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Mercedes-Benz CLS Brief Overview Car User Guide

Mercedes-Benz CLS Brief Overview Car

Cockpit – overview

  1. Seat functions
    1. Adjusts the seat electrically
    2. Seat heating
    3. Seat ventilation
    4. Adjusts the front-passenger seat
    5. Memory function and presets 45=
  2. Light switch
    1. Adjusts the instrument lighting
  3. Driver assistancesystems
    1. Active Steering Assist
    2. Active Lane Keeping Assist
    3. Night ViewAssist
    4. Head-up display
    5. Rear window roller sunblind
  4. Adjusts the air vents:
    1. open or closed
  5. Multifunction steering wheel control panels
  6. DIRECT SELECT lever for transmission position
  7. Start/Stop button
  8. Multimedia system display
  9. Rocker switches for automatic climate control
  10. Multimedia system controller with
    1. T Seats menu
    2. Navigation menu
    3. Radio menu
    4. Media menu
    5. Telephone menu
    6. Vehicle menu
    7. Back button
    8. Shows main functions
  11. Switches multimedia system on or off
    1. Adjusts the volume
    2. Press: switches the sound on or off
    3. Lowers or raises the head restraints in the rear compartment
    4. Deactivates PARKTRONIC
  12. Multimedia system touchpad
  13. Driving functions
    1. ECO start/stop function
    3. Vehicle level
    4. Active Parking Assist
  14. Electric parking brake
  15. Opens or closes the trunk lid
  16. Door control panel with controls for power windows, exterior mirror settings and the override feature for power windows and roller sunblinds for the side windows in the rear
  17. Door handle
    1. Locks the vehicle centrally
    2. Unlocks the vehicle centrally

Overhead control panel

  1. Buttons for interior lighting and reading light
  2. Button for Mercedes me connect*
  3. G SOS button* (Mercedes-Benz emergency call system)
  4. 3 Panoramic roof Front roller sunblind
  5. y MAGIC SKY CONTROL or Rear roller sunblind
    Not available in all countries

Lever on the steering wheel


  1. Combination switch for turn signals, high-beam headlamps and windshield wipers
  2. Lever for electrical steering column adjustment and steering wheel heating

Combination switch – windshield wiper functions

  1. Single wipe
    Wipes with washer fluid
    1. Windshield wipers off
    2. Intermittent wiping, normal
    3. Intermittent wiping, frequent
    4. Continuous wiping, slow
    5. Continuous wiping, fast

Combination switch – lighting functions

  1. High-beam headlamps or
    Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus
  2. Turn signal, right
  3. Headlamp flasher
  4. Turn signal, left

Active Distance Assistant DISTRONIC

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC maintains a constant speed which has been stored. The lowest speed that can be set is 12 mph (20 km/h). You can change the set speed: Using rocker switch 2, you can change the specified minimum distance to the vehicle in front. The specified minimum distance depends on the currently driven speed. If rocker switch 4 is pressed upwards twice, Distance Assist DISTRONIC is activated with the speed restriction displayed in the instrument cluster.
1 mph step (1 km/h): Briefly press rocker switch 3 up or down.
5 mph step (10 km/h): Press rocker switch 3 up or down beyond the pressure point


  1. Switches Active Distance Assist
    DISTRONIC on or off
  2. Activates Active Distance Assist
    DISTRONIC with the current speed
  3. Activates with the stored speed/pulls away with Active Distance Assist
    Deactivates Active Distance Assist
    Changing the speed/distance
  4. Increases the specified minimum distance Reduces the specified minimum distance
  5. Increases the speed Reduces the speed

Climate control

Operating possibilities for climate control

  • You can set automatic climate control using:
  • The rocker switches on control unit 1 of the center console
  • The climate control menu of the multimedia system
  • Air-conditioning function bar 2 shows the most important settings and the status of automatic climate control.

Automatic climate control panel

  • Sets climate control to automatic mode
  • Sets the temperature
  • K Sets the airflow
  • At level 0: climate control off
  • Air-recirculation mode The air in the vehicle interior is recirculated.
  • In air-recirculation mode, the windows can fog up more quickly.
  • Defrosts the windshield
  • Calls up the climate control menu
  • If you press and hold thetbutton for approximately 4 seconds, automatic climate control is reset to the basic settings.
  • Defrosts the rear window
  • Cooling with air dehumidification
  • Residual heat with the engine off

Climate control menu of the multimedia system

  • To call up the climate control menu: press thetrocker switch on the control panel up or down
  • A/C – Activates/deactivates the cooling and air dehumidification functions of the automatic climate control
  • Climate Mode – Changes the air flow
  • Air Distribution – Sets the air distribution for the driver and front passenger
  • Footwell Temperature – Adjusts the temperature for the footwell separately
  • Rear – Operates the automatic climate control in the rear
  • SYNC – Changes settings for all climate zones in the vehicle simultaneously
  • Ionization – Freshens the air in the vehicle interior using ionization
  • Air Freshener – Sets the intensity of the perfume atomizer

