MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters

MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig1


  • Length: 80mm / 109mm with Tip (XL Size)
  • Width: 12mm (at widest point)
  • Material: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Weight: 18.5g / 0.65oz
  • O-rings: Heat resistant, isopropyl alcohol safe


MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig2

  1. Sleeve
  2. Cooling Unit
  3. Mouthpiece
  4. DRC Airflow Tube
  5. Secondary Cooling Unit
  6. Cooling Fins
  7. Airport
  8. Reclaim Filter Screen
  9. Reclaim Filter Posts
  10. Cooling Helix
  11. Adjustable Airport
  12. DRC Aperture
  13. Adjustment Ring
  14. DRC Indicator
  15. DRC Internal Aperture
  16. O-ring Locking Groove
  17. O-ring Storage / SCU Lock
  18. Secondary DRC Indicator


Please clean each part of your Stem thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to remove every trace of residue from the machining and coating process. You will need to provide your own DYNAVAP Tip and Cap combination to complete the Revolve Stem.


Soak the Stem in isopropyl alcohol for at least 30 minutes using the cleaning / storage tube or a zip-lock bag. Shake it periodically for a thorough clean. If you are cleaning the Glass Sleeve, only shake it carefully to protect the glass from accidental damage. Drain the solution, rinse the parts with hot water and dry them completely before reassembling.

  • You can soak the DYNAVAP Tip alongside the Stem, but never submerge a DYNAVAP Cap in any cleaning solution
  • For a quick clean, dip the Cooling Unit in cleaning solution and use a paper towel to ‘twist off’ the spiral. Then use q-tips with some cleaning solution to clean the rest of the parts.
  • We recommend that you only remove the Cooling Unit from the Sleeve when you intend to clean it. Do not remove the o-rings when cleaning the Stem, they are isopropyl alcohol safe.
  • Do not soak Wood Sleeves in cleaning solution, just clean the metal liner with a q-tip or pipe cleaner. Regularly apply a small amount of wood wax to the outside of the Wood Sleeve to avoid cracking.

MAD Heaters products and accessories are only intended for individuals who are 18 years of age or older. If you experience any side effects or possible side effects, stop using the product immediately and consult a physician. Please be responsible and keep out of reach of children and pets.

DYNAVAP is a registered trademark of Dynavap LLC and is only used here in accordance with fair use policies.


  • Please be aware that the Cooling Fins may get hot during use. This is intentional, they are designed to dissipate heat from your vapor.
  • Before removing the Cooling Unit do a full turn on the Adjustment Ring to remove the excess reclaim from the side of the spirals. This will help with removing and re-inserting the Cooling Unit when it’s done without cleaning.
  • If the Cooling Unit is difficult to turn or remove from the Sleeve then try warming it up with another session, heat can help loosen the build-up. Alterna-tively soak in isopropyl alcohol.
  • NEVER try to move the DYNAVAP Tip side-to-side when removing it from the Glass Sleeve, it might break it. Only pull and twist.
  • If your DYNAVAP Tip is loose or does not have enough friction, switch the grey o-rings for the black o-rings for a slightly tighter fit.
  • To remove the inner o-ring that is located behind the Adjustment Ring, please use a needle or sharp tweezers.
  • The Mouthpiece is compatible with 10mm WP connections.
  • The 12mm wide Glass Sleeve may be used with other vaporizers that has 12mm WPA connection.
  • If your Stem needs cleaning, you may try the other Airflow Tube for a clean vapor path.


  • Align the line on the Adjustment Ring to the Airport to choose from the following options with the Draw Resistance Control (DRC) Airflow Tube:

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig4

  • Fresh air is drawn into the Airport and through the center of the Cooling Unit before mixing with the vapor and passing over the Helix.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig5

  • The air intake at the Airport is directed straight to the Mouthpiece for a blast of cool air that bypasses the Helix.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig6

  • The Airport is closed. Not adding any fresh air will produce denser clouds while still cooling the vapor. Perfect for mouth-to-lung use.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig7

  • You can expand the capabilities of your Revolve Stem even further with the optional Direct Airflow Tube. It will remove the DRC options entirely to give you improved flavor and cooler Sleeve temperature, but with warmer vapor.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig8

  • Air intake at the Airport is directed to the Mouthpiece for a blast of fresh air while the vapor heads through the center.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig9

  • Fresh air is drawn around the Helix to cool the Sleeve and the Cooling Unit before mixing with the vapor which then travels through the center.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig10

  • The Airport is closed for a hotter, more direct vapor experience.

    MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig11


When using the OPEN or BYPASS mode you can control the maximum air intake at the Adjustment Ring with the help of our fully adjustable Airport.


The Revolve is a breeze to use with a lighter thanks to its built in smooth-spinning Mouthpiece. If you are using a heater or just want to fix the Mouthpiece you can lock or unlock the mechanism with a quick adjustment.


MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig12
Pull out the Airflow Tube from the Mouthpiece and roll the o-ring from its storage position into the locking groove as shown above. The o-ring will create friction on the inner side of the Mouthpiece which will stop it from spinning.


MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig13
Remove the o-ring completely from the Airflow Tube OR roll it down to the storage position as shown above to store it for on the go. To remove the o-ring from its locking position, pinch the o-ring to create a bulge and push it off sideways with your fingernail until it begins to rise up out of the groove.


To adjust the DRC slowly start pulling out the Mouthpiece until it locks into position as shown below. Locate the triangle on the Airflow Tube, then rotate and adjust with your fingernail from the top grooves.

Choose either mouth-to-lung (MTL) for slower and tighter draws or direct-lung (DL) for powerful and long draw with increased airflow. The DL side has a single long deep line, the MTL setting has 3 graduated lines (deeper equals more open).

MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig14

Try the MTL side with the CLOSED option to further reduce the airflow. Drawing too hard with MTL can cause excess condensation in the DRC tube.


The SCU will increase the cooling capabilities of your Revolve Stem even further, and it is especially useful with the Direct Airflow Tube.
To install, first remove the o-ring from the Storage Position, push the SCU in place, then replace the o-ring. If you would like to install the SCU and lock the spinning Mouthpiece at the same time, use a second small o-ring (5x1mm) in the Locking Groove.
The SCU will provide the following modifiers to the guide values:

MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig15


The Sleeves will affect the Cooling, Flavor and Sleeve temperature as follows:


MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig16


MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters-fig17


The optional removable Screen acts as a particulate filter as well as a collector for some of the reclaim before it has a chance to condense on the Cooling Unit. This extends the number of sessions before deep cleaning is required.To insert the Screen, remove the Cooling Unit from the body and ‘snap’ the Screen into position between the two posts at the end of the Cooling Unit . Replace or clean regularly for the best experience.

Pro tip – When the Screen is full you can place the whole thing in your next bowl for a cheeky reclaim bonus.

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MAD HEATERS A4 Revolve Gen 2 Heaters [pdf] User Manual
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