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Logitech K800 Keyboard Manual

Logitech K800 Keyboard Manual

Getting started with
Logitech® Wireless Illuminated
Keyboard K800


Your Keyboard is now ready for use.Optional:
For the option of reprogramming your keyboard’s enhanced F-key functions, download the free Logitech® SetPoint™ Software at

Keyboard features: F-key usage
User-friendly enhanced F-keys let you launch applications easily. To use the enhanced functions (yellow icons), first press and hold the ‘/ key; second, press the F-key you want to use.

Tip: In the software settings, you can invert the FN mode if you prefer to access directly the enhanced functions without having to press the FN key.

*Requires SetPoint™ Software (available for download at

1. Application zone
+ F1 Launch Internet browser’
+ F2 Launch e-mail application’
+ F3 Launch Windows Search*’
+ F4 Flip†

2. Convenience zone
+ F5 Backlight down by 25%’
+ F6 Backlight up by 25%’
+ F7 Battery check’
+ F8 Sleep mode

3. Multimedia navigation zone
+ F9 Launch media’
+ F10 Previous track’
+ F11 Play/Pause’
+ F12 Next track

4. Multimedia volume zone

5. FN key

6. Automatic light sensor (ALS)

7. Battery status indicator

8. Keyboard power switch

* One Touch Search if the SetPoint® software is installed.† Application Switcher if the SetPoint® software is installed.

Keyboard Back-lighting
When you switch on the keyboard, all keys are back-light at full intensity for five seconds. The back-lighting adjusts itself automatically based upon the ambient light in your room.

To activate backlighting, move your hand over the keyboard, or press a key. There is a proximity sensor in the keyboard that detects motion and switches on backlighting.

Backlighting remains on while you charge the keyboard. When keyboard battery power is very low, the lower battery LED blinks red and backlighting is switched off to conserve battery life.

Press FN + F5 to decrease backlighting and FN + F6 to increase it. There are fi ve levels of illumination: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. More battery power is used as the level of illumination is increased. After three hours of inactivity or if the keyboard is restarted, the backlighting level returns to automatic adjustment.

Recharging the keyboard
Typically, you can expect about 10 days of battery life before you will need to recharge the keyboard battery.* If the backlighting level is set to 100%, you have about 15 hours of battery life.

To recharge the keyboard, connect it to your computer using the USB recharging cable. A full battery recharge takes about 5 hours and only 3 hours if the keyboard has been switched off.

* Battery life varies with usage, backlighting level, and computing conditions. Heavy usage usually results in shorter battery life.

Plug it. Forget it. Add to it.
You’ve got a Logitech® Unifying receiver. Now add a compatible wireless keyboard or mouse that uses the same receiver. It’s easy. Just start the Logitech® Unifying software* and follow the onscreen instructions. For more information and to download the software, visit

*Go to Start / All Programs / Logitech / Unifying / Logitech Unifying Software

Help with setup
Keyboard is not working

1. Check the Unifying receiver. Also, try changing USB ports.

2. Move closer? Try moving the keyboard closer to the Unifying receiver, or plug the Unifying receiver into the receiver extender cable to bring it closer to the keyboard.

3. Check battery level

4. Is the keyboard turned on? Slide the keyboard Off/On switch to the On position. The keyboard Status LEDs should light up.

5. Re-establish the connection. Use the Unifying software to reset the connection between the keyboard/mouse and Unifying receiver. Refer to the Unifying section in this guide for more information (p. 13).

6. Restart the computer.

© 2010 Logitech. All rights reserved. Logitech, the Logitech logo, and other Logitech marks are owned by Logitech and may be registered. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Logitech assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual. Information contained herein is subject to change without notice.620-002354.004

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