Buttons on the multifunction steering wheel

Operating the menu of the on-board computer

  1. Back button for the on-board computer
  2. Touch Control for the on-board computer
    Operating the multimedia system
  3. Main menu of the multimedia system
  4. Touch Control for the multimedia system
  5. Back button for the multimedia system
  6. Accepts a telephone call Rejects a telephone call Ends a call
  7. H Adjusts the volume
    Press: switches the sound on or off
  8. Starts dialog with the Voice Control
    System or cancels the current Voice
    Control System voice command
    Displays favorites

Voice Control System

Starting a dialog

The Voice Control System allows you to comfortably operate the majority of the multimedia system’s functions.
Voice Control System help functions

  • General information: Say the “Help Voice Control System” voice command.
  • Help for the current function: Say the “Help” voice command.
  • Help for a specific system: Say the voice command for the desired system, e.g. “Help telephone”.
    Voice commands for Navigation
  • “Navigate to Woodward Avenue, Detroit” Starts route guidance to the named address.
  • “Navigate to John Doe” Starts route guidance to a contact in the address book.
  • “Nearest gas station”
    Further categories are also available: restaurant, car park and rest area.
    Voice commands for telephone
  • “Call Jane Doe”
    Calls the number of a contact in the address book.
  • “Latest calls”
    Shows the latest calls.
    Voice commands for audio mode
  • Station Z100″
    Calls up stations which are in range or stored stations.
  • “Play Moonlight Sonata”
    Plays the named media file. All tracks available in the system can be used.
  • To say a voice command: press the ? button and speak a voice command after the signal tone.

Overview of the multimedia system


Favorites allow you to quickly call up applications which you use regularly.

You can store your own personal settings for the multimedia system in a user profile.

  • To call up the menu: press theòbutton.
  • The main functions are displayed.
  • Navigate downwards. The favorites bar is shown.
  • To create your own favorite: select the desired function in the multimedia system.
  • Press and hold the òbutton until the favorites are displayed.
  • Add your own favorite at the desired position.
  • To call up the menu: press theòbutton.
  • Select+System *gPersonalization
  • Touchpad: swipe in the direction of the desired entry.
  • Swipe to the left or right in order to open a menu.
  • Confirm your selection by pressing. % Press briefly: returns to the previous display
  • Press and hold: calls up main functions
  • Calls up main functions
  • Rapid access to audio sources
  • You can operate the multimedia system with the controller, touchpad or Touch Control.
  • Controller: turn or slide in the direction of the desired entry.
  • Slide to the left or right in order to open a menu.
  • Confirm your choice by pressing the controller

Operating the multimedia system

Zooming the map

  • Touchpad: move two fingers apart or together.
  • Controller: turn left or right

Rapid access to audio sources

Depending on the audio source to which you are currently listening, you can move to the next radio station or music track.

To open the access bar: swipe up with two fingers.

  • Press theDbutton on the touchpad.
  • To select the previous or next station/ music track: use one finger to swipe up or down.
  • To close the access bar: swipe down with two fingers or pressDon the touchpad.

Handwriting recognition

  • To deletej: swipe to the left.
  • To insert a space : swipe to the right

Quickly storing radio stations

If you are listening to the radio and the Radio menu is shown in the multimedia system:

Press and hold the controller or touchpad or the right-hand Touch Control on the multifunction steering wheel.
A tone confirms the save

Establishing a Bluetooth® connection

Connecting a mobile phone
iYou can simultaneously connect two telephones with your system.

Further information
Detailed information on Bluetooth® connections with your mobile phone can be found at:

  • Select the desired mobile phone.
  • code is displayed in the multimedia system and on the mobile phone.
  • If the codes match: Confirm with Yes on the multimedia system.
  • Confirm the code on the mobile phone.


  • Bluetooth® is switched on on the mobile phone and visible for other devices (see the manufacturer’s operating instructions).
  • Bluetooth® is switched on on the multimedia system.
  • Searching for a mobile phone or If your mobile phone is not found, select Search from Device.
  • Press the%button on the center console.
  • Select Devices * Connect New Device.
  • Select Start Search on System.
  • The available devices are shown in the display.

Further information on your vehicle

Connecting external media sources The USB connection for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ is marked with theçsymbol.

If you carry the KEYLESS-GO key on your person, you will be detected by a sensor.
Do not touch the bumper and maintain a distance of around 12 in (30 cm).

Further information
Obtain further information on your vehicle from:

  1. SD card slot
  2. USB ports

Documents / Resources

Mercedes-Benz CLS Brief Overview Car [pdf] User Guide
CLS Brief Overview Car



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