MEGAWHEELS EB03 High Tech Mini Electric Bike User Manual
MEGAWHEELS EB03 High Tech Mini Electric Bike

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Regarding the manual

For your cycling safety, please read this manual carefully before using EB03 electric bike, make sure you can ride EB03 electric bike correctly.
Knowing all the warnings and precautions listed in this manual will help you to ride your EB03 electric bike better.
If you have any questions or can not obtain the information you need from this manual, please contact the authorized agent or the after sales department.

Related conventions
The following instructions are applicable to the basic (user manual), please pay special attention to “warning”, “note” and “prompt”.

Note Your actions may lead to personal injury
Prompt Information about what the user needs to be aware of or the function prompt

Product overview
EB03 electric bike is a small, efficient and economy personal vehicle , its fashion sense of science and technology modeling, the light structure design, strong lithium battery power, will give you a pleasant riding experience.

Product picture

Product picture

Product configuration table

EB03 miniature folding electric bike configuration table.

Parameter Description
Material Aluminum
Battery voltage 36V
Max Range 25-30km (30 cells)
Max Speed 20krn/h
Net weight 14.7kg(30 cells)
Max loading 120kg
Climbing Angle 7.2°
Screen LCD
Tire size Front12″/Rear12″
Brake Mode Rear disc-brake or Front/Rear disc-brake
Unit unfold size 1140’490’965mm
Unit folded size 1140’210’800mm
Charger AC110-240V/50.60Hz
Charging time 3-4H(30 cells);
Motor Power 250W
Battery 36V7.8A

Warning icon WARNING bove data is measured at below environment: temperature 25 °,Ioading75kg, flat road. Riding habits, environmental factors such as temperature, road environment, load size will directly affect the running mileage.

The controller of the bike

The entire controller includes four parts: headlight switch and bell of the left side + power switch and power screen of the right side + headlight + taillight.
The controller of the bike

  • The black button of the left handle is headlight and behind light power button, Press to turn on/off the headlight.
  • The right side of the handle is power supply. There are one button. press to start and you will see the electric quantity at the screen. Screwing the handle to ride the bike.
  • The taillight will be bright when you brake. Please screw the nail first to adjust the handle before cycling

Adjusting the E- bike handle

Please screw the nail first to adjust the handle before cycling

  1. Below is the state you take the bike out of the packing box. you can put the handle upside.
    Adjusting the E- bike handleAdjusting the E- bike handle
  2. you can find the tools inside the charger box. then screw the nails and adjust the handle to the right place.
    Adjusting the E- bike handleAdjusting the E- bike handle

Assemble electric bike instruction

Place the bike bar in the direction as the picture and hold the folding handle tightly.(as shown in the picture)
Assemble electric bike instruction

Check the packing case

When the electric bike is sale out from factory, it includes the following attachment. Please check the box. If there is a shortage, please consult the sales agent or the after-sales department.

Main body Seat tube /seat bag
Product manual Tool bag

Warning icon WARNING choosing unapproved components or installing components in wrong way will damage electric bike and oven cause personal injury, in order to ensure the quality and safely, All components needs to be approved by our company and make sure they are installed in correct way. Please do not try to ride an electric bike which is not installed in proper way. Do not remove and refit the electric bike without the permission, otherwise it may cause the electric bike to be unrecoverable.


Charging method

Step 1: the charge position is on the bottom of the bike.(as shown in the picture) Step 2: plug the charging cable into the charging hole.(make sure the connection is dry)
Step 3: the indicator lamp of the charger is red when charging. When the lamp changes green, battery is full, please stop charging when it is full, or it will affect the battery life.
Step 4: finish the charge by covering up the charge port and avoiding the water. Charge at least 5 hours before the first operation.

Charging safety tips

Charge at least 5 hours before the first operation.

  1. To maximize the battery life, please charge once per month or after two days of cycling. Please charge at the suitable temperature.
  2. Not charge on time may cause battery damage. As time went by, the battery power will be totally out ,It is not good for battery.
  3. Please use the batteries, chargers and cables supplied by the original manufacturer and prevent the battery from being overcharged.
  4. Please ensure that the charger cables are connected correctly at ventilated environment.
  5. Please make sure you use it in a dry environment. Chargers or cables will never be allowed to touch water because it could lead to electric shocks. Do not touch with wet hands. If any failure occurs during charging, unplug immediately.
  6. Be sure to pull out of the plug and don’t pull the plug from the cable.
  7. Do not allow the charger or cable to contact the sharp or hot items. Perform visual inspection of the charger and charger ca5b les regularly.
  8. If the charger cable has obvious damage. Do not use charger to avoid further damage, please contact for replacement.
  9. Please do not repair the battery, charger or cable independently. Please contact us if there is any problem.

Usage of EB03 electric bike

Ride a electric bike

This electric bike is a technology item instead of walking, if you don’t understand Operation specification and ride, that will lead to unpredictable risks. For the freshman, especially for the first time users of electric bike. We will write in detail about how to ride electric bike properly, and list out the precautions while riding, please make sure you read carefully and ride electric bike as required.

