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MEEC TOOLS 017934 Compost Shredder Instruction Manual


Item no. 017934 
2800 W


Important! Read the user instructions carefully before use. Save them for future reference. (Translation of the original instructions)



Read these instructions carefully before use, and familiarise yourself with the controls on the product and how they are used.


  • Do not allow children to use the product. Keep children under supervision to make sure they do not play with the product.
  • Keep onlookers, especially children, and pets at a safe distance when using the product.
  • Wear ear protection and safety glasses.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing, ties, scarves, etc., that can get caught in moving parts.
  • Only use the product in an open area (not near a wall or other fixed object) and on a firm, level surface.
  • Do not use the machine in areas where ejected material could cause personal injury.
  • Always check before use that all the screw unions and other unions are properly tightened and that all the safety devices are in place and working. Replace any stickers that have become illegible or lost.
  • Place the product on a level, stable surface.


  • Risk of personal injury as a result of parts being ejected. Keep at a safe distance. The minimum safe distance for onlookers is 15 meters when the product is in use.
  • Check before starting that the infeed is empty.
  • Keep your head and other parts of your body away from the infeed opening.
  • Keep your hands and other parts of your body, including your clothing, away from the infeed, the ejector, and moving parts.
  • Always maintain a firm footing and good balance. Do not overreach. Never stand higher up than the product when feeding.
  • When feeding makes sure that no metal, stones, glass, soil, plastic, or other foreign objects get into the product.
  • If the roller knocks against a foreign object, or if the product starts vibrating or making an abnormal noise, switch off the product immediately, pull out the plug, and wait until all moving parts have completely stopped. Pull out the plug and take the following precautions.
    – Check the product for damage.
    – Check and tighten any loose unions.
    – Have any damaged parts repaired or replaced with parts of the same type.
  • Do not allow processed material to collect in the ejector. This can prevent proper emptying and can result in material being thrown out through the infeed opening.
  • If the product gets blocked, switch off the product, pull out the plug and wait until all moving parts have completely stopped before clearing the blockage. Keep the
    motor free from debris and other deposits to prevent a fire and/or material damage.
  • The safety devices must be fitted correctly and work properly.
  • Do not transport the product when the motor is running.
  • Switch off the product, pull out the plug and wait until all moving parts have completely stopped before leaving the product unattended.
  • Do not tilt the product when the motor is running.

The roller continues to rotate for some time after the product has been switched off.


  • Switch off the product, pull out the plug and wait until all moving parts have completely stopped before checking, adjusting, maintaining, and/or replacing accessories, and before putting them into storage. Allow the product to cool before checking, adjusting, maintaining, or replacing accessories, and before putting them into storage.
  • Be careful when working near the roller and the fixed blade. The roller can move even when the motor is not running.
  • Be careful when cleaning and/or carrying out maintenance. Wear safety gloves – the risk of cut injuries.
  • Allow the product to cool before putting it into storage.


  • Check that the rated voltage of the product corresponds to the main supply voltage.
  • The product must be connected to the main supply with a residual current device with a maximum tripping current of 30 mA.
  • Only use an extension cord approved for outdoor use. Extension cords up to 25 m must have a cross-sectional wire area of at least 1.5 mm², and extension cords longer than 25 m have a cross-sectional area of at least 2.5 mm². If an extension cord is used on a reel, pull out the full length of cord. Check the power cord for damage.
  • Do not pull the power cord to pull out the plug. Keep the power cord away from heat, oil, and sharp edges.


Read the instructions.
Approved in accordance with the relevant directives.
Recycle discarded products in accordance with local regulations.
Safety class II
Protect the product from moisture and water.
Use ear protection.
Wear safety gloves.
Disconnect the product from the mains supply before making any adjustments or before servicing.
Keep at a safe distance.
Watch out for ejected objects.
Wear safety glasses.
Indicates value for sound power level.
WARNING: Rotating roller. Keep your hands and feet at a safe distance when the machine is running.
Adjusting the gap between the roller and anvil.


Rated voltage 230 V — 50 Hz
Power consumption 2800 W
Speed, no load 60 rpm
Maximum cutting diameter 44 mm
Safety class II
Protection rating IPX4
Bin 60 I
Weight 19.4 kg
Sound pressure level, LpA 79.1 dB(A), K= 3 dB
Sound power level, LwA* 91.7 dB(A), K= 2.67 dB
Sound power level, LwA** 94 dB(A)
*Measured, **Guaranteed

Always wear ear protection!

The declared values for vibration and noise, which have been measured by a standardized test method, can be used to compare different tools with each other and for a  preliminary assessment of exposure. The measurement values have been determined in accordance with EN 50434:2014.


The actual vibration and noise level when using tools may differ from the specified maximum value, depending on how the tool is used and the material. It is, therefore, necessary to determine which safety precautions are required to protect the user, based on an estimate of exposure in actual operating conditions (taking into account all stages of the work cycle, e.g. the time when the tool is switched off and when it is idling, in addition to the start-up time).


