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  1. Prepare the tools. (Please refer )
  2. All measurements and installation should do after the wall is completed.
  3. Make sure the bottom is horizontal and the wall is vertical, if the bottom is not horizontal or the wall is not vertical, please contact our installation technical support.
  4. Understand the names and uses of individual accessories of shower doors. ( Please refer )
  5. Installation by licensed professional contractor is recommended.
  6. Please watch installation video or call us for installation support. ( Installation Video: )
  7. To stretch width or cut the guide rail, Please contact us first to install technical support. 4 Buffers has been pre-inserted into the guide rail, before cutting the guide rail, please loosen the buffer fixing screw and push it inward to avoid being cut, it can be simply fixed in a certain position to avoid its sliding.
  8. Do not remove the glass protective corner during installation.
  9. Tile walls are best to replenish some glass glue at the tile seams to avoid leakage after the installation is completed.


(Please bring your own tools)

  • (we offer)
    Aluminum punch template
  • Tape measure
  • Screw driver
  • PencilMCOCOD-DS13-Double-Sliding-Frameless-Shower-Door-07
  • HacksawMCOCOD-DS13-Double-Sliding-Frameless-Shower-Door-08
  • Spirit level
  • Power drill
  • Drill Bits 5/16″ & 1/4″
  • Rubber hammer
  • Silicone Gun
    Modified Silone(Sil I) Polymer



* Technical support number

  • 626- 890-3620
  • 321-946-6293


  1. According to the assigned aluminum punching template (please measure with horizontal ruler), draw the punching point position after ensuring the slope value.
    Height X y
    60” 55-13/16” 7/8 ”
    66” 61-13/16” 7/8 ”
    72” 67-13/16” 7/8 ”
    76” 71-13/16” 7/8 ”
    79” 7 4-13/16” 7/8 ”

    *Same punching data for both wallsMCOCOD-DS13-Double-Sliding-Frameless-Shower-Door-17

  2. Drill the holes according to the drawn holes, making sure that there is no offset of the holes. The drilling positions of the left and right walls need to be in alignment and on the same horizontal and vertical plane.MCOCOD-DS13-Double-Sliding-Frameless-Shower-Door-18
  3. If the guide rail need to be cut to match your shower opening please do it based on actual measurements. If stretch the product installation width please adjusting the insertion depth of the wall bracket to the guide rail without cutting the guide rail. D501 has maximum installation width stretch of 1″ for each size.
  4. After the installation of the guide rail, please use the level ruler to measure whether the level.
  5. After installing the rollers, hang the door on the guide rail
  6. Installation of sliding glass: The height and level of the glass can be adjusted slightly by adjusting the rollers, through this adjustment can be adapted to the shower with a little wall offset, each wall offset preferably not more than 1/4″.
  7. After the glass installation is completed, please measure the glass with level ruler to confirm the vertical and horizontal of the glass and then install the glass guide block.
  8. Soft-close fixed position: please adjust the buffer to the right position after the door is closed (need to reserve the width of door seal), because the buffer position will determine the closing position, determine the buffer position after the door is closed then tighten the four buffers on a total
    of 8 screws, set screws will be drilled into the top of the guide rail to fix the buffer, screws not tightened may lead to buffer displacement or damage. MCOCOD-DS13-Double-Sliding-Frameless-Shower-Door-24Soft-close installation notes: The distance between the top hook of anti-jump knob and the bottom of inner guide rail is about 0.08 in.(2 mm), too small distance will lead to stiff opening and closing door, too large when you open the door can not drive the inside hook of the buffer leading to the next closing of the door can not soft close, and the buffer may spring back to the original position, again lightly close the door to hang on the buffer groove then adjust the height of the anti-jump knob can be solved. Please make adjustments according to the actual situation. If difficult to do, please contact us to get support.
  9. The door seal can be installed according to your preference, but you need to ensure that there is minimum a wide door seal in the middle when you shower, The top of door seal needs to be slightly lower than the bottom of anti-jump knobs to avoid scraping
  10. Install the anti-splash threshold according to the guidelines, please cut to the right size according to the width of your shower opening. Clean up the garbage and dry the water and stains with a soft cloth after installation, then applying the glass glue.
    MCOCOD-DS13-Double-Sliding-Frameless-Shower-Door-27Note: Please dry for 24 hours after the glass glue is applied before use.


  1. Do not remove the glass protection corners during installation, remove them only after installation is complete.
  2. Wear protective equipment when drilling, cutting rails and water barrier thresholds.
  3. Careful installation of the glass is required during installation, please do not step on the glass to avoid bumping.
  4. Wait 24 hours after installation before using the shower.


  1. Shower door glass is double-sided easy to clean glass. For daily cleaning using moist soft cloth to wipe away surface water and stains, reduce the use of cleaning agents to extend the easy-clean performance. It’s recommended to use silicone scraper to clean the residual water stains on the glass after showering.
  2. Do not use any sharp cleaning tools or cleaning agents with abrasive ingredients to clean the glass.

Please contact our customer service to confirm the return steps before returning or get order replacement.

Customer Service:

  • 626-890-3620
  • 321-946-6293

Installation Video:

Return Address:

  • 16030 Phoenix Drive, City of Industry, CA 91745
  • 309 Dodd Blvd SE,STE 1, Rome, GA 30161

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MCOCOD DS13 Double Sliding Frameless Shower Door [pdf] Instruction Manual
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