Lowrance TripleShot Skimmer Transducer for Hook Reveal



  • BRAND: Lowrance
  • MODEL NAME: Fish Finder Accessories
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.5 Pounds
  • PACKAGE WEIGHT: ‎0.68 Kilograms
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS LXWXH: 6 x 2 x 3 inches
  • COLOR: ‎Black
  • ITEM PACKAGE DIMENSIONS L X W X H: ‎10.63 x 4.33 x 3.23 inches
  • MATERIAL: ‎Plastic
  • SUGGESTED USERS: Unisex-adult
  • SIZE: ‎One size


The models from Lowrance include the HOOK Reveal and HOOK2 TripleShot. The TripleShot transducer provides DownScan (straight down), SideScan (up to 300′ to each side), and CHIRP (fish arch) sonar views. When compared to typical fish finders, a wider sonar cone gives you twice the coverage. A single transducer is installed on the boat’s has a built-in temperature sensor. It is easy to operate, navigate and install and you can easily find fish with it.


It has fully operated sonar tuning with a phone-like screen and a simplified menu. So, you can easily operate it.


It has a transducer and a power cable with 2 plugs. All you have to do is just plug in and start running it.


It has an enhanced based map that is pre-loaded with a bundle of options available. All you got to do is just choose your sonar, size and charting, you can get a hook for all. With this, you can see both sides of your boat, picture-like images below your boat with a 2x wider sonar.


It is quite easy for you to find the fish via this. It has extra wide sonar that doubles your coverage. It shows you double fish arches removing the guesswork.


  • Lawrance
  • TripleShot Skimmer
  • Transducer, user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of transducer is included with the Lowrance HOOK Reveal?
    Suncover for the HOOK2 and HOOK Reveal 5 “Exhibits. Ice Transducer 83/200kHz for HOOK Reveal 5″/7″/9″ models and HOOK2 5″/7″/9″/12” models “prototypes Ice Transducer Float is included. Bracket for installing a TripleShot skimmer transducer on the transom.
  • What is a Lowrance triple shot transducer, and how does it work?
    The TripleShot Skimmer Transducer has a wide-angle, High CHIRP sonar with double the sonar coverage of most fish finders, as well as SideScan and DownScan Imaging, which gives you views beneath and to the sides of your boat.
  • How do you tell the difference between HOOK2 and HOOK Reveal?
    And this is likely the most visible change between Hook and Hook2 out on the water. Unlike the first Hook, which was based on older high-end versions such as the LCX but lacked a network and had simpler menus, the new Hook2 is built from the ground up to be an entry-level device.
  • What can I do if I’m not sure which Lowrance transducer I have?
    The little tag positioned near to the connection end of the cable is the best way to identify your Lowrance transducer. If this tag is missing, check the box it came in or look up the transducer model name on the Lowrance website to find out more information.
  • What’s the difference between a SplitShot and a TripleShot from Lowrance?
    Traditional sonar is covered by the “SplitShot,” which recognizes the structure beneath the boat. All of this is possible with “TripleShot,” as well as DownScan and SideScan imaging. All of these devices can be put on the foot of a trolling motor, on the back of the transom, or inside the hull of a boat for a “shoot-through” application.
  • Is there a map in HOOK Reveal?
    With a built-in, high-detail C-MAP US Inland fishing map with 1-foot contours on nearly 4,000 lakes, HOOK Reveal makes it easy to spot critical fishing areas like humps, drop-offs, and ditches, whether you’re fishing a local lake or new water. C-MAP, C-MAP Genesis, Navionics, and other chart updates are available.
  • Is it possible for two units to share a transducer?
    A single transducer cannot be utilized with two units at the same time and produce different results. If you place two “same frequency” transducers in the same region, their cone angles will overlap, causing interference.
  • Is it possible to add maps to the Lowrance HOOK2?
    An “X” unit has no mapping or the capacity to add a mapping. If you additionally want mapping, you’ll need a Hook2 unit that doesn’t have the “X” on it. A mapping card can also be added to the Hook2 units for further detail. We hope you find this material useful.
  • What is a split shot transducer, and how does it work?
    The SplitShot Skimmer Transducer has a wide-angle, High CHIRP sonar with double the sonar coverage of typical fishfinders, as well as DownScan Imaging, which provides picture-like images of fish and fish-holding structure.
  • How can you activate the Lowrance hook reveal feature?
    Press the Cursor/Waypoint key to activate the cursor on the active or maximized panel, then use the Arrow keys to move it around. To remove the cursor, press the Cursor/Waypoint key once more. The Power key is used to turn on the system.

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