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Connected Single Zone Thermostat

32300942-012 B 2. After five seconds the current room temperature will be displayed once again. The thermostat will then try to maintain your set temperature

Setting your room temperature Replacing the batteries ...

Overnight, or if you are out, it is best to set the thermostat to a lower temperature, as it will save you energy. In general a.

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Connected Single Zone Thermostat


Setting your room temperature

1. Your current room temperature is shown in the display. To set the temperature you want, just turn the dial right to increase and left to decrease. Each `click' as the dial turns represents a 0.5°C change.


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2. After five seconds the current

room temperature will be

displayed once again. The

thermostat will then try to



maintain your set temperature

as accurately as possible.

You can check your set temperature by turning the dial one `click' to the left or right. The set temperature will flash up for a few seconds, before returning to display the room temperature again.

Night-time temperature reduction
Overnight, or if you are out, it is best to set the thermostat to a lower temperature, as it will save you energy. In general a reduction of 5°C is recommended, but this will depend on your heating system and the amount of insulation in your home.
Getting to know your display
Set Temperature Indicator Means the figure on the screen is your set temperature, rather than your current room temperature.
Heating on Means there is a requirement for some heating, so your boiler should either be on or cycling on/off.
Boiler Relay Connection Means your thermostat is successfully connected to your Boiler Relay.
Internet Gateway Connection (optional) Means your thermostat is successfully connected to your Internet Gateway.

Replacing the batteries

The batteries should be replaced

when the

symbol is displayed.

Remove the dial (1) and separate the thermostat (2) from the mounting plate (3). Replace the discharged batteries with two new AA alkaline batteries, then reattach the thermostat to the mounting plate and replace the dial.

Low batteries If you see this battery icon then you need to replace the batteries right away.
No power to the thermostat If the thermostat screen is blank after initial installation, then check the protective tab has been removed from the batteries. Otherwise, try replacing the batteries.
RF communication error If these icons are flashing, then there may be an issue with the signal from the Boiler Relay. First check there is mains power to the Boiler Relay. If this does not resolve the problem, consult your installer.
Defective thermostat If this icon is displayed then the thermostat is no longer functioning and will need to be replaced.

32300942-012 B

Remote Operation
The thermostat can be controlled remotely if it is bound to a Wireless Internet Gateway, type RFG100.
1. The Connected symbol is displayed if the thermostat is bound to the Gateway.
2. When the set temperature is changed remotely a square border will appear around the Connected symbol.
This is only required if the gateway is purchased separately. If the gateway is supplied with the thermostat it will already be bound to it.
Binding your thermostat to a RFG100 Internet Gateway
If you want to operate your Thermostat remotely or add scheduling then you will need to use the Honeywell RFG100 Internet Gateway and bind the thermostat to it. To do this, please follow the full installation instructions in the RFG100 box, and at the relevant binding stage follow these steps to connect your thermostat:
1. Touch and hold the right-hand touch zone for about 10 seconds to activate the binding screen.
2. Briefly touch the right-hand touch zone once again to send the binding signal. The and symbols will flash until binding is successful.

3. Other possible display symbols and their meaning: Clock A remote time schedule is operating, or a timed override has been set
Lock The temperature setting has been fixed for an indefinite time
OFF The thermostat has been switched off remotely (control is at the off temperature setting)
4. You can always check the temperature setting by turning the dial one click. Continue to rotate the dial to change the set temperature. This will cancel any setting made via the app, except when the lock symbol is displayed.
3. With good reception, the green LED on the Gateway will then light up to confirm successful binding.
4. After binding, the strength of the signal between the devices will appear on the thermostat for a few seconds. 1 equals the lowest strength and 5 the highest.
Then the normal screen will be shown, including a symbol to confirm the Gateway and the thermostat are now connected.
5. Please refer to your Gateway instructions to learn how to create your online account and download our smartphone app.

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