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This is a 50 inch – 127 cm LED 4K Ultra HD television and comes with a stand and a smart remote control. The television has 2000 PQI, 20 watts of sound ...

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This is a 50 inch ­ 127 cm LED 4K Ultra HD television and comes with a stand and a smart remote control. The television has 2000 PQI, 20 watts of sound power, 60 hertz and a quad core processor. With the design and design of Samsung , the television gets a narrow frame, which ensures a stylish finish. Revolutionary viewing experience like you've never seen before. This sleek newest Samsung television is ready for the future. Order this Samsung UE50TU7170 4K Ultra High Definition television now at Plasma Vision for an attractive price. 2000 PQI The total number of images per second produced by the entire TV is indicated by PQI Picture Quality Index. This determines the quality of the display of moving images. Samsung uses high-quality screens with an extremely high response time, which guarantee a rapid change of images. Each image shown is displayed down to the smallest detail. Samsung has

perfected three factors for this: the sharpness, the speed of the chipset and a wider color palette. The powerful processor calculates intermediate images for a smooth transition between frames.
Smart Hub and the Tizen platform
Enter a world of boundless entertainment. All Samsung Smart televisions are equipped with Tizen. Discover a world of apps, multitasking and your favorite content that will change the way you look forever. You can surf the net with the fast web browser, quickly open television apps and watch a program via Netflix, Youtube, RTL missed and much more because through the apps panel you can choose from countless apps and download and install them. Thanks to the enormously extensive connectivity and the enormous range, you can now really enjoy all the possibilities with this television.
CI + suitable
This model is CI + suitable for Ziggo , Canal Digital , KPN digitenne, Telenet or another digital television provider that works with a module. This means if you live in the area of Ziggo , Canal Digital , Telenet or another digital television provider, with a smart card and module you can watch digital television directly on your Samsung television without a separate digital receiver! You now operate everything with just one remote control. So you no longer need a separate box from your provider to watch digital television in High Definition quality on the Samsung ue50tu7170.
Crystal Processor 4K
Powerful processor for a perfect picture. This processor analyzes TV images faster than ever for the highest image quality in the market. Current smart televisions offer more and more options, which is why a quad core processor has been incorporated into this TV. This superfast processor is even more powerful than the previous generation, making this smart TV super-fast to use. So you can quickly switch between apps and TV programs and websites. Experience vivid and sparkling images with rich colors thanks to a special chip that optimizes the color reproduction and contrast ratios and controls High Dynamic Range.

HDR High Dynamic Range
See images that others cannot see. Immerse yourself in the scenes as the director intended. See all the details that used to be invisible, in both dark and light images. A new level of clarity. Enjoy the sun in its full radiant glory, and find the smallest details in the darkest shadow thanks to HDR. Each scene comes to life in your own living room. Experience for yourself how bright this HDR television is. Quantum HDR is the result of the combination of expertise and HDR10 + technology and HLG. See every nuance in the picture with Quantum High Dynamic Range.
360 degree design
Place your television wherever you want. The back has a sleek design and the cables can be neatly stored in the elegant base. Quiet and modern, also at the back. Excels in simplicity and contemporary sophistication. On a base or on the wall, the sleek, beautifully finished television, with no visible cables hidden in the elegant base, looks great anywhere. Timeless and sleek design and perfect for any environment. Undisturbed viewing pleasure without visible frame. The next step in television design. With the beautiful design both at the front and at the back, it looks good everywhere.
Dynamic Crystal Color
The Dynamic Crystal Color technology means that Samsung has improved pixels and they provide an astonishing contrast with more than 17 million lifelike colors. A wider color palette is achieved than with a normal Ultra HD television, which means that noise and saturation of hues are less likely to occur. The result are beautiful, clear images and lots of viewing pleasure for you on this Samsung television. All the wonderful facets of life are brilliantly displayed in dynamic, crystal clear colors. Perfect picture guaranteed for all content. You really have to see this on this television.
4K Ultra HD Connected
Watching television has never been so realistic. Swirling dust, a sparkle in the eyes and lightning-fast action; you won't miss anything with this television. All details are super sharp and images really come to life with this television with 3840 x 2160 pixels and 4 x more sharpness than a Full-HD TV. In addition, the slim design does not distract from what really matters: the perfect viewing experience. Not all 4K televisions are the same. The 4K ULTRA HD Connected certificate guarantees that the picture and sound quality of the television meets the highest standard of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Non-stop entertainment and on screen notification
Sync and share content. Even if you are not sitting still, you can keep watching. You can now sync and share your content with your mobile, your TV and even your fridge. Actually with all Samsung devices, via Samsung Cloud. So you can go and get a bowl of popcorn in the kitchen without missing anything. Are you doing laundry? Then you no longer have to check whether the machine is ready. A notification will appear in the corner of your TV screen when the laundry is done. So keep enjoying your favorite program because as soon as your washing machine is ready, you will receive a notification on the Samsung UE 50 TU 7170.
Auto Detection and Instant On
This television finds and recognizes all your connected devices faster. This Samsung television automatically shows the names of the connected devices and makes choosing the right input very easy. By means of an information bar on the television it is now very easy to see what is connected to which source. With Samsung `s Instant On technology , your television starts up in 2 seconds. So you no longer have to wait long and enjoy your smart television right away. The television remembers where you left off and you can continue what you were doing.
SmartThings app
With the SmartThings app, the possibilities are almost endless. Control different devices? No problem. You just need to download the SmartThings app on your mobile to control and keep an eye on your new LED television and all other connected devices, from one screen! One app for everything. Control your home appliances seamlessly from your new LED television. From the dashboard you can set up each connected device individually. You arrange the whole household relaxed on the couch, in front of the television and discover all the possibilities that are available.
Spectacular gaming
Samsung smart television offers a wide range of games that you can play on your TV. From family games to action shooters, gaming will be fun on your Smart television. Here too you can connect the Smart television to various mobile devices such as a gamepad, smartphone and tablets for a spectacular gaming experience. Games are made for the big screen. Use Steam Link to display the image from your PC on your television. You do not need additional

