Lezyne Floor Pump User Manual

Floor Pump User Guide


  1. Match end of chuck with Presta or Schrader valve
  2. Thread onto OPEN valve and pump to inflate
  3. Presta: use ABS to release hose pressure/ease valve removal
  4. Schrader: use ABS to adjust tire pressure

Floor Pump

  1. On presta valves with a removable valve core: Before use with pump, remove valve core and apply small amout of LOCTITE thread locker to valve core threads. Reinstall valve core and securely tighten.

For Models

CNC Floor Drive
Alloy Floor Drive
Classic Floor Drive
Steel Floor Drive
Sport Floor Drive
Tech Floor Drive
Travel Floor Drive
CNC Dirt Floor Drive
Alloy Dirt Floor Drive
Classic Dirt Floor Drive
Micro Floor Drive HP/HPG
Micro Floor Drive HV/HVG

Lezyne Floor Pump User Manual – Download [optimized]
Lezyne Floor Pump User Manual – Download

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