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Follow these recommended steps for the best experience with your new unit setup:

Unbox the unit. Unlock and open the front door. Remove the 2 internal foam pieces around the tank. Plug the power cord into the back of the unit and the other end into a 110 volt AC outlet. Power on the unit by flipping the switch next to the power cord input connection.
IMPORTANT: Failure to remove the foam around the tank may result in a faulty scale calibration/operation.

Follow the out of box steps presented on the screen.

TIP: Invert the virgin cylinder used during the internal bottle fill process. The first 1450g of refrigerant is used to wet the unit for it to operate properly and will be unusable for services. The fill process can take several hours to perform depending upon initial fill quantity.

Once the out of box is complete and the home page of the unit appears, check for WiFi connectivity.

TIP: Go to (MENU) > Setup > Wifi. Connect to the shop’s network and click “Check Online Connection”. “You are now connected to the internet” should appear. If additional information is required for authentication, a web browser will resolve on screen for entry. The MAC address can be found by hitting the (information) icon at the top of the screen. Hidden networks can be added with the “Connect to Hidden Network” button. You can also tap the Wifi signal icon in the top of the screen to get to the Wifi menu quicker in the future.

TIP: Maintaining an internet connection with the unit will allow advanced support capability for MSS Technical Support and will allow the unit to automatically update to the latest software revision when updates are available. This can manually be done at (MENU) > Setup > Update. Your equipment will lock in 30 days if not connected.

While connected to the internet, go to (MENU) > Setup > Shop Account to enter the shop information.

TIP: Reports can be thermal printed (front of unit), network printed (see below), or emailed. The email address used in the Shop Account setup is used with emailed service reports. This is the only address that will receive the reports from the unit.

To print reports to the shop printer, go to > products > ArcticPRO™ for installation of the NexusPrint installer on the shop PC.

TIP: To network print, select (wireless print) button on the report at the end of a process. The unit and shop PC must be on the same LAN (WiFi). The shop PC must have a default printer set up (could be a PDF printer for digital saving of reports) and NexusPrint installed for printing reports.

Download the smartphone app for remote monitoring. QR code setup is available on the home
STEP 6 screen of the unit to subscribe and allow remote monitoring of your unit’s services.

TIP: To obtain the phone application, click the phone button and select the Apple App Store or Google Play Store icon for a link directly to the application. Alternatively searching the app stores for “MAHLE AC” should locate the “AC Remote Viewer” application.

Additional operating information can be found in the operation manual ( ) on the lower right corner of the unit’s home screen. For more information, please contact MSS Technical Support at (800) 468-2321 or [email protected] 


Process                            What How


Completes a Recovery, Vacuum, Test(optional), and Fill in one continuous Step 1.       Click           AUTOMATIC from the Home screen

2.       Enter vehicle’s refrigerant amount and click the        Start button

3.       Review overall process screen and click the        Start button




Removes the refrigerant from the vehicle.

Analyzes the refrigerant in the car to ensure it is pure 1234yf.


Perform before any component replacement

1.       Click          MANUAL from the Home screen

2.       Uncheck the button next to VACUUM to disable this process

3.       Click the button next to RECOVERY to enable this process

4.       Click the Start button

5.       Review the Recovery process screen and click the        Start button

6.       Select the vehicle’s oil type and click the         OK button





Evacuates all air from the AC system.

Pulls a vacuum to a near absolute vacuum (-1 bar) on the AC system.


Perform for doing manual leak tests or to store a system without refrigerant to minimize moisture in

the system reducing the dryer’s effectiveness

1.       Click          MANUAL from the Home screen

2.       Click the arrow next to Vacuum Time to select the desired vacuum time. 20+ minutes is recommended for most systems. Then click the  OK button

3.       Click the arrow next to Leak Check Time to select the desired test time. Then click the        OK button

4.       Click the        Start button

5.       Review the Vacuum process screen and click the Start button




Transfers refrigerant from the ACX machine’s internal tank to the vehicle AC system.



Perform this to fill a vehicle after a vacuum and/or leak test is completed.

1.       Click          MANUAL from the Home screen

2.       Click the button next to CHARGE to enable this process

3.       Click the arrow next to Refrigerant amount to select the desired refrigerant charge the vehicle is specified for. Then click the  OK button

4.       Click the       Start button

5.       Review the CHARGE process screen and click the        Start button



Pushes liquid refrigerant out the HP hose, through the component, and recovers through the flush kit tank, filter, and finally the LP hose.

(component flushing)

1.       On the Home screen, go to        (MENU) >          Special Functions

2.       Scroll to the right and select COMPONENT FLUSHING and click the  Start button

TIP: To view previous services on the machine, go to (MENU) > Special Functions > PREVIOUS SERVICES

TIP: To switch between displayed measurement units, tap the “U/M”(Unit of Measure) button whenever you see it on the bottom right of the screen. Tapping this button on the home screen allows setting default units (i.e. kg vs g)


1. LP = Low Pressure (blue) 3. Open Coupler = Turn the coupler clockwise to connect the external fitting to the ACX lines
2. HP = High Pressure (red) 4. Close Coupler = Turn the coupler counter-clockwise to severe the external fitting from the ACX lines

Additional Resources

Scan this QR code to visit MAHLE’s Service Solutions’ Youtube videos explaining the equipment in more detail

A paper copy of the manual is included with the unit, but the most up-to-date user manual can be viewed by simply clicking the (book icon) in the lower right corner of the Home Page on the ACX unit’s screen.
PN: 035 82844 00 Rev A

Documents / Resources

MAHLE ACX2281 High Performance R1234yf Air Conditioning Service System [pdf] User Guide
ACX2281, High Performance R1234yf Air Conditioning Service System

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