Instruction Manual for KRAMER models including: CLS-AOCH-60-XX, Audio and Video Cable Assembly


Active Optical UHD Pluggable HDMI Cable

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Installation Instructions
CLS-AOCH/60-XX (Low Smoke & Halogen Free
CP-AOCH/60-XX (Plenum Version)
Active Optical UHD Pluggable HDMI Cable

P/N: 2900- 301495

Rev: 4

SAFETY WARNING Disconnect the unit from the power supply before opening and servicing
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CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX Active Optical UHD Pluggable HDMI Cable
Congratulations on purchasing your Kramer CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX Plug and Play active Active Optical UHD Pluggable HDMI Cable which is suited for critical and versatile installations.

The CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX provides an extremely high quality signal over a wide range of resolutions, up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4). This cable is available in different lengths from 33ft (10m) to 328ft (100m). The CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX has a slim design to let you pull the cables easily (together with the supplied pulling tool) through smallsized conduits.

Figure 1: HDMI Connector plugs (Source and Display)

The CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX is ideal for long distance transmission in professional AV systems, indoor and outdoor digital signage and kiosks, home theater systems, surgical theaters, facility automation systems and whenever high resolution video and audio are required.
· Supports a wide range of resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (color space 4:4:4) 3D and Deep Color. · Supports Multi-channel audio, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio. · Is HDMI compliant: EDID, CEC, HDCP (2.2), HDR (High Dynamic Range). · Reduced EMI and RFI. · Includes a micro USB port to optionally connect an external 5V power supply (if required, this is
typically connected on the display side). · Has high pulling strength and compression load. · Has Source / Display clearly printed on the connector as well as tagged on the cable for easy
Cable Dimensions
The CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX includes four optical fibers and six AWG 28 wires with compact size HDMI connectors. On the source side, the micro HDMI connector enables smooth pulling of the cable. The SOURCE end connects to the source (for example, a DVD, Blu-ray or game console box) and the DISPLAY end to the acceptor (for example, a projector, an LCD display or a tablet device), see Figure 2 (note that SOURCE appears here as an example).

Figure 2: HDMI Connectors ­ SOURCE and DISPLAY (with Dimensions in mm)

CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX Plug and Play Installation
Before installing the cable, make sure that you have an HDMI graphic card or devices with an HDMI port (for example, a PC, laptop, DVD/Blue-ray player or any other video/audio signal source device).
Optical fiber cable is not robust physically compared to conventional copper cable materials. Even though this cable is designed to be resistant to artificial strengths on the cable, CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX can be damaged if it is excessively pinched, twisted or kinked when being installed and after being installed. Take care not to bend or twist the cable tightly. When CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX is installed into the conduit, the fiber pulling strength and the bending radius are the key conditions to safe installation of the cable. Do not disassemble or modify the products, especially the HDMI connector head parts.
To install the CLS-AOCH/60-XX / CP-AOCH/60-XX: 1. Unpack the cable from the package with care and remove the cable tie. 2. Place the micro-HDMI (Type D) connector inside the Pulling Tool and close its cover.
Note that you can pull the cable either from the display side or the source side (as shown in Figure 3), but you have to make sure that the cable polarity is correct (tagged Source if pulling the source side or Display if pulling the display side). 3. Attach the pulling cable to the Pulling Tool.
Figure 3: Attaching the Pulling Tool
4. Carefully install the cable (for example, in the wall or conduit or under the floor). 5. Connect the:
 SOURCE HDMI adaptor to the micro-HDMI connector SOURCE end of the cable.  DISPLAY HDMI adaptor to the micro-HDMI connector DISPLAY end of the cable.
HDMI adapters in this box are not interchangeable! You must connect the adapter marked SOURCE to the SOURCE connector head of the cable and the adapter marked DISPLAY to the DISPLAY connector head of the cable . Connecting an adapter to the wrong end of the cable could cause damage to the cable, adapter, and connected AV equipment. 6. Secure the connection on each side using the supplied locking screws. 7. Plug the SOURCE connector head of the cable into the source devices. Do not plug the SOURCE connector to the display device.

8. Plug the DISPLAY connector head of the cable into the display devices. Do not plug the DISPLAY connector to the source device.
9. Switch on the power of the source and display devices. 10. If required, connect an external power source via the micro-USB connector on the DISPLAY
If you have encountered a problem, check that:
· The source and display devices are both switched on · Both HDMI connector heads are fully plugged into the devices · The cable or its jacket is not physically damaged · The cable is not bent or kinked

Note that it is important to connect the cable correctly as marked on the end of each connector: SOURCE to the source side and DISPLAY to the acceptor side.


Audio and Power
Video Resolution: Embedded Audio Support: HDMI Support: Cable Assembly HDMI Connector: Dimensions:
Cable Structure: Cable Jacket Material: Cable Jacket Color: Cable Diameter: Cable Pulling Strength: Power Power Supply HDMI: Power Consumption: General Operating Temperature: Operating Humidity: Available Length:

Up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) PCM 8ch, Dolby Digital True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio

Male HDMI Type A Connector

Micro HDMI port: 1.23cm x 4.9cm x 0.8cm (0.484" x 1.93" x 0.31") W, D, H Type A HDMI port: 3.1cm x 4cm x 0.95cm (1.22" x 1.57" x 0.37") W, D, H Assembly: 2.22cm x 7.1cm x 0.99cm (0.874" x 2.79" x 0.39") W, D, H

Hybrid Optical Fiber Cable

UL Plenum (CMP-OF) and LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free)

UL Plenum: black; LSHF: black


Cable Bending Radius: 6mm

500N (50kg, 110lbs) Micro USB Cable

External 5V power supply cable

Power is supplied from an external USB connector on the display side 0.75W max.

0° to +50°C (32° to 122°F) Storage Temperature: -30° to +70°C (-22° to 158°F)
5% to 85%, RHL non-condensing 33ft (10m), 50ft (15m), 66ft (20m), 98ft (30m), 131ft (40m), 164ft (50m), 197ft (60m), 230ft (70m), 262ft (80m), 295ft (90m) and 328ft (100m)



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