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LUMINOUS Zelio 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS Instruction Manual

LUMINOUS Zelio 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS


Automatically learns the battery capacity:

  • Select the battery type (TUB, FLA or SMF) and mode (UPS/REG or ECO mode)
  • Charge battery to 1 00% (all battery bars glow permanently/ noblinkmg)
  • Discharge battery till display shows battery low indication (Lbt).
  • Now the system displays actual time remaining for charge/ discharge_
    Note: Actual/accurate value is achieved after 3 cycles (charge&discharge) .


  • Intelligent battery management system that displays remaining time of charge and discharge as per load.
  • Intelligent backup management that optimizes voltage regulation to increase backup time if the mains cut is more.
  • Automatically learns battery capacity through charge/discharge cycle.


LUMINOUS ZELIO+ SINE WAVE UPS is equipped with many in-built protections, which are as follows: (respective indication is shown on the display)_

  1. Short-circuit: Protects against short circuits in the system.
  2. Overload Prevents both UPS & Battery from damage during an overload condition.
  3. Wrong wiring: Protects the system in case of wrong wiring connected at the output. Note that the UPS must not be switched ON in th1s case.
  4. Over-temperature Prevents burn-outs due to excessive heating by shutting down the UPS in case of high temperature
  5. Battery deep discharge: Protects battery from deep discharge & hence enhances life of the battery.


This section provides with troubleshooting tips to identify and solve most of the common problems that might occur.

Fit plug property Check socket

CWhaetcfkoMr CmBains to norimalise

Fit plug property

Mains supply Is normal but—

a) mains indicator is OFF or UPS is working on battery

b) the mains ON indicator is glow ng but no output

If the display is showing

Line plug is loose

Dead wall socket MlMaCiBnTs irni puht too

Looow soer ohuigtput plug

Battery may be

Battery Low (Lbt)

If the display is showing


UPS tripped due to

Recharge battery when

mains Is available Reduce the load and


For any other problem, please

excess load

contact our authorize

dreset the power switch

service person.


LUMINOUS POWER TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd_ provides warranty to the purchaser of ZELIO+ Sine Wave UPS that it is free from all defects in workmanship and parts during the warranty period. With in a warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase, the company or its authorized service centre shall repair or replace components that prove to be defective if used within specifications. The company reserves the right to decide as to whether the repair work should be carried out in the company’s service centre or at site or at any other place.
Note: The warranty Is only valid if warranty registration form is duly signed by the authorized dealer. WARRANTY
LUMINOUS POWER TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd_ provides warranty to the purchaser of ZELIO+ Sine Wave UPS that it is free from all defects in workmanship and parts during the warranty period. With in a warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase, the company or its authorized service centre shall repair or replace components that prove to be defective if used within specifications. The company reserves the right to decide as to whether the repair work should be carried out in the company’s service centre or at site or at any other place.

The warranty Is only valid if warranty registration form is duly signed by the authorized dealer.

Warranty shall not be applicable under the following conditions:

  • If instructions provided in the manual by the LUMINOUS are not followed.
  • If any part has been subjected to misuse, neglect or accidental damage.
  • Any tampering of serial number/Mfd. Code and if original seal is found broken or tempered.
  • If the unit is found to have been affected by careless use, use on an incorrect voltage, lightning, act of God or exposure to abnormal conditions or household pests.
  • If service is carried out by any unauthorized person or agency.

LUMINOUS POWER TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications without notice and without any obligation to install such changes on units previously supplied.

Liability Exclusion:
The manufacturer will not be liable for any damages, caused by use other than as intended or as mentioned in this manual or,f recommendations of the manufacturer are neglected. The manufacturer shall not be liable if there has been service or repair carried out by any unauthorized person, wrong use & installation or bad system design_


In the event the unit requires servicing at our authorized service centre, the following procedure should be adopted:

  • The unit must be securely packed and dispatched on Freight­prepaid basis duly insured.
  • One of our Service/Sales Executives should be informed of the Goods Receipt No and date of dispatch along with the name of the carrier.
  • The above procedure should only be adopted on the advise of one of our Service/Sales Executives or Dealer.
  • We reserve the right to charge the consignee for any damage incurred during transit.


please go through these guidelines before connecting UPS. This manual contains important safety and operating instructions. Read and keep the manual for future reference.

