Elektrinis paspirtukas H30 Pro


GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter

Elektrinis paspirtukas H30 Pro
Warm Tips: If don’t use the scooter for a long time, please charge it once a month.

GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig5f Dėmesio: Please read the operating instructions before riding. Beginners need to be accompanied by parents or adults to practice cycling in open spaces. The operator can ride independently only after mastering the kinetic energy and riding skills of the scooter.
Thanks for choosing our product. Have fun with this electric scooter.

Produkto priedai

GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig

Product Installation And Expansion Display

01. Product Installation Diagram 

  1. Attach the horizontal rod to the handlebar fixed block.
    GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig 1
  2. Use a screw to tighten the cap in the direction and align it to the screw hole of the arrow
    GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig 3
  3. Attach the vertical rod to the bottom plate block toward the arrow hole
    GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig 2
  4. Use a screw to tighten the cap in the direction of the arrow.

GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig 4

02. Product expansion Diagram

GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig5

  1. UNSCREW IT in the direction of the ArrowGYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig7
  2. Press the vertical lever to load the marble, then grab the handle and pull it up and down
    GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig6
  3. Tighten after adjusting the height

Introduction To Riding Operations

Pradinis metodas: hold the handle with both hands and gently push it forward. When you hear a “drop” from the buzzer, It means that the current speed is 4 KM/H. When the buzze remits three “drops”, it means the current speed is 8 KM/H.
Gear change mode: After sliding the motor, press the pedal switch 5 times continuously to change gears with different speeds.
When the speed setting is successful: when the current speed is 4 KM/H, the buzzer will sound 1 time. If the buzzer will sound 2 time means 6KM/H. If the buzzer will sound 3 time means 8KM/H.
Automatically turn off: The scooter will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity. If you need to use it, please slide the motor again.
„Bluetooth“ muzika: Please connect your electric scooter to the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, Bluetooth name will shows’ Wheel MusictThen open music, you will enjoy the music when riding.
Šviesos: After the motor is started, the lights cycle from cyan to seven colors, then turn off, and turn on again when the induction contact is pressed. When the scooter is started, press and release the footswitch, and the buzzer will emit a”drop”. If it is not started, press and release the footswitch, the buzzer will not sound.
Riding method: Hold the handle with both hands, put one foot on the footswitch, and the other foot pedal back to accelerate. When the gliding speed reaches about 3KM / H,it will start slowly increasing the speed to the current gear. Set the speed, and keep driving at a uniform speed.
Stop method: 1. please use one foot to step on the rear wheel brake plate 2.the foot leaves the foot switch on the pedal to complete the stop.
Mažos baterijos indikacija: If the scooter emits a continuous sound of “drops, drops, drops”, indicating that the battery is low, please charge the scooter in time.

Saugos instrukcijos

  1. This product is a mini electric power-assisted scooter for children. It is restricted to one child. It should not be used by adults or two people at the same time. Children must be accompanied by parents or adults when using electric-assisted scooters.
  2. When riding this product, please wear a safety helmet and other protective equipment.
  3. Do not ride this product in places where it is unsafe or illegal such as motor vehicle lanes.
  4. Please practice first in an open place and master the operation before driving.
  5. Do not make dangerous moves or one-handed rides while the scooter is running. Keep your feet on the pedal.
  6. Do not try to directly pass the step of 3 cm or more in the gap, which may cause the scooter to subvert, causing the rider to be injured or the car to be damaged; the steps below 3 cm should be avoided as much as possible.
  7. When encountering rough or uneven road conditions, please slow down or get off.
  8. Users must adjust the height of the product to the proper position to ensure safe driving.
  9. Do not ride this product on slippery surfaces such as oil or ice on the surface.
  10. Do not use this product below -5°C
  11. Do not use it in a sloping section over 15 degrees. For use over 15 degrees uphill, you need a pedal assist.
  12. Do not immerse the product in water depths above 5 cm to avoid damage to the electrical parts of the vehicle due to water ingress.
  13. In bad weather such as rain, snow and wind, please avoid riding as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage caused by unnecessary factors.
  14. If the product is fully charged, it will not be used for at least one month, and it must be charged at least once a month. If it is riding to no electricity (the electricity Is exhausted), it must be charged once every 7 days.

Baterija ir įkroviklis

 Lithium Battery When you get the electric assist scooter for the first time, please fully charge the battery before using it.

  1. Please charge immediately after the car emits a low battery warning tone to avoid damage to the battery and affect your use.
  2. When the battery is not used for a long time, please charge it at least once a month (when the battery is fully charged).
  3. If the battery is not used fora long time, the battery level is lower than the battery protection status and cannot be used. Please contact the dealer quickly.

pastabos: The battery is damaged due to water, collision and other abnormal factors, and is not covered by the warranty.
02. Įkroviklis
The dedicated charger provided by the company has a charging protection function, and when the battery is 100% fully charged, it will automatically stop charging. Damage caused by other abnormal factors such as water ingress, collision, etc., is not covered by the warranty.

