to an interior moisture loss. Unfortunately, these processes cannot be avoided but can be helped. It is suggested that the outdoor building is sprayed with water during extended periods of warm sunshine and sheltered as much as possible during rain or snow.

Our buildings are pre treated with a water based treatment**; this only helps to protect the product during transit and for upto 3 months against mould. To validate your guarantee and ensure longevity of the product, it is ESSENTIAL the building is treated with a wood preserver within the first three months of assembly and thereafter in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. Care must be taken to ensure the product is placed on a suitable base.


When thinking about where the building and base is going to be constructed: Ensure that there will be access to all sides for maintenance work and annual treatment.

Ensure the base is level and is built on firm ground, to prevent distortion. Refer to diagrams for the base dimensions, The base should be slightly smaller than the external measurement of the building, i.e. The cladding should overlap the base, creating a run off for water. It is also recommended that the floor be at least 25mm above the surrounding ground level to avoid flooding.


– Concrete 75mm laid on top of 75mm hard-core.
– Slabs laid on 50mm of sharp sand.

Whilst all products manufactured are made to the highest standards of Safety and in the case of children’s products independently tested to EN71 level, we cannot accept responsibility for your safety whilst erecting or using this product.

Mercia Garden Cabin Shed - BEFORE YOU START CAUTIONS

For Assistance Please Contact Customer Care on 01636 880514

**Protim Aquatan T5 (621)**
Your building has been treated with Aquatan. Aquatan is a water-based concentrate which is diluted with water, the building as been treated by the correct application of Aquatan solution and then allowed to dry. Aquatan is a decorative finish to colour the wood, which is applied industrially to timber fence panels and garden buildings.

Aquatan undiluted contains: boric acid, sodium hydroxide 32% solution, aqueos mixture of sodium dioctyl sulphosuccinat and alcohols: 2, 4, 6-trichlorophenol.

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Mercia Garden Cabin Shed [pdf] Instructions
Cabin Shed, 01OAOSB0705-V2, Overall Dimensions, Length 1843mm, Width 2257mm, Height 2205mm, Base Dimensions, Length 1448mm, Width 2082mm


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