Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light User Manual

User Manual

READ ENTIRE MANUAL BEFORE OPERATION to ensure proper use and care of your new Lezyne LED light. Traffic laws mandating lighting vary from country to country. Inform yourself about lighting laws in the country of use.

Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light


DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO LIGHT BEAM or shine into eyes of another.
DO NOT SUBMERGE UNDERWATER. Lezyne LED lights are water-resistant under normal conditions but are not waterproof. If moisture gets inside the light body, remove the tail cap and air-out until completely dry.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE ELECTRONICS. Doing so will void the warranty.

Use only genuine Lezyne branded LIR 2 Cell batteries. Never attempt to use two (2) LIR 18650 batteries in place of one (1) LIR 2 Cell battery. See Charging for instructions on installing battery.

Lezyne USA, Inc. and Lezyne Co., Ltd. do not accept any liability for injuries or other damages resulting from the use of this product in any circumstances.


In U.S. and U.K., Lezyne LED lights carry a two (2) year warranty from the original purchase date to the original owner (proof of purchase is required). Lezyne batteries carry a six (6) month warranty from the original purchase date. Lezyne warranties cover any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. Issues not covered by warranty include normal wear & tear, improper installation, attempting to access or modify electronics, damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse and/or neglect.
For warranty issues outside of the United States, contact the distributor/retailer for your country or region directly. To find a distributor near you, visit:


1. Slide clamp over handlebar with bolt hole facing forward, place top mount on clamp, insert thumbscrew from the bottom.
2. Tighten thumbscrew until snug; clamp should not rotate on handlebar. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Max Torque: 5.0 Nm
3. Slide LED light into top plate from front.
To remove LED light, depress release tab; pull light forward.
NOTE: When installing on carbon surfaces, verify tightening torque recommendation with the carbon parts manufacturer to prevent over-tightening that can cause damage to the carbon material and/or under-tightening that can cause lack of fixing strength.


1. ON/OFF: hold button two (2) sec.
2. Mode cycle: click button
3. Overdrive Race Mode: hold button five (5) sec.
OVERDRIVE RACE MODE: With the light OFF, hold button for five (5) seconds, until light flashes. The light is now in Overdrive Race Mode where only Overdrive and Economy outputs are selectable. The light will remain in Overdrive Race Mode even when switched OFF. Repeat the step above to return to the normal mode set.
THERMAL PROTECTION: If the operating temperature of the light is too high, the light automatically lowers the lumen output.
MAINTENANCE: For water resistance, ensure that battery door and button are fully installed before every use.

Run Times and Modes

Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light - Run Times and Modes

Battery Indicator

An LED, located in the button, displays the current battery status while the light is ON. When the light is OFF, click the button once to momentarily display battery status.
Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light - Run Times and Modes 1


Before using your Lezyne LED Light for the first time, fully charge battery. To charge your light:

1. Open the battery door on rear of light
2. Connect micro USB cable and light to the powered USB port
3. Ensure battery is fully secured with retaining tab and installed in correct orientation
4. Once charging, button will flash green; if USB port is capable, light will use High Efficiency (HE) charging and button will flash blue

If the button does not flash when plugged in, a selected USB port may not be powered—try another USB port.

Light will be charged after 10–12 hours (4–6 with HE charging) or when button illuminates solid green or blue.

5. Remove light from charger and reinstall battery door—ensure battery door and latch are fully installed for water resistance

Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light - Charging

BATTERY REPLACEMENT: Open battery door, rotate battery retaining tab out of the way —always ensure battery is fully secured with retaining tab and installed in the correct orientation. Always ensure the battery door is fully installed for water resistance.

More Information

For more information on Lezyne products, visit: http://lezyne.com

Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light User Manual – Download [optimized]
Lezyne LZ7 LED MEG Dec Light User Manual – Download

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