  1. Atidarykite pedalo įkrovimo guminį dangtelį ir įkiškite įkroviklio išvesties jungtį į įkrovimo angą.
  2. Plug the charger input power into the power socket (AC100V-240V)
  3. The charger indicator is red, indicating that it is charging; when the charger indicator turns green, the battery is fully charged.
  4. When charging the battery, please place it in a dry and ventilated environment.

The Scope Of Warranty

Under normal use, if the parts of our electric-assisted scooter are in the following order during the warranty period, please contact our company or product distributor, we will provide relevant after-sales service.

Vardas Kokybės klausimai Garantinis laikotarpis
Variklis The motor does not work under normal use 6 mėnesių
Įkroviklis Charger failure under normal use 6 mėnesių
Ličio baterijos Battery failure under normal use 6 mėnesių
Scooter body structure Deformation, breakage, etc.cannot be used under normal use Ne

The above quality problem is free service, no maintenance fee)
Pastaba: Please use our products in the correct way.
The damage and damage of the parts caused by abnormal use are not covered by free maintenance.
During the warranty period, if the following reasons cause the failure, the damage is not within the scope of quality assurance.

  1. Use the electric assist scooter for dangerous actions such as stunts etc, resulting in damage or malfunction.
  2. Any disassembly or use of parts outside the original factory.
  3. Body and body parts damaged by mistakes, traffic accidents or accidental collisions.
  4. Incomplete label, water, part number mismatch.
  5. Driving on an abnormal road to damage or malfunction.
  6. Commercial rental or Improper use.
  7. The irresistible cause of the natural disaster.
  8. Exposing this product to the sun for a long time or long-term rain, thus causing rapid aging and failure of the product.

Package Attachment

Areštas Kiekis
Elektrinis paspirtukas H30 Pro 1
Įkroviklis 1
Instrukcijų vadovas 1
Spare tool 1

pastabos: Actual shipment product performance and parameters are subject to change without notice.


„Bluetooth“ muzika Ratų muzika
Ratų dydis front:5″,rear5.5″
baterijos talpa 37V-2500mAH 90WH
Greičio diapazonas 6-12KM/h (4-8mph)
Įkrovimo laikas: 2 valandos
Maksimalus greitis: 12KM/h(8noph)
Maksimali apkrova: 70kg (1541b)
Maksimalus laipiojimo kampas: 5 -15 ° kampu
Žaibas: Front tire & Sideboard
Steering height: 87-97cm
stabdžiai Pėdos lūžis
Matmenys 76.5 * 16 * 34cm
Motor* 1 150W
spalva Black/Blue/Pink


Contact us if you experience issues relating to riding, maintenance and safety, or errors/faults with the scooter.
Messenger: Gyroor (scan the QR code on back cover)
pašto adresas: [apsaugotas el. paštu]
[apsaugotas el. paštu]

GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - fig10
Have your order number on hand when contacting Gyro or.
GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter - qr


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Šis prietaisas atitinka FCC taisyklių 15 dalį. Veikimui taikomos šios dvi sąlygos: (1) šis prietaisas negali sukelti kenksmingų trukdžių ir (2) šis prietaisas turi priimti bet kokius gautus trukdžius, įskaitant tuos, kurie gali sukelti nepageidaujamą veikimą
PASTABA: Ši įranga buvo išbandyta ir nustatyta, kad ji atitinka B klasės skaitmeniniams įrenginiams taikomus apribojimus pagal FCC taisyklių 15 dalį. Šios ribos yra skirtos užtikrinti pagrįstą apsaugą nuo žalingų trukdžių įrengiant gyvenamosiose patalpose. Ši įranga generuoja, naudoja ir gali skleisti radijo dažnių energiją ir, jei ji sumontuota ir naudojama ne pagal instrukcijas, gali sukelti žalingų radijo ryšio trikdžių. Tačiau nėra garantijos, kad tam tikrame įrengime nebus trikdžių. Jei ši įranga sukelia žalingus radijo ar televizijos signalų priėmimo trikdžius, kuriuos galima nustatyti išjungiant ir įjungiant įrangą, naudotojas raginamas pabandyti pašalinti trikdžius viena ar keliomis iš šių priemonių:
- Persiųskite arba pakeiskite priėmimo anteną.
- Padidinkite atstumą tarp įrangos ir imtuvo.
- Prijunkite įrangą prie kitos grandinės, nei prie kurios prijungtas imtuvas, lizdo.
- Pagalbos kreipkitės į pardavėją arba patyrusį radijo / televizijos techniką.
Warning: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the users’ authority to operate the equipment

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The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product, and update this manual at any time.
apsilankymas www.gyroorboard.corn norėdami atsisiųsti naujausią vartotojo vadovą.
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Dokumentai / Ištekliai

GYROOR H30 Pro Electric Scooter [pdf] Vartotojo vadovas
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