Tranya S2 Smart Watch



Iepakojuma saraksts


Replace The Band


  1. Side button: Power on/off; Back to the last interface
  2. Side button: Power on; Switch to training interface

Ja iegādājaties jaunas siksnas un vēlaties nomainīt, vispirms pagrieziet slēdzi un izņemiet plaukstas siksnu, pēc tam paņemiet siksnu, kas jums patīk, un pagrieziet slēdzi pulksteņa galā, līdz dzirdat klikšķi un pēc tam nofiksējas vietā. .
Piezīme: Pay attention to the position of the long and short band and the display screen, do not install them upside down.

Uzlādējiet pulksteni

  • Pievienojiet USB uzlādes kabeli pulkstenim atbilstoši attēlam.
  • When the device is connected to the power supply, it will vibrate.



Wear the device with a finger’s distance from the wrist bone and adjust the tightness of the wrist band to a comfortable position.

Ieslēgšana / izslēgšana

  1. Long press the button on the upper right for 4-5 seconds to power on. Or charge it to power on.
  2. Switch to the Off interface, and press it to power off. Or press the button on the upper right for 4-5 seconds in the main interface to power off.

Instalējiet lietotni

  1. Open your App store and search “GloryFit” to install.
  2. Or scan the following QR codes to install “GloryFit”. The QR code can be found in the Setting.

Device requirement iOS 9.0 And Above, Android 4.4 Above to support Bluetooth 4.0..

Personal Information and exercise goals


  1. Atveriet lietotni GloryFit, lai iestatītu savu personisko informāciju.
  2. Setting your avatar, name, gender, age. height and weight, which can help to increase the accuracy of the monitoring data.
  3. Iestatiet savus ikdienas vingrinājumu mērķus.

Ierīces savienojums


Before connecting, ensure the following matters.
  1. The watch is not directly connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. If so, please delete the “S2” from the Bluetooth list of your mobile phone.
  2. The watch is not connected to other mobile phones. If so, please unbind the watch from other mobile phones. If the original phone is an iOS system, you also need to delete the “S2” from the Bluetooth List of the phone).
  3.  The distance between the mobile phone and the watch should be less than 1m.

Then follow the below steps to connect your smart watch


Solis 1: Turn on the Bluetooth in your phone:
Solis 2: Open the “GloryFit in your phone;
Solis 3: Click “Device”; Step 4: Click “Add a new device”;
Solis 5: Noklikšķiniet uz "Atlasīt ierīci";
Solis 6: Select the product model – S2
Solis 7: Click “Pair to complete the connection
Piezīme: If you can’t find “S2 in steps, please check whether the device has been selected in the Bluetooth list of your mobile phone. If so please click “Ignore S2′ and search again.


  1. Raise your hand or the button on the upper right to light up the screen.
  2. The screen will turn off without operations in 10 seconds by default. You can modify this default value in the smart watch.
  3. Sirdsdarbības kontroles funkcija pēc noklusējuma ir ieslēgta. Varat to izslēgt GloryFit.
  4. Asins skābekļa funkcija pēc noklusējuma ir izslēgta. Varat to ieslēgt programmā GloryFit.
  5. Press the button on the upper right at any time to return back.
Datu sinhronizācija

The watch can store 7 days of off-line data, and you can synchronize the data on the App homepage manually. The more data, the longer synchronization time is, and the longest time is about 2 minutes.

GloryFit App funkcijas un iestatījumi



  1. Zvanu atgādinājums
    You can one-click the pink icon to hang up the call.
  2. SMS atgādinājums
  3. Lietojumprogrammas atgādinājums
    You can add reminders of App messages in the GloryFit, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. Instagram un citi lietojumprogrammu ziņojumi.


  1. Be sure to turn on both of the functions and their permissions in the GloryFit
  2. The watch only can display 80 characters for IOS and Android per message.
  3. If your watch doesn’t receive any message, please refer to the FAQ at the end of the manual.

Fiziskā veselība

  1. Sirds ritma monitorings
    Sirdsdarbības kontroles funkcija pēc noklusējuma ir ieslēgta. Varat to izslēgt GloryFit.
  2. Asins skābekļa iestatījums
    The blood oxygen function is off by default. You can turn it on in the GloryFit. You can set the time and period of blood oxygen monitoring according to your needs. 1-H is the recommended cycle for blood oxygen monitoring.
    Piezīme: Sirdsdarbības ātruma kontrole tiks apturēta, pārraugot skābekļa līmeni asinīs, un otrādi.
  3. Sēdes atgādinājums
    You can set the start time, end time and reminder interval of sedentary reminder according to your needs.
  4. Fizioloģiskais cikls
    Female function is only available after you finish the following steps in the GloryFit.
    Physiological Cycle-Fill in your period information-Start

Vispārīgā funkcija

Piezīme: For the following operations, the word expressions of iOS and Android systems will be a little different.

