LED Solar Ground Lights

LED Solar Ground Lights

Made in China

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Solar Ground Light    Split Ground Stake     Sharp-end Ground Stake

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  1. Solar Ground Light
  2. Split Ground Stake(short)
  3. Sharp-end Ground Stake(long)

Package 1Package 2Package 3

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Specification of Each Light

Material: PP, PC, Stainless steel
Size: 11.5*13.5 cm
LED Quantity: 8 LED
Battery: AA NI-MH 600 mAh

  1. Turn on the switch, cover the solar panel, and see if the light works.
  2. When the light is on, install them wherever you like(make sure that the light get enough direct sunlight).
  3. The light should be charged for 5 hours under the sunlight before using.
  4. If there is no good sunlight for 3 months, the battery may out of power(the light will stop working or flicker). Then you need to turn it off and charge it for 2 days in ample sunlight and it will work again after being fully charged.
  5. Do not use abrasive solvents to clean the light.
  6. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service ASAP.


Documents / Resources

Lights LED Solar Ground Lights [pdf] User Manual
LED Solar Ground Lights

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