Precautions before cycling

  1. Loss will be caused during cycling and parking, that will affect the performance of the product. So before you ride the bike, you must check the following things:
  2. Check whether the parts of the bike are installed stable and not damaged. Check if brakes are in perfect condition.
  3. Check if folding mechanism is locked. Check if there is enough electricity. Check if the tire is in good condition.
  4. Check if bike handle has any sign of loose, please tighten it if has.
  5. You need to find a more open area for riding practice, at least 4m * 20m, inside or outside of the room are both ok.
  6. You need to familiar with the environment around you. Make sure you don’t disturbed by cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.
  7. You need a skilled assistant next to you. The assistant needs to be able to operate the electric bike and understand all the cautions and riding methods in this manual.
  8. Please do not try on the smooth, slippery ground.
  9. Please be sure to wear safety helmets and protective gear to avoid possible damage.
  10. The moisture will cause the brakes to slow down, after clean up the electric bike, please dry the brakes in a safe place.
  11. Avoid using this product in bad weather (e.g. snow, rain or ice).
  12. Use this product in any environment, please check if the brake is normal.

Safety precautions

This EB03 electric bike is a personal mobility tool with a certain speed. Its technology and production are strictly tested. But if you don’t ride it according to the warnings of use specified in this manual, may bring you riding risk. No matter when and where, for the reason of the fall, out of control, collision, including not abide by the riding requirements of this manual, that may have the possibility to lead to injury or even death. In order to reduce risk and avoid damage, you must read the manual carefully, watch the relevant security video, and follow below attentions:

  1. Wear a helmet and protective gear while riding.
  2. Don’t ride at the slope which is more than 7.2 °, and do not speed up or slow down suddenly on the slope.
  3. Pay attention to obstacles and slippery roads; Don’t ride on the grass or crushed stone road.
  4. Do not ride in the water exceed 30mm in depth. It is forbidden to ride up and down the stairs.
  5. It is forbidden to ride on roadway.
  6. It is forbidden to soak the bike in water.
  7. The bike is a one-man bike that prohibits many people cycling together.
  8. Anyone who is less than 18 years old or older than 55 needs to be assisted when riding. Please make sure the electricity is full and the tire is normal before riding.
  9. Don’t try to speed fast before you are familiar with riding. Please speed up slowly.
  10. The special nature of the lithium batteries require users to charge the bike at least once a month. if the battery damage for not maintenance regularly, that is beyond the scope of the company warranty.



  • The Bike is used only for daily travel. Do not use it as an extreme sport and similar dangerous cycling.
  • Avoid storing the bike at the direct sunlight place(even if storing in your car trunk) As after a period of time, the bike body and the battery temperature will reach to more than 50 degrees, the function and the bike battery life will be damaged
  • Avoid storing electric bike in wet conditions.
  • When the bike is out of usage. the battery will automatically loose power. You should test the battery electricity at least once one month, and charging in time to ensure that the battery is full of power. Avoid the battery run out of power over a long time because it may cause irreparable damage (such as battery deeply
  • In winter. the batteries may lose power faster because of low temperatures.
  • In appropriate storage will lead to the lithium battery life shorten or cause other hidden problems. Please store the electric bike indoor and make sure the place is dry and the temperature .humidity is suitable.


Before cleaning, make sure the bike is turned off, unplug the charging line and cover the charging port. During the cleaning process. be careful keep the water out of charging port. The grade of waterproof and dust proof is IP54, which is anti-splash and anti-dust. Therefore, it is forbidden to immerse the electric bike in water, which will cause permanent damage to the bike.


  • Battery and power equipment can not be discarded as general household rubbish. you already make a significant contribution to the environmental through ride bike. in order to avoid unnecessary pollution.
  • Please handle your electric bike and all relevant parts (battenes) through the authorized processing facility.
  • Please follow the latest guidelines, if you have any questions, please consult the distributor or contact the after sales department.

Inflate and replace

When there is a low pressure in the tire. or the pressure of the two tires is different, please inflate it in time. Make sure the pressure of the two tires is the same. The default Front fire pressure is 2.8 Bar, rear tire is 2.5 Bar.
If you need to change a tire because of tire burst. please contact the authorized agent or after sales department for maintenance. (you can also go to the bicycle repair shop.)

Disc brake maintenance

Disc brake maintenance

  • Insert M5 bend to the brake which was fixed screw on the frame, according to the direction of the screw “tight” at right and “loose at left, first turn to left gently, so that the brake can be slightly loose.
  • Then left (right) hand brakes pinched, aims to keep the rear brake pads pinched tightly. rightwards the M5 bend to brakes, until the brake fixed tightly.
  • Then loosen the brakes while it return to original position automatically. After that there will not grinding if the brake pad in a suitable direction.

Contact information and Warranty

Contact information

If you have any questions or request during the cycling, please feel free to contact us. we will try our best to offer you.


We provide 1 year warranty (the bike needs to be ridden in normal way) Below situation is not in the scope of warranty:

  1. The shell of the battery is opened.
  2. The connect jack was broken by human reason.
  3. The appearance of the bike is broken.
  4. The failure or damage caused by an irresistible forces (such as a fire, an earthquake, etc) or a natural disaster (such as a lightning strike).
  5. Beyond the warranty period

24×7 Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
(Please read the manual carefully before cycling)

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