  1. Ralse hand to activate display
    The function raise hand to activate display is on by default. You can turn it off in the GloryFit. You can also set the time for the bright screen to 5s/10/15s on the smart watch,
    Menu-Settings-Screen time.
  2. Netraucēt
    You can set the start and end time of “Do not disturb mode according to your needs.
    Piezīme: When you turn on the “Do not disturb” mode, the “raise hand to activate display” and message notification function are unavailable.
  3. Laika sistēma
    Android: Device -Universal settings-Time system-Select 12-hour system or 24-hour system
    IOS Device-More settings24-Hours Time on/off)
  4. Vienība
    Device – Universal settings-Unit-Select Metric system or British system
    viņiem profesionālisfile-Setting Unit
  5. Temperature unit conversions *C/°F
    Solis 1:
    Click the weather icon in the upper left corner of the “Home interface: Step 2: Choose C/°F which is in the upper right corner of the weather interface.



  1. Atgādinājums par soļa izpildi
    You can set a target step number in the GloryFit. When you reach this target, the smart watch will shake three times to remind you that you have completed the goal,
  2. Programmaparatūras jaunināšana
    Ja jums tiek piedāvāts jaunināt programmatūru, lūdzu, jauniniet to savlaicīgi.
    Piezīme: Pirms atjaunināšanas, lūdzu, pilnībā uzlādējiet pulksteni. Ja akumulatora uzlādes līmenis ir mazāks par 30%, jaunināšana var neizdoties.

Pamata navigācija

The home screen is the clock

  1. Swipe down to see the quick settings, such as Do Not Disturb. Brightness, Find the Phone Setting.
  2. Swipe up to see the notifications,
  3. Swipe right to see the menu on your watch
  4. Swipe left to see the shortcut interfaces, such as Status, Heart rate, Sleep, Weather
  5. Press the button on the upper right to return.


Galvenās lapas funkcija


  • Weather and temperature
  • kalorija
  • Day,Date -Time
  • Steps – Distance Sleep time
  • Sirdsdarbības ātrums
  • Akumulatora uzlādes līmenis
Pārslēdziet pulksteņu ciparnīcas


  1. Lai pārslēgtos, turiet nospiestu galveno interfeisu 4–5 sekundes.
  2. Or (Setting -Dial) to switch.
    Piezīme: Varat arī izvēlēties vairāk seju GloryFit panelī.
Statusa saskarne

Switch to the Status interface to check the steps, distances and calories. The distances and calories are calculated based on the current walking steps, the height and weight set in the App individually.

Training interface

Switch to the Training interface, press the screen to enter the specific Training interface. Press the button on the upper right to pause, you can choose whether to continue or exit.

Heart Interface

Switch to the Heart interface, click the screen to view sirds ritma dati.


  1. Sirdsdarbības uzraudzība ir iespējota pēc noklusējuma. Ja nevēlaties šo funkciju, varat to izslēgt lietotnē “GloryFit App.
  2. If the heart rate monitoring function is on the green light on the back of the watch will keep flashing.
  3. If you find that the heart rate data is inaccurate, please pay attention to the following matters: 111 Wear the watch with moderate tightness, and the sensor behind the watch should be close to the skin 21 Switch to the corresponding sports mode when exercising: (31 If it is still inaccurate, please reboot the watch.
Asins skābekļa saskarne

Switch to the Blood oxygen interface and measure your blood oxygen level at any time.


  1. Heart rate monitoring will be suspended when monitoring blood Oxygen, and vice versa.
  2. Lai asins skābekļa dati būtu precīzāki, lūdzu, novērošanas laikā ievērojiet šādus jautājumus:
    1. Ambient temperature is above 25*C, 12)
    2. Keep your wrists fiat on the table without moving.
Elpošanas ātruma saskarne

Switch to the Respiration rate interface and test your respiration rate at any time.

Breathing training Interface

Switch to the Breathing training interface and carry out breathing training according to the instruction of the watch. You can adjust the training time and speed according to your needs.

Pressure Interface

Switch to the Pressure interface and it only takes three minutes to monitor your pressure.

Mūzikas interfeiss

Varat atskaņot, apturēt vai pārslēgt mobilajā tālrunī atskaņotās dziesmas.

Sleeping interface

Switch to the Sleeping interface and check the sleep status, Sleep data is mainly based on heart rate and wrist movement range. When you are asleep, the heart rate will decrease significantly

  1. Falling asleep between 6 a.m. and 6 pm is not recorded.
  2. When you are lying in bed and playing with your phone for a long time, your heart rate and wrist movements are similar to the state of sleep. The watch may determine that you are asleep.
Weather Interface

Pārslēdzieties uz laikapstākļu saskarni, varat view laika apstākļi un temperatūra.
Piezīme: Weather function is only available after you turn on the “Location of the mobile phone.