equipment for this. Enjoy an incredible range of online games for dynamic entertainment with low input lag and smooth visuals.
UHD Dimming
With UHD Dimming technology you can enjoy documentaries, series, television programs and films in excellent image quality. The image is optimized by making white even whiter and black even blacker and improves the colors and sharpness by dividing the screen into multiple zones. With razor-sharp details and pure colors you are assured of excellent image quality on this television. The television recognizes which signal is coming in and automatically adjusts the setting accordingly so that light and dark colors are optimally displayed and results in a high contrast.
UHD picture engine
Automatic upscaling of lower resolution content. Samsung's UHD Picture Engine improves lower-resolution content to UHD-bound quality. In 4 innovative steps, your favorite content is converted into lifelike images on this television. The ULTRA HD Engine can be regarded as the engine of the ULTRA HD panel, which ensures that the quality of the upscaler is improved. Ordinary resolution images are converted to ULTRA HD quality thanks to the engine. So always enjoy razor-sharp images on this TV from the Samsung TU7170 series.
A remote
Ultimate ease of use in the palm of your hand. Now control all connected devices with just one remote control. Smart Control remote with motion detection that can be used as a universal remote control. Devices such as set-top boxes, game consoles and home cinema systems can be operated with it. Because the television itself detects which brand and type of device is connected, it is not necessary to configure this function for use. That's easy. With this television you get the Smart Touch Remote Control with built-in microphone.
Google Assistant and Bluetooth
Control your Samsung Smart television with your voice. Do you want to game, watch Netflix or search for content and apps in the App Store? Ask your television. You can also control all Google Assistant-compatible Smart Home devices with your voice, to dim the lights or set the smart thermostat on a movie night, for example, without getting off the couch. Connect

compatible bluetooth devices to your television for wireless entertainment. Pair your Bluetooth headphones or earphones with the TV so that you can enjoy TV programs and music undisturbed in your favorite place.
Contrast enhancer
This TV represents phenomenal images with more depth and more powerful contrasts. Be enchanted by intense scenes and breathtaking images at any time of the day and in any environment. The combination of a very powerful contrast and Local Dimming gives the image great sharpness and contrast. Let yourself be touched, the contrast enhancer technology improves the contrast thanks to optimal light production and makes everything even more beautiful and spectacular. This technology ensures that the blacks appear even blacker. The technology recognizes foreground and background and automatically applies different levels of contrast.
Multimedia center and WiFi
Thanks to the USB inputs of Samsung televisions, you can turn your own room into a multimedia center. You can play content directly on your TV via USB. By connecting your USB stick or external hard drive to your television you can view your personal videos and photos. Share your vacation photos with your family, friends or acquaintances or listen to your favorite music. This television has integrated WiFi. This means that you do not have to connect the television to your network with a cable, but you can immediately use all the internet functions that this LED television offers you. Easily surf the internet and share all your content effortlessly on the Samsung ue50tu7170wxxn.
Apple Airplay 2 and Ultra Viewing Angle
The new version of AirPlay provides more stable connections and has an improved buffer function and makes multiroom audio possible. With integrated AirPlay 2, you can stream content from your Apple devices to the big screen. This makes it easy to play videos, music, photos and more on the Samsung 4K Ultra High Definition television from your iPhone, iPad and Mac. You no longer have to sit right in front of the television. Ultra Viewing Angle from QLED spreads the light very evenly and reduces light leakage for an optimal viewing experience from a wide viewing angle. From now on, every seat is the best seat.

Brand Color television CI + certification Screen size Screen resolution Digital Hertz Software Hertz Backlight technique Smart TV Smart TV HDR screen Number of HDMI inputs Number of USB ports Bluetooth built-in Wireless WiFi LAN connection Optical digital audio connection Cable DVB-C tuner Satellite DVB-S tuner Terrestrial DVB-T tuner Sound power Dimensions television Dimensions base Dimensions television on stand Packaging dimensions

Samsung Black Yes 50 inches = 127 cm 4K Ultra HD TV 60 Hertz 2000 Hertz Edge LED Yes Yes, Tizen platform Yes 2 entrances 1 gate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 20 Watt 1115.8 x 643.7 x 59.5 mm 1009.8 x 74.9 x 250.2 mm 1115.8 x 718.6 x 250.2 mm 1264 x 780 x 150 mm

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