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  1. Wash: Remove the filter and wash the bottle, lid and mouthpiece with a mild detergent.
  2. Rinse: Rinse the filter under tap water for 60 seconds. Push the filter back into the cap.
  3. Fill: With water and screw on the cap to ensure filter is submerged, soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Prime: Take a few quick, strong sips to start the flow of water. Note: first few sips can have a slow flow rate as air is displaced from the filter. Flow should improve after first few drinks.


  1. Fill: Unscrew the lid and fill the bottle with water.
  2. Assemble: Make sure the filter is secured properly to the lid. Screw the lid back onto the bottle.
  3. Drink: Enjoy safe water by sipping through the mouthpiece.
  4. Backwash: After drinking, blow air through the mouthpiece to remove extra water and to prevent water from pooling on the lid.

Remember to keep the lid & mouthpiece away from contaminated water.


Test your gear before you go! Follow the first use instructions to make sure your LifeStraw is operating as you expect it to. Airplanes & Altitude: Because our bottle is air-tight, air travel, changes in elevation and high temperatures may cause pressure to build up in your bottle. Avoid leaks by slowly twisting the lid with the mouthpiece in the closed position. To release the pressure, retighten lid and drink from the mouthpiece. Slow flow rate? Blow air through the mouthpiece to remove potential air bubbles in the membrane. Check the umbrella valve near the mouthpiece for dust or debris; clean if necessary.
Note: LifeStraw Go will no longer filter water when the product has reached the end of its working life. Inability to sip water through the straw indicates that the membrane microfilter should be replaced. Questions? Contact [email protected] – we’re here to help!


Bottle and lid are dishwasher safe once the filters are removed. Rinse filters with water only. Do NOT wash filters with soap. Store with the mouthpiece in a closed position and the filt er installed in the bottle. For long term storage instructions, visit


Drinking untreated water may expose you to harmful microorganisms and increase your risk of gastrointestinal illness. Improper usage of LifeStraw® Go can result in risk of exposure to harmful microorganisms and risk of gastrointestinal illness. Reduce your risk of becoming sick by following these safety instructions and by educating yourself on the specific water sources you are using. Never use LifeStraw® Go to filter seawater or water from mining tailing ponds or from near large agricultural operations. Rinse the bottle and top cap with safe water before first use. Remove the filter before placing the bottle in the dishwasher for cleaning – do not wash filter in dishwasher. Never allow the Membrane Microfilter to freeze after it has been used. If it freezes, it must be replaced. If the product is dropped, check to ensure the filter Mis is still firmly connected to the cap. If the filter housing is cracked or damaged, replace the filter before resuming use.


Vestergaard Frandsen Inc. and its affiliated entities and related companies shall be neither liable for any damages arising out of or as a result of the use of LifeStraw Go for any purpose other than forwhich it is clearly intended, nor for any malfunction resulting from the failure of the user of LifeStraw Go to strictly abide by the usage and safety information contained in this manual. Stated microbiological,  chemical and longevity performance of LifeStrawGo is conducted under standard laboratory test  conditions; more information regarding test results and conditions can be found on  The effectiveness of LifeStraw Go may be limited by environmental or hygienic conditions that could contribute to the recontamination of water after it has passed through the product’s internal filter.
These conditions include but are not limited to:

  1. Handling the mouthpiece with dirty hands.
  2. Failure to maintain a clean filter housing, bottle, lid, and mouthpiece.
  3. Failure to replace the filters per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Using the bottle or filters if the plastic is cracked.
  5. Use in or exposure to extreme heat (higher temperature than 140°F/60°C) or freezing temperatures (below 32° F/0°C).

Read these usage and safety instructions carefully before using your LifeStraw® product. LifeStraw® is a water filtration tool and should only be used for fofiltering water. The quality of the filtered water isnot guaranteed if the product is submitted to conditions other than those encountered during its normal use. Your use of LifeStraw® implies that yo  accept and agree to these terms, conditions, and disclaimer

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LifeStraw Lifestraw Go Water Filters and Purifiers [pdf] User Manual
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