Ziņojuma saskarne

Ziņu saskarnē noklikšķiniet uz galvenā ekrāna, lai view the message, slide the screen to turn the pages, Press the button on the upper right to exit.

Piezīme: Message remind is just a function to remind you to receive the message. Its display interface will have character restrictions 80 characters for iOS and Android per message.

Female health interface
Through the App you can record your personal menstrual cycle and predict the safety period, pregnancy and ovulation period, which can help women.

  • Hronometrs.
    Pārslēdzieties uz hronometra interfeisu, noklikšķiniet, lai atvērtu hronometra interfeisu.
  • Taimeris:
    Switch to the Timer interface, and click to choose the time you page. When the time is up, the watch will vibrate.
  • Atrodi mani:
    Switch to the Find me interface and touch the icon, then the phone will ring,
  • Lukturītis:
    Pārslēdzieties uz zibspuldzes saskarni un nospiediet ekrānu, lai ieslēgtu lukturīti.



App Download: Scan the Qr code to install the app “Gloryfit”.

Piesardzības pasākumi

  1. Lūdzu, izvairieties no spēcīga trieciena, liela karstuma un pulksteņa iedarbības.
  2. Lūdzu, neizjauciet, neremontējiet un nepārveidojiet ierīci atsevišķi.
  3. Vides izmantošana ir 0 grādi -45 grādi, un aizliegts to mest ugunī, lai neizraisītu sprādzienu.
  4. Lūdzu, noslaukiet ūdeni ar mīkstu drāniņu un pēc tam pulksteni var izmantot uzlādes darbībai, pretējā gadījumā tas izraisīs uzlādes kontaktpunkta koroziju un var rasties uzlādes incidents.
  5. Neaiztieciet ķīmiskās vielas, piemēram, benzīnu, tīru šķīdinātāju, propanolu, spirtu vai kukaiņu atbaidīšanas līdzekli.
  6. Please do not use this product in high pressure and high magnetic environment
  7. If you have sensitive skin or tighten the wristband, you may feel discomfort able.
  8. Lūdzu, savlaicīgi nosusiniet sviedru pilienus uz plaukstas. Siksnai ir ilgstoša saskare ar ziepēm, sviedriem, alerģijām vai piesārņojuma sastāvdaļām, kas var izraisīt ādas alerģijas niezi.
  9. it is often used, it is recommended to clean the wristband every week. Wipe with wet cloth and remove oil or dust with mild soap. It is not
    appropriate to wear a hot bath with a wristband. After swimming, please wipe the wristband in time so as to keep dry.




Q: What should I do when my watch can’t be connected to the phone normally?
A: Please follow the instructions:

  1. Install the “GloryFit App in Google Play or App store and allow all authorizations required by GloryFit.
  2. Make sure both of your watch and mobile phone Bluetooth are turned on. And it would be better that the distance between the mobile phone and the watch is less than 1m.
  3. If the watch is not connected to the mobile phone through the GloryFit App, but directly through the Bluetooth search, please delete the watch “S2” from the Bluetooth list of your mobile phone.
  4. It you want to connect to another new phone, please unbind the watch on the original phone through the GloryFit App first lf the original phone is an 105 system, you also need to delete the watch S2 from the Bluetooth list of the phone).

Q: Why can’t the watch receive SMS / App information notification?
A: Please follow the instructions:

  1. Make sure that you have authorized the SMS/Apo notification for the Gloryfit App
  2. Pārliecinieties, vai pulkstenis ir savienots ar mobilo tālruni, izmantojot lietotni GloryFit.
  3. Make sure “Do not disturb mode on the watch is turned off,
  4. Ensure that the SMS reminder and App reminder of the GloryFit App are turn on.
  5. Pārliecinieties, vai jūsu lietotne GloryFit vienmēr darbojas fonā.
    Piezīme: Some Android phones automatically close Apso running in the background every 10-15 minutes. If GlaryFit App is stopped by the system, the watch will not receive any information notification. You can keep the GloryFit App running in the background through “Setting in your phone. If you don’t know how to set it, you can search your mobile phone brand how to keep the App running in the background? on Google.

Q: Why is the time and weather on the watch incorrect?
A: The time and weather of the watch are synchronized with your smart phone.

  1. Lūdzu, pārliecinieties, vai pulkstenis ir savienots ar tālruni, izmantojot lietotni GloryFit, un ļaujiet GloryFit darboties.
  2. At the same time, the “Location of your mobile phone is turned on.

