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vitalpeak BS 90 Baby Scale

BS 90 Baby Scale

Thank you for purchasing the VITALPEAK product.

Safety when working with the device and use

  • Read carefully the enclosed safety instructions.
  • For proper handling of the product, read the latest version of the manual, which can be downloaded at:
  • The device is intended for use in a domestic or private environment only, not in a commercial or medical field.
  • Gamintojas neatsako už žalą, atsiradusią dėl netinkamo ar netinkamo naudojimo.

Prieš naudojimą:

  1. Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the device by sliding the protective cover.
  2. Insert four 1,5 V AAA batteries (not included) according to the figure and slide the cover back.
    vitalpeak BS 90 Baby Scale - battery

Naudojant įrenginį:

  1. To turn on the scale, briefly press the On / Off button on the device Always keep the scale on a firm, level surface, otherwise, the weighing may be inaccurate.
  2. To use the HOLD function (recording and freezing the instantaneous weight on the display), briefly press the UNIT / HOLD button during weighing.
    Subsequently, the flashing recorded value appears on the display. To cancel the value, briefly press the UNIT / HOLD button again. By pressing the UNIT / HOLD button, the weight is automatically recorded in the device‘s memory for later comparison.
  3. To compare the recorded value using the HOLD function with the current weighing value, repeat the procedure in point 2. Subsequently, after several flashes of the current value, the difference between the previously stored and the current value appears.
    At the same time, an arrow appears on the right side of the display to indicate whether the current weight is higher (up arrow) or lower (down arrow).
    Subsequently, the last weighing value is automatically overwritten in the memory after the current weighing value.
  4. For the TARE (import) function, place an object on the scale that you do not want to include in the resulting weight and press the On / Off button. The scale resets and you can continue weighing.
  5. To change the units between kg and lb, hold down the UNIT / HOLD button on the scale for a long time until the unit on the right side of the display changes.
  6. Switching off the scale- hold down the On / Off button for a longer time. Otherwise, the scale switches itself off automatically two minutes after the last interaction.

Error indication on the scale’s display
Err – Overload The maximum allowable value of 25 kg / 55 lb has been exceeded.
Lo – Low batteries Replace batteries.

Techniniai duomenys:

displėjus: Foninis apšvietimas
Vienetai: kg, lb
Galia: 4× 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included)
Automatinis išjungimas: 2 minučių
Maksimali apkrova: 25 kg / 55 svarai
Weighing deviation: ≤ 5 g, ≤ 0,01 lb

vitalpeak BS 90 Baby Scale - display

Mygtukų aprašymas:

vitalpeak BS 90 Baby Scale - ICON Button for switching On / Off and resetting the scale (TARE)
vitalpeak BS 90 Baby Scale - icon3 Button for recording, freezing, and comparing the stored weight (press briefly) / changing the weighing unit (hold)

Dokumentai / Ištekliai

vitalpeak BS 90 Baby Scale [pdf] Instrukcijų vadovas
BS 90 Baby Scale, BS 90 Scale, Baby Scale, Scale


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