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User Manual – Soundbar
Manuel d’utilisation – Model, p.11-18lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar

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warning 2
Please read the manuallifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig


– Thank you for choosing our LifeGoods product! Please always follow the instructions for safe usage. If you have any questions about the product or experience any problems, please con-tact us by email: Immerse yourself in sound with the LifeGoods Soundbar. The Soundbar has 2 built-in speakers, 2 built-in subwoofers and 3 different modes: music, film and dialogue. Connect your device via bluetooth 5.0 or use the different supplied cables. The Soundbar comes with a remote control, so you can operate the Soundbar from the comfort of your couch.

Warnings and Safety Instructions

warning 2Please ensure that the packaging is kept out of the reach of children, Risk of suffocationl
warning 2  Make sure to keep this user manual. Read the manual carefully before using your LifeGoods Soundbarl
– Be aware of the risks and consequences resulting from misuse of the Soundbar. Misuse of the Soundbar can result in personal injury, or destruction of the device.
– Use the Soundbar only for purposes described in this user manual.
– If the Soundbar malfunctions, is dropped or (appears to be) damaged in any manner, do NOT use the Soundbar and contact Customer Service.
– The Soundar is designed and intended for private, non-commercial use only.
– When you are not using the Soundbar, turn the device off and disconnect the device from the power socket.
– Place the Soundbar on a horizontal, stable, and even surface. Do not place the Soundbar on amplifiers or other equipment that can become hot.
Persons and Use
The Soundbar can be used by children, if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand the hazards involved.
– Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children aged less than 8 years.
– The Soundbar can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concern-ing use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
– Children shall not play with the appliance.
– Do NOT use the Soundbar in or near water, a bath, a shower, a swimming pool, or over a basin filled with water.
Do NOT operate the device with damp or wet hands and do NOT touch the power cord with damp or wet hands. Make sure to prevent any contact with water.
Do NOT submerge the Soundbar in water. If water does get inside the casing, turn the Soundbar off immediately and contact our customer service.
– Keep the Soundbar away from moisture and heat sources. Do not expose the Soundbar in direct sunlight.
Do not place the Soundbar in or dose to areas where the surrounding tempe-rature is relatively hot (e.g. stoves or other sources of heat).
– Do NOT cover the Soundbar when it is switched on. Never put blankets or cushions on top of or against the Soundbar. This poses a risk of fire, electric shock or injury.
– Do NOT reconstruct, repair or disassemble the Soundbar. This can damage the device. For safety reasons, these parts may only be replaced by authorized service personnel. In order to prevent hazards, always send the Soundbar to the service centre for repairs. – Make sure your outlet supplies the correct power voltage to avoid damage to the Soundbar.
– Always check the power cord and plug before using the Soundbar. Do NOT operate the Soundbar if the cord or plug are damaged. A damaged cord or plug must be replaced by a qualified person in order to avoid damages and personal injuries.
– Do NOT place the Soundbar near equipment creating strom magnetic or electric fields.
– The battery used with this product contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Do not dispose of the battery in the general household trash. Do not expose the battery to excess heat, direct sunlight, or fire. Do not short circuit, disassemble, or overheat the battery. Danger of explosion if the battery is replaced incorrectly. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
– Only use the accessories provided by LifeGoods.
– If the power fails during usage, turn off the Soundbar immediately and pull the plug from the socket.
– Do NOT block the ventilation openings. Make sure that there’s enough space for ventilation (7.5- 10 cm).
– Do NOT disconnect the Soundbar from its power supply by pulling the cable.
– Do NOT carry or pull the device by its cable.
– Make sure that you do NOT trip over the cable. The cable should not be kinked, trapped or twisted. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter, or touch a hot surface.

Receiving Your Shipment

– When receiving your shipment, make sure that the contents are consistent with the packing list. Notify your distributor of any missing items. If the equipment appears to be damaged, file a claim immediately with the carrier and notify your distributor at once, giving a detailed description of any damage. Save the damaged packing container to substantiate your claim.

Contents of Package

– LifeGoods Soundbar – Model LG1110 – EAN 8720195252122
Included Accessories
– 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable
– 1x 3.5mm RCA Audio Cable
– 1x AV Adapter Cable
– 1x Remote Control
– 2x AAA Battery
– 1x Fibre Optic Cable
– 1x COAX Cable
– 1x HDMI Cable
– 1x Power Adapter
– 1x User Manual
– Fixing Materials

Product Overview

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 1

Product Features

Technical Data  

Size 90x 8.6x 7 cm
Weight 2.2 kg
Colour Black
Material PVC
Cable Length 150CM
Voltage 18V/2A
Power 120W
Safety Class 0
Modes 3: Music, Film,
and Dialogue
Built-in Speaker 4: 2x Full Range,
2x Superior Bass
Built-in Sub-
2x Superior Bass
Bluetooth Type 5
Bluetooth Name LG1110
Bluetooth Range 10m
S/N >80 dB
Frequency Res-
Frequency Res-
Input Type AUX, RCA, Optic Fibre, HDMI, USB, Coaxiaal, DC
Suited for Mobile phones, tablets, Ws, projectors, set top box

Other Features
– Standby Mode

Operating Instructions

warning 2Do NOT block the ventilation openings.
Make sure that there’s enough space for ventilation (7.5 – 10 cm).lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 2Control Panel 

  1. USB
  2. AUX
  3. Optical
  4. Coaxial
  5. HDMI
  6. DC input

Control Panel 

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 3

  1. On / Off / Change source
  2. Play / Pause
  3. Next / Volume +
  4. Previous / Volume –

Remote Controllifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 4

2. Change source
3. Treble +
4. Bass-
5. Treble-
6. Previous
7. Volume –
5. Play/Pause
9. Mute
10. LED
11.3D Surround
12. Bass +
13. Soundeffect (short press = change, long press = on/off)
14. Next
15. Volume +

