Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears Noise-Isolating Earphones



  • Package Dimensions 
    7.4 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches
  • Item Weight 
    0.624 ounces
  • Form Factor 
  • Connectivity Technology 
  • Wireless Communication Technology 
  • Input sensitivity
    101.2 dB @ 1 kHz, 50mW
  • Frequency response
    20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Noise Isolation
    -26 decibels of ambient stage Noise.
  • Impedance
    30 Ohms @ 1kHz
  • Internal speaker configuration
    4 proprietary balanced armatures with a 3-way crossover
  • Input connector
    1/8” headphone jack into any personal monitoring system.
  • Brand


The UE 900s have you covered whether this is your first in-ear monitor and you’re just beginning your trip through customs, or if you simply need a reliable, sturdy back-up device to always have on hand.

Package contents

  1. UE 900 earphones with audio cable
  2. Vi Cable with microphone and control
  3. Soft silicone ear cushions,
    5 additional pairs: XXS, XS, S, M, L
  4. Comply™ Foam Tips,
    3 pairs of ear cushions: S, M, L
  5. ¼-inch (6.35 mm) adapter
  6. Airline adapter (reduces in-flight
    volume spikes)
  7. Protective hard case
  8. Pouch



  1. Earphone
  2. 3.5 mm connector
  3. Pre-formed ear loop
  4. Detachable cable
  5. Volume up
  6. Media/calling controls
    Play/pause (audio source)
    Call answer/hang up (mobile phone)
    Double click
    Next track (audio source)
    Triple click
    Previous track (audio source)
  7. Volume down
  8. Ear cushion retaining rib
  9. Microphone




Choose ear cushion size for a comfortable fit and good sound. Go to www.logitech.com/support/ue900 for more information about choosing ear cushions.


Attach ear cushions to earphones. Push cushion past rib for a secure fit.


  • Connect earphones to a device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • For air travel, use an Airline adapter to reduce volume spikes caused by in-flight announcements.
  • For devices with a ¼-inch (6.35 mm) input jack, use the ¼-inch (6.35 mm) adapter.


Wear the earphones

  1. Wrap cable around the ear.
  2. Insert right earphones (marked “R”) in the right ear and left earphones (marked “L”) in the left ear.
  3. Gently pull the cable tight to remove slack.

 Do not remove earphones from the ear by pulling on the cable.

Changing cables


  1. Hold earphone. Hold cable where it attaches to earphones.
  2. Gently pull the cable from the earphones.
  3. Attach new cable. Cable snaps into place.
     Make sure to connect the “R” (right) cable to the “R” earphone and the “L” (left) cable to the “L” earphone.

Cleaning the earphones 


Remove cushion and wipe with a clean cloth.

Storing the earphones


  1. Wrap cable around three fingers.
  2. Place earphones in case.


  • No sound or faint sound Fully insert the cable connector into the headphone jack on your device. Check cable attachment to earphones. Try increasing earphone volume, and check the volume in your media application.
  • Diminished sound quality or weak bass Check ear cushion seal. Try another ear cushion size. Check for blockage where the ear cushion connects to the earphone. Remove blockage with a clean cloth.
  • Earphones not working with a computer Specify audio settings for your operating system:
    Windows® (Control Panel)
  • Voice playback and recording:
    Computer’s soundcard
  • Sound playback: Computer’s speakers
  • Mac® OS (Preferences)
    Sound input: Internal microphone
    Sound output: Internal speakers
    For more information, go to www.logitech.com/support/ue900. Also, refer to your operating system documentation.
  • Detached ear cushion Make sure to
    press the ear cushion past rib on the earphone

Additional help
For online help, go to www.logitech.com/support/ue900  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an issue of cord noise?

I have used these for soem time and have not experienced any cord noise.

Have anyone checked if this is 900s, (blue plastic vs black platic(900) at cord side, different tip, and inside drivers)? I saw the comments.

The one I got is 900S. It says so on the box. Also, this comes with all the different tips. I think the drivers are the same, though. I use Comply tips anyhow (and replaced them many times over). But I had a pair of 900 before and that didn’t work and was returned.

What comes in the box with these earphones?

2 sets of headphone wires, 1 blue with mic/remote 1 black, no mic/remote. tons of eartips, both memory foam and silicon. shirt clip. carry a pouch and a plastic hard case. Use a small tube of deoxit to clean connectors. Usual warranty booklet, safety booklet That’s about it.

Is it using active noise cancellation technology like the Bose QC20? or just simply noise isolation.

Anything “active” will require power. These are just plug and play. They do block more noise than the QC20’s though.

How do these compare to the UE Trip Le-Fi in sound quality? i’ve own ed a pair of triple-fi for years but then it broke.

Hi. You mean “TF 10”? I think the UE900s has much better vocal reproduction (singer’s voice), but it does worse in bass. The UE900s have impactful bass too, but it is more like a “chaos”. For treble, compared to some musical instrument performances such as piano and violin, TF is more sparkly. UE900s may sound a little gloomy since its bass always overlaps the sounds from those instruments.

How many drivers? I want to use these for drumming. 4 drivers and noise cancellation are priorities.

There are 4 drivers in each side. Noise cancellation is passive (not active) and depends completely on the snug fit in the ear. The fit kit that comes with the UE900s is pretty good, with a lot of variety, but keep in mind it does not seal completely.

What is the difference between 900S vs 900?

The 900 seemed to be plagued with connection issues at the earpiece. The 900s have in my experience, eliminated the issues stated that seem to float around the Internet. If you see a low rating, chances are good that the person has the original. The sound quality should be the same across both. If shopping around, look at the Shure se425 as well. I own the 900s as well as the shares. I have slightly larger ears and find the shares to be an almost custom fit. The sound quality including the bass, is very similar. I give the midrange node to the shares.

Does anyone have experience using these while exercising?

No, I have not, but don’t know what the issue might be. These earbuds have exceptional audio clarity. I tested them against other products and have used them for years.

Do they control Android phones to allow the answering of calls and volume control?

The volume control will not work, but the mic/play/pause/skip button will function normally.

Are these good for EDM pop country looking for a wide soundstage with crystal clean vocals?

When I first started listening to these I was very impressed with how they sounded. They do have a wide soundstage, and the vocals are quite clear.

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