User Manual for Kaadas models including: RXC01, 2AQY4-RXC01, 2AQY4RXC01, RX-C Touchpad Smart Deadbolt, Touchpad Smart Deadbolt, RX-C Smart Digital Lock, Smart Digital Lock

User manual

Shenzhen Kaadas Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd RXC01 Touchpad smart deadbolt 2AQY4-RXC01 2AQY4RXC01 rxc01

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RX-C User Manual Shenzhen Kaadas Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd reserves all rights
for the final interpretation to this user manual All design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

1 Installation Guide
Interior assembly

Exterior assembly Cross bolt

Battery cover

Bolt Mounting screws(2)
Mounting plate

Backup key

2 Specifications
Exterior assembly

Interior assembly


Battery cover


Reset button

Micro USB port Reboot button

Thumb turn

Wireless module socket

158mm(L)x71mm(W)x29mm(H) 6-7/32"x2-51"/64x1-9/64"
179mm(L)x72mm(W)x47mm(H) 7-3/64"x2-53"/64x1-27/32"

six month

3 Preparing for Installation

Addtional Parts
Optional Bolt Faceplate

Tools Needed
Door prep 1. 2-1/8" (54mm) hole saw 2. 1" (26mm) boring bit 3. 7/64" (2.5mm) drill bit 4. 3/8" (10mm) drill bit 5. Chisel&Hammer

Lock installation #2 Philips screwdriver
Important Notice: Make sure your door is prepared prior to installation. Only drill a upper hole if you wish the lock to have added stability. Please refer to the provided templatefor drilling if needed.

A. Measure the dimension of the hole shown.If the measurement is 1-1/2"(38mm), remove the fire cup.

Fire cup
1-1/2" (38mm)

No adjustment needed.
2-1/8" (54mm)

4 Installation

1. Install strike on the door frame. NOTE: Make sure to allow for the bolt to be centered in the strike.



2. Use a screwdriver to test if deadbolt works smoothly.

3. Make sure the bolt in retracted(unlocked) postion.
NOTE: The bolt must be in retracted (Unlocked) position before installing the lockset.

B. Change faceplate,if necessary.
Door edge

No change necessary.



Door edge

C. Adjust the deadbolt. NOTE: Bolt ships with backset in 2-3/8"(60mm) position. If required, turn the bolt case and pull to extend to 2-3/4" (70mm)backset position. (see picture below)

4. Hold the exterior assembly flush to the door, pull the key tailpiece and cable through the door hole.
This hole is for the optional cross bolt provided for stabilizing your lock. If you drilled a hole, securely tighten the post before mounting on you door.
NOTE: Cable must go through door hole under the bolt.
NOTE: The tailpiece should be kept in a horizontal position.

5. Positon the inside mounting plate by first routing the cable and connector throughthe mounting plate's cable hole.

2-3/8" (60mm)

2-3/8" (60mm)



6. Secure both assemblies using 8/32x34 and1/4x65 screws.Make sure that exterior assembly is vertically aligned.Tighten securely with a #2 Philips screwdriver.

2-3/4" (70mm)

2-3/4" (70mm)

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7. Attach cable assembly to the interior assembly PCB by lining up notches on top of cable connector to slots on PCB connector. Press connector in firmly using thumbs untill commpletely connected. PCB connector
Cable connector

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