LUCIDE 70483 ERYN Pendant Light Instruction Manual
LUCIDE 70483 ERYN Pendant Light

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Dimensions LxW xH: 88cm x 20 cm x 157cm
Height minimum: 20 cm
Height maximum: 157cm
Main material: Glass
Ceiling rose material: Mirror
Color: Chrome and Gold
Style: Modern
Shape: Round
Weight: 3,60 kg


Light direction: Around (Diffuse)
Adjustable in height: Adjustable In Height (Before Installation)
Directional: Not Directional
Cable: Yes, Cable On Product
Cable length: 130 cm
Sensor: W ithout Sensor
Control: Light Switch Control
Power supply: Adapter/ Power Grid
IP-Class: 20
Electric Class: 2
Number of light sources: 3
Lamp socket: E27
Maximum wattage: 60 W
Power requirements: 220 -240 V~50 Hz
Warranty: 2 Years

Using Instructions

Using Instructions

Using Instructions

Safety Instructions

Please read this notice carefully and keep it during the lifetime of this product. Follow the instructions for a safe and correct installation and functioning of the light fixture. The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for damage caused by improper installation and service. Installation should always be done by a qualified electrician.
Always isolate the power before commencing installation, maintenance or repair.
In case of doubts, please contact a qualified electrician.
Please pay attention to locations where the item can be installed (indoor, outdoor, bathroom (for outdoor and bathroom installation, please see further). Indoor items cannot be used in humid places. Do not put the item in contact with water or any liquids or inflammable products. Always respect the minimal distance (indicated on the light) to inflammable products.
During installation, make sure that the cables will not be squeezed or damaged by sharp edges. If the external flexible cable is damaged, it needs to be replaced exclusively by the manufacturer, his service agent, or a qualified electrician.
This is to avoid all risks.
Because the temperature of the item and the bulbs can get very high, they must cool down before being touched. Always use the correct bulb (respect type and maximal wattage as indicated on the product).

Explanation of the symbols which can appear on the fixture

This item is only suitable for indoor use, exclusive bathroom (except if a higher IP degree permits that the item can be used in the bathroom).

Symbols Legislation requires that all electrical and electronic equipment must be collected for reuse and recycling.

Symbols Electrical and electronic equipment marked with this symbol indicating separate collection of such equipment must be returned to a municipal waste collection point.

Symbols Class I: The item has an earth connection. The earth wire (green-yellow) needs to be connected to the earth connection (marked with this symbol).

symbols Class II: The item is double insulated and must not be connected to the earth wire.

Symbols Class III: The item is only suitable for lower voltage supply and must not  be connected to the earth wire.

Symbols IP 20: Protection against contact with a finger

Symbols If the protection glass is damaged or broken, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Symbols Please respect the minimum distance from the bulb to inflammable objects.


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