  • Before installing and using this device, read all instructions located in ( or on) this manual.
  • There are no user-serviceable parts inside the UPS. Do not dis­assemble or attempt to repair.
  • The unit contains more than one live circuit (mains and batteries). Power may be present at more than one source.
  • In case of any emergency, use the front panel switch to switch off the UPS and disconnect the mains power cord & remove one battery connector.
  • Mount the unit indoors. Prevent exposure to the elements and do not allow water to enter the UPS.
  • While installing the unit, make sure that UPS power switch is OFF.
  • Always connect UPS to a 230V, 3-pin type mains socket with earthing_ Connection to any other type of socket may result in a shock.
  • To reduce the risk of electrical shock, disconnect all power sources from the UPS before attempting any maintenance cleaning or working on any circuit.

Do’s related to UPS

  • ✓ Unplug and switch off the UPS before touching or cleaning the surfaces.
  • ✓ Unplug the UPS from the wall outlet during a lightning storm.

Don’ts related to UPS

  • X Don’t block the ventilation slots by cloth or other material, it may result in fire hazard.
  • X Don’t place the UPS near radiation or heat source.
  • X Don’t install the UPS near kitchen sink, laundry, wash bowl, bathtub.

Do’s related to battery 

  • ✓ Wear safety gloves and goggles_
  • ✓ Use D.M. water only for battery refilling.
  • ✓ Install battery in proper ventilated area.
  • ✓ Apply petroleum jelly to terminals of batteries.
  • ✓ Place battery horizontally & handle with care.
  • ✓ Keep out of reach of children.
  • ✓ Connect correct polanty of wires from UPS with battery.

Don’ts related to battery

  • X Don’t add impure or mineral water in battery.
  • X Don’t add acid to the battery as it can cause damage. X Don’t keep near a moisture area or in direct sunlight. X Don’t keep the cell caps loose or open.
  • X Don’t increase the length of battery wire.
  • X Don’t place the battery at height.
  • X Never short the terminals of the battery_


LUMINOUS ZELIO+ Sine Wave UPS provides grid-quality backup power to the load and home appliances when there is a power failure. Normally, the UPS operates on mains, delivering power to the load. When the mains power fails, the load automatically transfers to UPS_ The load is automatically transferred back to mains when it restores and charging is commenced to keep the battery at optimal level. The Zelio+ is equipped with a number of outstanding features such as:

  • Provides grid quality sine wave.
  • Intelligent back-up and battery management system-
  • Automatically learns the battery capacity (Charge & Discharge cycle)­Highly efficient and equipped with in-built protections.

This section describes the front panel and back panel of the UPS.
Front Panel: It contains the LCD display and power switch.

  1. Power switch: This switch is for output power ON/OFF. If the switch is OFF, the UPS will not work. If the switch is ON, UPS will work (power LED will glow indicating UPS ON).
  2. LCD Display: It displays & indicates the vanous status of the UPS.

Display and Visual Indications:

  • 1 . Mains ON: Glows when mains input is available.
  • 2. Mode Selector: Displays the UPS status on ECO mode.
  • 3. Fault Indicator: Glows in case of any fault.
  • 4. Water Level Indicator: Glows when water level in battery is low.
  • 5 Battery Charge Indicator: Displays the battery charge level.
  • 6. Status Display: Displays the following parameters:
    • Battery charge and discharge time_ (in Hours & Minutes)
    • Battery type – Tubular, Flat & SMF
    • Faults & Protections

Audio Indications:
There Is a buzzer sound for the following parameters & stage of UPS:

