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2 Connected Single one Thermostat uick Start Guide Preparation Before installation Check that the thermostat is compatible with your boiler. Refer to the boiler manufacturer’s instructions.

Y87RFC Connected Single Zone Thermostat

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Y87RFC Connected Single Zone Thermostat
EN Quick Start Guide

Installation in 3 steps




Install the Thermostat and Boiler Relay

Install the Internet Gateway

Get Connected

2 Preparation
Before installation Check that the thermostat is compatible with your boiler. Refer to the boiler manufacturer's instructions. The wireless thermostat can be located almost anywhere you wish; see diagrams for guidance on the ideal location. As it requires no wires it makes the installation very simple. Before installing the Boiler Relay, ensure the mains power to the boiler is switched off.
During installation You will need the following: Cross-head screwdriver Small flat blade screwdriver Pliers Wire-strippers
After installation Dispose of any old electronic equipment at an authorised recycling centre.
Connected Single Zone Thermostat
Quick Start Guide

Avoid draughts

Do not locate above a source of heat

1.2 - 1.5m

Do not locate in direct sunlight

Locate 1.2 - 1.5m from the floor

3 Step 1 : Install the Thermostat and Boiler Relay

1. If necessary, disconnect and remove the old equipment.
Attention! This thermostat does not require any wiring. Isolate any conductors and reposition them inside the wall. .

2. Separate the thermostat from the mounting plate.
Remove the setpoint dial
Press down on the top of the thermostat and hinge it downwards

3. Attach the mounting plate to the wall.

4. Reattach the thermostat to the mounting plate
Hook the thermostat hinges into the base of the mounting plate


Remove the tab from between the batteries

Hinge the thermostat upwards and click into place

Replace the setpoint dial

4 Step 1 b : Install the Thermostat and Boiler Relay

5. Remove the wiring plate from the Boiler Relay.

6. Mount the wiring plate to the wall.

Use a screwdriver to unclip the cover
from base.
7. Wiring the Boiler Relay

Hinge the cover upwards to remove.



Refer to the boiler installation guide for instructions on wiring the Boiler Relay to the correct terminals in the boiler.

Wire N and L to neutral and live.

Connected Single Zone Thermostat
Quick Start Guide

Mount on a plastic wallbox or directly on the wall next to the boiler. For best RF performance keep a distance of at least 30cm from the boiler, other metal objects or mains cables.
8. Attach the Boiler Relay to the wiring plate.

Locate hinges, rotate the cover downwards and click into place.

Reconnect the mains power to the installation.

5 Step 2 : Install the Internet Gateway RFG100
1. Connect the Gateway to a mains power source.
During power up the 3 LEDs will light up red. The power and RF communication LEDs should then change to green - indicating that the Gateway is powered and successfully connected to the Thermostat.
2. Connect the Gateway to an internet router with the provided Ethernet cable.
The connectivity LED should begin to flash green - indicating that the Gateway has successfully connected to the internet (but not yet registered)

6 Step 3 : Get Connected
1. Create an account online. Visit the website below and follow the steps to create an account.

2. Name your location. After creating an account and receiving the activation confirmation e-mail, choose a suitable name for the location of the thermostat (e.g. My Home).
Connected Single Zone Thermostat
Quick Start Guide

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7 Step 3 : Get Connected
3. Register the Internet Gateway.

Enter the MAC and CRC codes of your Internet Gateway
4. Download the Smartphone App

The MAC and CRC codes are on the information label on the bottom of the Gateway.
5. Use the app

The green LED will stop flashing when the Internet Gateway has been successfully registered.

Download the "Total Connect Comfort International" App for your Smartphone or Tablet.

Log in to the App and start controlling your heating remotely, or setting up a heating schedule for each day of the week.

8 Error Messages
Loss of RF communication
with the Gateway
Loss of RF communication with the Thermostat
No internet connection
Connecting to the router
Gateway not yet registered

Cycle the power to the Gateway and verify that it is located within the RF communication limits of the thermostat.
Check the RF thermostat is powered and is within RF range.
Check the router has access to the internet.
If the LED stays orange, check the cables and power supply to the router.
Create an account and register the Internet Gateway on:

Note : RF communication can be affected by obstacles, metal objects or excessive distance between the RF devices. It may be necessary to reposition devices for better performance if the RF communication seems unreliable.

Connected Single Zone Thermostat
Quick Start Guide

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