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Link Dream KH21B Kids Wireless Headphones User Manual

Link Dream KH21B Kids Wireless Headphones

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Pack Contents

  1. Bluetooth kids Headphones
  2. Instruction manual
  3. USB charging cable
  4. Audio cable Pack Contents
    Note: When an audio cable is plugged in, the Bluetooth wireless function will disconnect.

Power On

Power Off

Bluetooth Pairing

Calling Mode



  • Charging voltage: Micro USB 5V
  • Bluetooth working range: 10 metres
  • Working time: About 12 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Standby time: Up to 70 hours
  • Brand Link Dream
  • Color Dazzling Blue
  • Form Factor Over Ear
  • Connectivity Technology Wireless, Wired
  • Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth


  • Stable 15 Meters Bluetooth Connect This bluetooth headphones for kids apply an advanced V5.0 Bluetooth chip, ensuring a stable and wide compatible connection on Bluetooth-enabled devices with a range up to 39 feet in open space. No latency and fluently for watching videos, cartoons, or having online classes.
  • 32H Long Battery Life Link Dream KH21B wireless headphones for kids have outshined battery performance for hours of work. 2hrs fully charged can last up to 20 hours playtime and 60 months standby in shutting down mode. A spare 3.5mm cable is provided, free to choose wireless or wired connection for entertainment and study at home or school.
  • Soft and Kids-Safe First This Bluetooth kids headphones is made from environmentally friendly and food-grade materials, non-toxic and safe for kids to use. The softly padded headband and breathable ear pads gently cover your kid’s head and ears, no burden feelings, lightweight and comfortable for long time use.
  • Stereo Sound for Fun & Study This over-ear wireless kids headphones offer stereo clear sound and 92db maximum controllable volume to let your child indulge themselves in their own world, either for music, cartoons or classes, and well protect their hearings at the same time.
  • Do Not Hesitate To Order Our product comes with 3 years warranty service, for any product concerns or need supports, please feel free to contact us, and you can get our quick customer service within 24 hours.

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Easy Bluetooth Connection
Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices like iPad, tablets, android smartphones, iPhones, laptops. An extra spare 3.5mm audio cable is provided, free to choose wireless or wired connection to use this headphone.

Choose Your Style
3 different colors are available; it will be a nice gift for kids, suitable for boys or girls aged 5~16, either used for entertainments or study.


Do not expose the device to water or attempt to disassemble the device

  • Headphones will not turn on
    • Ensure headphones are fully charged before turning it on.
  • My mobile device is unable to find the Bluetooth headphones
    • Check that the headphones is in pairing mode (blue/red indicator lights flashing).
    • Remove“KH21B” from Bluetooth settings list and setup again.
    • If still no search result, please restart the headset and phone, and try again.
  • After successfully pairing, headphones disconnect
    • Check the battery level and recharge if low.
    • Ensure headphones are within 10m of mobile device and free of destructions.
    • The connection may be affected by obstructions such as walls or other electronic devices. Try moving closer to the device you are connected to.
  • When answering a call, I cannot hear anything
    • Ensure the mobile device is connected to headphones and not on speakerphone mode.
    • Increase the volume on your mobile device.
  • There is no sound when listening to music
    • Increase the volume on your mobile device.
    • Reconnect the headphones to your mobile device.
    • Check if the app has paused or stopped playback.
  • Headphones will not charge
    • Check whether the charging cable is functional.
    • Ensure the micro-USB charging cable is fully seated in the headphones and wall charger ports.
    • Ensure the charging cable and wall charger are functional.


Do these Link Dream kid’s headphones work with computers? for online education?

These kids’ headphones work with laptops and other 3.5mm jack devices, making them a great choice for online study.

Will these Link Dream kid-sized headphones fit my 8-year-old son? How much do they weigh?

I bought a pair of Topepop headphones for my small son that work well and that he likes. Kids’ headphones are also transportable.

If I use the microphone and these Link Dream children’s headphones for a video meeting, will my friend be able to hear me?

The kids headphones for video meetings have great sound, so you can easily speak with friends or teachers.

How do children use Link Dream headphones?

In essence, headphones work the opposite of microphones and similarly to speakers in that they use magnets to induce air vibrations in the air, which in turn produce sound.

Are Link Dream headphones OK for children?

Using headphones or earbuds while a child is listening to music can be safe, depending on the volume, duration, and size of the ear canal. One loud song probably won’t ruin a kid’s hearing. However, exposure to loud music on a regular basis can eventually damage your hearing.

How should on-ear Link Dream headphones be worn?

The wire of standard in-ear headphones is often worn hanging straight down from the front or back. Since these headphones are in-ear and not earbuds, it is best to cinch your earlobes together as you insert the ear tips to create a tight seal inside your ear canal.

What advantages do Link Dream Kids headphones offer?

Good mobility, optimum comfort, excellent sound quality, and no ear injury.

What are the primary applications for earbuds?

putting on music Electronic conference audio and video editing Talking.

How long should Link Dream headphones be worn?

Dr. Foy advises that MP3 players should only be used for a total of 60 minutes each day, and only at decibels no higher than 60% of their maximum settings. “Your time should be cut short as the volume increases. Only five minutes per day at maximum loudness is recommended.

How can the on-ear Link Dream headphones be made more comfortable?

To make your headphones more comfortable, insert some foam or other padding completely between the ear pads. As a result, the pad’s thickness should increase, providing your ears more space inside the cup. You may use cotton balls or something a little softer instead of backer rod, like I did.

When may children start using Link Dream headphones?

The younger knees are therefore more sensitive to sound. Between the ages of 0 and 12 months, it’s generally not a good idea to put earbuds on babies, but in circumstances of extreme urgency, babies can be given sound-limiting headphones to block out background noise, such as in aeroplanes.

On what part of your head should Link Dream headphones rest?

Directly over your head, in the middle, should be where the headband should be placed. After you put on the headphones, adjust them for the best possible fit. Your ear cups should snugly envelop your ears, preventing them from rubbing against either the cushion on the outside of the ear cup or the hardware on the inside.

What drawbacks do Link Dream wired headphones have?

Wires can tangle even inside pockets. If the wire trips, it could cause damage to the earphones. Not necessarily “future-proof” The audio files are the only ones that are of any quality. It could be uncomfortable to wear.

How are corded Link Dream headphones powered?

Electricity is supplied by the object into which wired headphones are inserted. Headphones are actually tiny speakers. When headphones are connected to a device, the audio waves from the device are converted into energy by an amplifier inside the audio jack, which powers the headphones.

How durable are Link Dream wired headphones?

The lifespan of wired headphones, which is normally two years, can be extended by taking good care of the wires. In general, wired headphones are more durable than Bluetooth headphones because they can last up to 7-8 years if you handle them correctly.

How should Link Dream headphones be used safely?

Turn down the volume. The greatest way to protect your hearing while listening to music is to lower the volume. Utilize headphones with noise cancellation. Use headphones instead of earbuds. obey the 60/60 principle. Set a volume limit.


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