FIG. 1

  1. Infeed funnel
  2. Plug
  3. Lock button
  4. Foot
  5. Wheel
  6. Wheel face
  7. Knob to adjust blade plate
  8. Handle
  9. Safety switch
  10. Power switch
  11. Rotation selector
  12. Back cover
  13. Collection container
  14. Feeder


  1. Turn the product upside down and bring up the legs.
  2. Put the wheel axle through the openings.
    FIG. 2
  3. Put the supplied washer and sleeve on the wheel axle.
    FIG. 3
  4. Put the wheels on, fit the nuts and tighten by hand.
    FIG. 4
  5. Hold the wheel axle with the supplied spanner and firmly tighten the nut with the spanner.
    FIG. 5
  6. Put the wheel faces over the hubs.
    FIG. 6



  1. Press the lock button and put the bin in the bottom part of the product.
    FIG. 7
  2. Press the lock button.

Be careful when tilting the product to transport it on the wheels – the weight is unevenly balanced.



  1. Move the rotation selector (A) to position +.
  2. Press the I button on the power switch (B) to start the motor.
  3. Press the O button on the power switch (B) to stop the motor.
    FIG. 8

Incorrect handling can result in material damage.
Always start the product before feeding in the material. Do not feed in the material after the product has been stopped.
NOTE: The product has a safety switch to prevent it from starting automatically after a power cut.


The product has overload protection, which switches off the motor automatically when overloaded.
Wait at least 1 minute and then try to start again by first pressing the O button and then the I button. Follow the instructions below if the motor does not start.

  1. Press the safety switch (A).
  2. Move the rotation selector (P) to position –.
  3. Press the I button on the switch (C) button to remove any material blocking the blades.
    FIG. 9

Wear safety gloves.


  • Put the material to be shredded through the right side of the opening. It is pulled automatically into the product because the blade plate rotates anticlockwise.
  • Do not completely fill the opening, this can cause the product to become blocked.
  • Feed wet garden waste intermittently with branches to avoid the risk of blocking.
  • Wet kitchen waste must not be run through the product and should be composted.
  • Branches with leaves must pass all the way through and out from the product before more material is fed in. Check that the shredded material can drop freely down into the bin without blocking the outlet.
  • Make sure that the ventilation openings are not blocked by shredded material.
  • The feeding of thick branches opening causes the product to become blocked.
  • Soft material, such as leaves and shoots, can block the inlet. Feed it in with the feeder.
  • Check that the material to be shredded does not contain nails, stones, or other foreign objects, which can seriously damage the product.


Switch off the product and pull out the plug before maintenance and/or cleaning. Always wear gloves when handling the blade plate.
Keep the product clean for the best functionality and life span.

  • Clean the product after it has been used.
  • Do not allow material to dry out on the surface of the product, this reduces the shredding capacity.
  • Keep the inlet and outlet clean and free from waste and residue.
  • Check that all screw unions are properly tightened at regular intervals.
  • Worn or damaged parts should be repaired or replaced by qualified personnel.
  • Do not use detergents or solvents that can damage the plastic parts.


The blade plate must be adjusted regularly for best results and to avoid damage. The blade plate must also be adjusted if the material often gets stuck.

  1. Turn the knob to adjust the blade plate (A) anticlockwise until a faint scraping noise is heard and small aluminum shavings come out through the outlet.
    FIG. 10

    FIG. 11
  2. The product should then shred normally again.

Remove dirt and residue after use. Do not rinse the product with water or use a high-pressure washer.
Do not use detergents or solvents.
Use a soft brush or cloth when cleaning.


  1. Undo the 4 screws (A) and open the back cover.
    FIG. 12
  2. Take out the blade plate (B) and fit a new one.
    FIG. 13
  3. Replace the back cover and tighten the screws.


Problem Cause


The motor will not start. The safety switch has tripped. Reset the switch.
Power supply fault. Check the power cord, plug, PowerPoint, RCD, and fuse.
The fed material is not pulled in. The material has fastened in the infeed tray. Switch off the product.

Pull out the material from

the infeed opening. Start the product again and feed in thick branches in such a way that the blade does not grip in the same place.

Material too soft. Feed-in wood or dry branches.
First press the 0 buttons and then the I button. If the product does not start, follow the instructions in the section on overload protection.

Jula reserves the right to make changes.
For the latest version of operating instructions, see

JULA AB, BOX 363, SE-532 24 SKARA
© Jula AB


Jula AB, Box 363, SE-532 24 SKARA, SWEDEN

This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer

230V, 2800W
Item number/Artikelnummer/Artikkelnummer/Numer artykułu
Conforms to the following directives, regulations, and standards

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30/EU
 IEC 61000-3-2:2019,

Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, amended by 2005/88/EC

RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863

The measured sound power level on an equipment representative for this type: Guaranteed sound power level: Conformity assessment procedure according to 2000/14/EC:
91,7 dB(A) 94 dB(A) Annex V / Bilaga V

This product was CE marked in the year -21

Name and address of the person authorized to compile the technical file: Jonas Backstad Box 363, SE-532 37 Skara, Sweden

Skara 2021-06-10

Mattias Lif

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MEEC TOOLS 017934 Compost Shredder [pdf] Instruction Manual
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