How to Use

On/Offlifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 8– Once the soundbar is plugged in, the red LED indicator will tum on. The soundbar is in stand- by mode.
– Press ‘ Poweron the side of the soundbar or on the remote contral to tum it on or off. You will hear the voice prompts “Power On” and “Bluetooth Mode”. The bluetooth mode will turn on automatically and the LED indicator will turn blue.
– Press Power‘on the side of the soundbar or on the remote control for a couple of seconds to put the soundbar on standby. You will hear the voice prompt “Power Off”.
Select Mode
– Press Power on the side of the soundbar or © on the remote control to scroll through the modes: bluetooth, optic mode, AUX mode, Coaxial mode, and HDMI mode. When you scroll through the different modes. you will hear different voice prompts and the indicators on the soundbar will light up in different colours.
Connect to bluetooth

  1. Tum on the bluetooth mode, you will hear the voice prompt “Bluetooth mode”.
  2. Turn on the bluetooth mode on your device and connect to “LG1110″. Once the device is con- nected you will hear “Ding Dong” and the blue indicator light on the soundbar will turn on.
  3. Press TUNING knob 2 on the side of the bar for lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig8 seconds to disconnect the bluetooth device. The blue indicator light will flash to indicate that the soundbar is waiting to be connected.

Connect to your TV

  1. Connect the HDMI Cable to the HDMI port on the soundbar and the tv.
  2. Press lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig8 and select “HDMI Mode”. You will hear the voice prompt “HDMI mode”.
  3. Turn your tv’s audio output to “PCM”

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 6
B. Coaxial Cable

  1. Connect the Coaxial Cable to the Coaxial port on the soundbar and the tv.
  2. Press lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig8 and select “Coaxial Mode”. You will hear the voice prompt “Coaxial Mode”.
  3. Turn your tv’s audio output to “PCM”

C. Optic Cable

  1. Connect the Optic Cable to the Optic port on the soundbar and the tv.
  2. Presslifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig8and select “Optic Mode”. You will hear the voice prompt “Optic mode”.
  3. Turn your tv’s audio output to “PCM”

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 1D.AUX Cable

  1. Connect the AUX Cable to the AUX port an the soundbar and the tv.
  2. The soundbar will automatically switch to AUX mode. You will hear the vaice prompt “AUX

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 3Mode”.
E. RCA Audio Cable

  1. Connect the RCA audio cables to the ports in the soundbar and the tv, Connect the single black end to the AUX port on the soundbar. Connect the white cable to the white port on your tv and the red cable to the red port on your tv,
  2. The soundbar will automatically switch to AUX mode. You will hear the vaice prompt “AUX Mode”.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 4


  1. Connect the USB Cable to your device and the soundbar.
  2. The soundbar will automatically switch to the USB mode. You will hear the voice prompt “USB Mode” and the music on the USB Flash Drive will be played.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig 5.

Setting “PCM” on your tv

– When all cables are connected properly, the LED indicator is on, and there is no sound from playing on the tv or soundbar, set your tv settings as the following:

  1. Press “Menu” on the remote control.
  2. Press the arrow keys on the remote to scroll to “Audio Settings”.
  3. Press “OK” on the remote control.
  4. Scroll to “Advanced Audio” and press “OK”. Some televisions may not have an “Advanced Audio” menu and need to be put to a different setting.
  5. Scroll to “Audio Output Mode” or “Digital Audio Output Mode” and press “OK”.
  6. Scroll until “PCM” is displayed as the current audio output.
  7. Press” OK” to save the settings.


Problem Solution
The device will not
turn on.
Check if the plug is connected correctly.
The remote control
does not work.
– Replace the batteries.
– Point the remote control to the LED light on the soundbar.
The soundbar does not
make sound.
– Make sure that the TC has an audio output interface.
– Check to make sure the audio cable is correctly connected
– Make sure there is no other audio port input on your device
– Press the Mute button to switch on the sound.
– When using optical, coaxial, and HDMI connections, please set the TV to digital audio output and select PCM output.
The audio is distorted. Adjust to the corresponding music, movie, dialogue mode to the
specific situation.
The volume of the
soundbar has reached
its maximum.
– Lower the volume of the audio source device before turning on the soundbar.
– Disconnect the soundbar from the audio device, decrease the
volume via the remote control.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig

Maintenance and Cleaning

– Clean the soundbar with a damp cloth. Do not use any detergent.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig


– Store the Soundbar in a clean and dry place. Do not store the device in extreme high or extre-me low temperatures.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig

Disposal – Recycle

– Contribute to a cleaner living environment! Do not dispose of the Soundbar with the house-hold waste. For proper recycling, please contact your local authority or your household waste disposal service for further details on your nearest designated collection point.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig
 service ana warranty
If you need service or information regarding your product, please contact the LifeGoods Customer Support at [email protected]
LifeGoods provides a 2 year warranty on its products. To obtain service during the warranty period, the product needs to be returned with a proof of purchase. Product defects have to be reported within 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover: damages caused by misuse or incorrect repair; parts subject to wear; defects that the customer was aware of at the time of purchase; damages or defects caused by customer neglect; damages or defects caused by third parties.

lifegoods LG1110 Soundbar - fig


– Changes reserved; specifications are subject to change without stating grounds for doing so.

© LifeGoods B.V.
Wisselweg 33
1314CB Almere Netherlands 04/2021 – V.1

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