Q. Is the sleep data accurate?
A- Sleep data is accurate, Sleep data is mainly based on heart rate and wrist movement range. When you are asleep, the heart rate will decrease significantly. When you are lying in bed and playing with your phone for a long time, and your heart rate and wrist movements are similar to the state of sleep, the watch may determine that you are asleep. However, the third-generation algorithm of our watch has fixed this problem. Note: Falling asleep between 6 am, and 6 p.m. is not recorded.

Q: How can I make my heart rate more accurate?
A: (1) Wearing the watch with moderate tightness, and the sensor behind the watch should be close to the skin. 12) Switch to the corresponding sports mode when exercising.

Q: Is the watch waterprool?
A: It supports 3ATM waterproof and dust-proof level 3ATM standard is 30 meters below waterl. Usually, you can wash your hands with the smart watch. Note: But be sure not to enter the steam room with your watch. Such as sauna, hot spring, hot bath, etc.

Lai iegūtu vairāk informācijas, lūdzu, apmeklējiet:
Lai saņemtu palīdzību, rakstiet mums uz e-pastu: [e-pasts aizsargāts]

Ražots Ķīnā

EU REP SkyLimit Service GmbH Rowdingsmarki 20 20457 Hamburg
UK AR HUA TENG LIMITED 3 Glass Street, Hanley Stoke On Trent ST12ET United Kingdom


nosaukums: Huizhou Xiansheng Technology Co., LTD
Adrese: 3rd Floor, Workshop No. 2. Yunhao High-tech Park, Yuhe Road, Sanhe Town, Hulyang Economic Development Zone, Huizhou, China

FCC paziņojums

Interference that may cause undesired operation. Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
PIEZĪME: Šī iekārta ir pārbaudīta un atzīta par atbilstošu B klases digitālo ierīču ierobežojumiem saskaņā ar FCC noteikumu 15. daļu. Šie ierobežojumi ir paredzēti, lai nodrošinātu saprātīgu aizsardzību pret kaitīgiem traucējumiem dzīvojamās telpās. Šī iekārta rada, izmanto un var izstarot radiofrekvenču enerģiju, un, ja tā nav uzstādīta un izmantota saskaņā ar instrukcijām, tā var radīt kaitīgus traucējumus radio sakaros. Tomēr nav garantijas, ka traucējumi kādā konkrētā instalācijā neradīsies. Ja šī iekārta rada kaitīgus traucējumus radio vai televīzijas uztveršanā, ko var noteikt, izslēdzot un ieslēdzot iekārtu, lietotājam ieteicams mēģināt novērst traucējumus, veicot vienu vai vairākus no šiem pasākumiem:

  • Pārvirziet vai pārvietojiet uztverošās antenas.
  • Palieliniet attālumu starp iekārtu un uztvērēju.
  • Pievienojiet aprīkojumu kontaktligzdai, kas atrodas citā ķēdē nekā tā, kurai ir pievienots uztvērējs.
  • Konsultējieties ar izplatītāju vai pieredzējušu radio / TV tehniķi.

Šī ierīce un tās antena (-as) nedrīkst atrasties kopā vai darboties kopā ar jebkuru citu antenu vai raidītāju.

Paziņojums par radiācijas iedarbību
Ir novērtēts, ka ierīce bez ierobežojumiem atbilst vispārējām RF iedarbības prasībām pārnēsājamā ekspozīcijas stāvoklī.

ISED paziņojums
Šajā ierīcē ir raidītāji / uztvērēji, kas atbrīvoti no licences, un kuri atbilst Kanādas Innovation, Science and Economic Development RSS (-iem), kas atbrīvoti no licences. Darbībai piemēro divus šādus nosacījumus:

  1. Šī ierīce var neradīt traucējumus.
  2. Šai ierīcei jāpieņem jebkādi traucējumi, ieskaitot traucējumus, kas var izraisīt nevēlamu ierīces darbību.

Šī ierīce atbilst RSS 2.5 102. Iedaļā paredzētajam atbrīvojumam no ikdienas novērtēšanas ierobežojumiem un atbilstībai RSS 102 RF iedarbībai, lietotāji var iegūt Kanādas informāciju par RF iedarbību un atbilstību.

Šis aprīkojums atbilst Kanādas radiācijas iedarbības ierobežojumiem, kas noteikti nekontrolētai videi.
Ierīce ir novērtēta tā, lai tā atbilstu vispārīgajām RF iedarbības prasībām. Šis aprīkojums ir jāuzstāda un jādarbina ar minimālo attālumu 0 mm starp radiatoru un ķermeni.

Dokumenti / Resursi

Tranya S2 Smart Watch [pdf] Lietotāja rokasgrāmata
S2, 2A4AX-S2, 2A4AXS2, Smart Watch, S2 Smart Watch

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