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LOL SURPRISE 580218 Sk8er Grrrl And Mini Plane Instructions

LOL SURPRISE 580218 Sk8er Grrrl And Mini Plane Instructions


  • Before beginning, cover the play area to protect from possible water damage.
  • For best results, fill the bottle and feed the doll two times.
  • Do not place the doll in extremely hot water (over 109.4ºF/43ºC).
  • Do not feed the doll extremely hot water.
  • An adult must be present when children are playing with water.
  • Do not store the dolls in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Squeeze out all water from the bottle and the doll after each use.
  • Thoroughly drain the doll on a dry towel in a well-ventilated area after use and before storing.
  • Air dry the doll only. Do not place in the dryer or subject to excessive heat.
  • Clean furniture with a damp cloth.
  • Do not apply stickers to other surfaces, as it may not be completely removed.
  • Adjust dolls legs to the sitting position. Place doll in cockpit seat. Use seatbelt to secure doll.
  • Place the included coin in the slot. Then turn crank on the back of the plane to see back and forth motion like a coin operated ride.
  • For best results turn crank clockwise.
  • Plane will only make motion when coin is placed and left in slot.
  • If coin is misplaced a same size coin can serve as a replacement.
  • Nose compartment of plane can be opened to reveal a seat and seatbelt for a small passenger. Note: Small pasanger not included.
  • Storage compartment can be located at the rear bottom of the plane for coin and doll accesories.
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