MEES T6 True Wireless Earphone

Bluetooth V5.1
User Manual

Product Details


Incoming call

Answer/Hang up: Press once
Reject: Press and hold for 3s


Press once: Play/Pause
Press L twice: Next track
Press R twice: Previous track
Press and hold R: Volume increases
Press and hold L: Volume decreases

Package Contents:

  1. Earbuds*2
  2. Charging Box *1
  3. Earcap (S, M, L)
  4. Charging Cable *1
  5. User Manual *1


Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.1
Pairing Name: T6
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: Appr. 10m
Music Time: Appr. 3.5hrs
Charging Time: Appr. 1.5hrs
Earbuds Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Box Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Material: ABS
Earbud Size: 23.6×16.3×23.7 mm
Earbud Weight: Appr. 11g
Total Size: 64.3×39.86×24.9mm
Total Weight: Appr. 75g
True Wireless Stereo
Ergonomic Design, Easy to Wear
Distinct Acoustic Technology

How to Pair

The two earbuds have been connected by default. How to pair with smartphone for the first time?

  1. The earbuds automatically turn on (blue indicator lights on) when take out from charging box, the two earbuds will auto connect with each other in 5s.
  2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth, search for T6, and click to pair. When connected, you will hear “Connected” voice prompt and the phone will display “connected”.

When you use it again, the earbuds will auto re-connect to connected smartphone when use again. If not, please manually connect.

*It is recommended that take out two earbuds at the same, and the left earbud will auto gets in to pairing mode with smartphone.
*You have 3 minutes to connect your earbud with your device, otherwise the earbud will exit pairing mode. Putting the earbud back into the charging box will re-enter the pairing mode.
*The earbuds will auto power off when no connection for 5 minutes.
*The left and right earbuds can be used as separate mono earbuds. TWS Earbuds Pairing (left earbud/main, right earbud/sub)
*If the two earbuds haven’t been connected, please put the left and right earbuds back into the charging box and repeat the above steps.
*If there is no sound on either earbud, please put them back to charging box and take out again, the two earbuds will auto reconnect to paired device (sometimes, please manually connect).
*The above operations need to disconnect all connections.


How to Use (Call Mode)

  1. Power On: Take out from charging box, the earbuds auto turn on. seconds. After booting, the earbud enters the Bluetooth pairing state, and the led light starts to flash.
  2. Power Off: Put earbuds back to charging box, the earbuds auto turn off .
  3. Answer Calls: Press “Multifunctional button” to answer incoming calls.
  4. Reject Calls: Press and hold “Multifunctional button” for 3s to reject incoming calls.
  5. Hang up Calls: During a call, press “Multifunctional button” to end

How to Use (Music Mode)

  1. Play Music: Press “Multifunctional button” or operate on smartphone to play music. (For some smartphones, it will auto open music player when Bluetooth connected).
  2. Pause Music: During music play, press “Multifunctional button” or operate on smartphone to pause music play.
  3. Next Track: During music play, double click “Multifunctional button” of right earbud to skip to next track.
  4. Previous Track: During music play, double click “Multifunctional button”of left earbud to back to previous track.
  5. Volume increase: When playing music, long press the right ear multi-function button for 1 second, the volume is increased by one grid.
  6. Volume decrease: When playing music, long press the left ear multi-function button for 1 second, the volume is decreased by one grid.

*Due to the characteristics of the Bluetooth earphone, electromagnetic interference in the area may cause a broken connection. Based on the characteristics of wireless technology, when the device performs display function and transmits Bluetooth sound signals at the same time, ‘delay’ may occur in audio signals and video signals, that is, the sound is not synchronized with the picture.

How to Charge

  1. Charge the earbud: When earbud emits “low battery”, put it back to charging box for charging.
  2. Charge the charging box: Use Micro USB cable connects to Micro USB port for charging. The charging box lights up blue and then goes off when it is fully charged.


Please use certified charger with DC 5V current or USB-enabled PC and charger.


This product contains rechargeable lithium battery.
Battery Usage Safety Warning: 1. Do not hit, squeeze or put into fire; 2. When a serious bulging appears, please do not use it; 3. Do not place it in high temperature environment; 4. Do not use it after soaked.
Incorrect battery replacement may cause explosion. It only can be replaced with the same or equivalent type.


  1. The product is power by rechargeable battery. New battery performs better after two or three cycles of full charge and discharge. The battery can be recharged and discharge, but it will wear out.
  2. Do not store it in over heat or cold places that may reduce battery capacity and life span. It is recommended to store it in 15 ° C to 25 ° C environment. It may not work in extreme cold or hot environment even it is fully charged.
  3. Do not throw it into the fire to prevent exploding. Damaged battery may explode. Please follow the local regulations to handle the battery. Please recycle the battery as far as possible.
  4. Please stop using it if there is a severe bulging. Do not use it after it soaked.


Please regular recharge and discharge it every three months when unused for long time.
Improper battery replacement may cause explosion, it is only can be replaced with the same type or equivalent type of battery.


  • Do not put the product in damp, dusty, oil smoke or steam environment, or expose to sunlight. Do not leave the product in vehicle for a long time, it may cause malfunction.
  • For the radio status and Bluetooth using place, the product may not work on smartphones.
  • Please adjust to proper volume, high volume may affect your hearing. For safety, please do not use the product while driving or bicycling.
  • Do not use the product in the places where may become dangerous for sound cannot be heard, such as railway intersections, train stations, pedestrian crossings, and construction sites, etc.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the product, it may cause deformation during long term storage.
  • The accumulated static electricity in body may cause slightly tingle to ears, wearing clothes made of natural materials can minimize the effect.
  • Do not excessively strike the product.
  • Please use soft dry cloth to clean the product.
  • Do not put the product into water. Headphones are not waterproof.
  • Beware of falling into sinks or other containers filled with water.
  • Do not use headphones in wet places or in bad weather, such as rain and snow.
  • Do not humidify the product. Touch the headphones with wet hands, or put the headphones in the damp clothes, which may cause malfunction.
  • The product has magnetism, keep it away from bank cards, flash disks, smartphones, computer monitors, TV and other electronic products.
  • If feel uncomfortable when use Bluetooth device, please stop using it immediately. If the problem persists, please contact the local dealer.
  • If you have any questions about this product that do not include in the manual, please contact local dealer.

MEES T6 True Wireless Earphone User Manual – Optimized PDF
MEES T6 True Wireless Earphone User Manual – Original PDF

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