  1. Battery low pre-alarm & battery low – Overload · Over temperature
  2. Wrong wiring · Short circuit


  1. Mains ON: When mains input Is available, then the respective symbol will glow_
  2. Mode Selector: When UPS is working in ECO mode, this symbol will glow.
  3. Fault Indicator: When any fault is there, this symbol will glow.
  4. Water Level Indicator: When water level of the battery is low, this symbol will glow i.e it is the time to fill D.M. water in battery. Water level indication enables after 1 min of sense. It does not work when SMF battery is selected.(Glows when water level sensor is connected).
  5. Battery Charge Indicator It shows the different level of battery charge status. As per battery charge level, the bar strength increases or decreases. Bar rolls down intermittently as per load applied.
  6. Status Display: When battery,s connected, the selected battery, con Is shown for some time i.e., TUB, FLA or SMF. Next displays the charge and discharge time i.e., the remaining or backup time for charging & discharging respectively. (Max time limit – 9Hrs 59Min) it indicates the following parameters: 

Note: In low battery, display will OFF after 5 minutes_ Display will get reset/ON, when there is mains supply or by resetting the power switch.
At full charge, display LCD gets OFF when power switch is made OFF.

BACK PANEL: It contains many components i_e_, switch, socket, MCB, Fan and connector.

  1. Battery Selector : This switch selects as per battery type
  2. Mode Selector: This switch selects as per the UPS/REG or ECO mode. UPS/REG mode is selected when computer is to be run
  3. Output: Socket to connect the output of UPS to load
  4. Input MCB: Provided to connect the input mains_
  5. Normal/By-pass Mode Switch: Provided to bypass the mains.
  6. AC input: The mains input cord is connected at this point.
  7. Battery (-ve): The battery negative lead is connected at this point.
  8. Fan: The assembly for fan.
  9. Battery ( +ve): The battery positive lead is connected at this point.
  10. Water Level Indicator•: The connector for battery water level sensor is connected at this point. There are two sensor jacks (For Zelio+ 1 700 only):
    Sl for Battery 1 and S2 for Battery 2

Note: Connection to both the sensor is necessary for display indication.
*Water Level Sensor is available separately with retailer for purchase and is not a part of the standard equipment.


For the integrity of the installation, please review all the safety precautions mentioned in this manual before installation process. Observe all the warnings and labels on the equipment. Do not try to install the system yourself. Only a trained LUMINOUS engineer is authorized to install the system. If the system Is found tampered by any unauthorized person, the warranty would expire immediately.

Unpacking and Inspection

  • Check the condition of packaging box before unpacking the unit
  • Check the warranty card and product manual inside the box
  • Check the physical damage of the system during transit
  • In case of any damage or any problem, inform the concerned engineer


  • Place unit on smooth surface in clean, dry and well-ventilated area


  • To be done by a competent & knowledgeable person.
  • Switch OFF the supply to the distribution point to which the UPS is to be connected.
  • Check the building wiring. Improper wiring will not prevent the UPS from operating but will limit its protection capability. Improper building wiring could result in equipment damage that is not covered in warranty.
  • Connect the battery/battenes to UPS as per its correct polanty.
  • Keep the front switch of UPS in OFF position.
  • Keep input MCB in OFF and by-pass switch in normal position
  • Switch ON the front switch & measure the output voltage at output
  • Connect the Load wire to the line point (right hole) of output plug & insert the output plug into socket located on the rear panel of UPS.
  • Switch ON the front Switch of the UPS.
  • Gradually put the load on UPS.

Connect input plug to commercial mains socket incorrect polarity.

Note: Do not switch ON the UPS power switch if any fault is indicated. In case of CBL warning ind1cat1on, correct the wrong, then switch ON the UPS power switch_ The water level measuring device shall be mounted near the positive ( +) battery terminal.


    CAUTION: Battery polarity must be checked before connections. Installation shall be done by qualified technician. , Take precautions while connecting the battery cable to the battery post avoid short circuit by spanner etc. , Battery terminals and thimble etc .. should be cleaned and properly fastened.
    1. Zelio + 1100
    2. Zelio + 1700 


In the unlikely event if you are facing a problem that has not been sorted out by troubleshooting, kindly adopt the following procedure: Complaints may be logged on our 24-hour service call-desk number 18605003939 or1800103 3039

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