little tikes 660429C3 Easy Store Water Table Instruction Manual


  • Read through all the instructions first.
  • Clear a flat surface to lay out all the materials so that everything is close at hand.
  • Illustrations are for reference only. Styles may vary from actual contents.
  • Please remove all packaging including tags, ties & tacking stitches before giving this product to a child.
  • Make sure you have all contents before assembling. If anything is missing or if you have questions, we’re here to help. Give our consumer service team a call at 1-800-321-0183.


  • Adult supervision required. Do not leave children unattended.
  • Please keep this manual as it contains important information.
  • This product is intended for use by children ages 2 years and up.
  • This product is intended for outdoor family use only.
  • Use this product on a firm, level surface and avoid using near swimming pools, on or near steps, hills or inclines.
  • Do not allow children to sit, stand play or climb on the top of surface. Failure to do so may cause the product to become unstable.
  • Intended for use with the supplied accessories only.
  •  Never fill with anything except clean tap water. Use of other liquids may be harmful or damage the unit. Never fill with sand or dirt.
  • Do not store or leave water in product when not in use.
  • Folding and unfolding the table should be done by an adult only.


  • Always inspect product before playing.
  • Do not attempt to modify or repair this product. For help contact Little Tikes Consumer Service.
  • Clean water table with a slightly damp cloth and mild soap. Never use a corrosive or abrasive substance to clean the product


  • Disassemble and dispose of equipment in such a manner that no hazardous conditions, such as but not limited to, small parts and sharp edges, exist at the time equipment is discarded.

A Few Things Before You Start!

BEFORE you begin assembly, make sure you have all the parts listed below.
Questions? We’re here to help. Little Tikes® Consumer Service: 1-800-321-0183

Water Table Parts

ASSEMBLY TIP: Each part has a symbol engraved on it.
When assembling, make sure to match the symbols.

Start Building

  1. First assemble the Folding Connector (E). Then, connect the Long Leg (C) and the Short Leg (D) into the Folding Connector (E). Make sure to match the symbols engraved on the Legs and Folding Connector.
  2. Attach the Right Leg
    Attach the Right Leg (B) into the Folding Connector (E).
  3. Attach the Right Table Connector
    Attach the Right Table Connectors (G) to the Right Leg (B).
  4. Connect the Bottom Table
    Connect the Bottom Table (I) into the Right Table Connector (G) attached to the Right Leg. Take note of the direction the curve and straight sides of the table are facing.
  5. Connect the Top Table
    Connect the Top Table (H) into Right Table Connector (G). Take note of the direction the curve and straight sides of the table are facing.
  6. Assemble and Attach the Left Leg
    Attach the Left Table Connector (F) to the Lef Leg (A). Insert the Left Leg into the Folding Connector (E), making sure to insert the Top and Bottom table’s pegs into the openings on the Left Table Connector.
  7. Top it O
    Attach the Handle (K) to the Left and Right Table Connectors (F and G). Then, place the Tray (J) over the Handle. When adding the Tray, make sure the circular openings on the Tray slides into the pegs on the Handle.
  8. Finish It O with the Accessories
    Accessories can be placed in multiple areas around the water table.

Time to Store Away!

Before folding and storing, always pour out the water and allow the table and accessories to air dry thoroughly. Make sure the accessories are locked into the table.

  1. Open the plugs located inside the tables and allow thewater to drain. Make sure the table and accessories are completely dry before storing.
  2. Remove the Tray from the Handle. Locate the locks under the Top Table and push them out to unhook the table from the Leg.
    Then, lift it up and snap it onto the post under the Handle.
  3. Locate the locks under the Bottom Table and push them out to unhook the table from the Leg.
    Then, slide down the table.
  4. Slide the Leg to the side. Then, insert the Tray into the Tables.

Playing Again?

To unfold the table, reverse the folding steps. Make sure to unlock the tables and secure them into the legs before playing.

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